Burer. Stalker and the story of the sinister dwarf

Who is this burer? Stalker, who heard a child crying within the Zone, involuntarily decides to respond and help the kid, rescue him from captivity, save, shelter ... Only he himself will soon become a victim of a cruel and bloodthirsty mutant - burer. About him and will be discussed in the article.

burer stalker

History of the creature

Bührer is the result or side effect of the experiment of special services over prisoners. The purpose of the experiments is the acquisition or detection of telekinetic abilities in humans.

Clothing dwarf is a rejuvenation,preserved from the prison robes of the guinea pigs. Or the rags of volunteers who volunteered to participate in the experiment, which led to the transformation into a creature called a burer. Stalker, wandered into a secluded laboratory, runs the risk of stumbling upon this bloodthirsty mutant.

These insidious creatures also cause audible hallucinations. People hear the baby crying. It is curious that this sound was used in the game "Metro 2033".

Byurors live in flocks, prefer to eat infood dead, they know how to talk, which testifies to partially preserved fragments of consciousness. About the same say and seen by some stalkers (who were lucky enough to escape alive from the trap of the burer), the rudiments of religion - these creatures drag themselves into the lair of all kinds of jars, bottles and other trash. They build a semblance of the altar from them and perform around them something like ritual dances.

It was noted that when the burerfight, he sits in a lotus pose next to the body of the deceased stalker and mutters something. Someone says that the creature is praying, and some think that he is asking for forgiveness.

There is an opinion that these dwarfs do not belonghostile to such mutants as a controller or a break. Perhaps, because all of them are the results of an unsuccessful experiment to create universal soldiers.

stalker call of pripyat burer

According to another version, the Bührer were secretly raised inlaboratories, and mutants controlled by people, kinks and controllers, guarded them. At one point they got out of control and, destroying the laboratory, freed the population of Bührer. Now they all walk around the Zone.

Initially, it was thought that the onlya weapon that can kill the burer is a Gauss gun (a strong force field was created around the mutant, which would take the bullets of the submachine gun and pistol), but as a result, the developers left this concept.

Also, several types of bureurs were developed, for each of which a separate story quest was envisaged.

First Appearance

They say that the developers intended to usethis mutant is still in the "Shadow of Chernobyl." But something went wrong. A number of concepts of this character were developed ... Nevertheless, the players first saw a mutant in the game "Stalker: Call of Pripyat." Burer is found in many game locations.

Basically, these are dark places like basements, secret laboratories and bomb shelters.

stalkers kill burer

How do they stalkers kill them?

Burer is a very dangerous opponent. He has telekinetic abilities. Can throw a heavy object into the stalker, create a force field that protects against bullets.

An experienced stalker knows that a dwarf is betterattack from an average distance. You can not stand still, because something heavy can come to the head - any object that will lift into the air burer. Stalker, weakened by the battle with the monster, is an easy prey.

Telekinetic impulse dwarf can snatchweapon from the player's hands. Usually they kill him with a knife. But run up right away does not follow - throw away the same impulse, and even pripechaeta than heavier.

Careful, stalker!

Where to find beurer beads?

In fact, this artifact is called "The beads of a grandmother's burger". It is present in a number of mods such as "Narodnaya Solyanka" based on AKM and SIMBION. Basically for the game S.T.A.L.K.E.R. "The shadow of Chernobyl".

where to find beurer beads

To get it, you need to drop the artifact "Beadsgreat-grandmother "in the anomaly" Carousel "for exactly ten minutes. You can also get a deserter if you get the quest from the bartender. At the same time, it is necessary to leave the apostate himself alive (he should enter the tram unarmed). For the saved life, he will share the recipe for the production of Busker's buss.

They can also be obtained from a fan for the task of "destroying a group of mercenaries."

The artifact gives +200 health,bullets increases by 10, as well as to radiation, and bleeding decreases by 450. The characteristic "probability of successful mutation" increases by 85%, unsuccessful - by 10%. Rejection is only 5%.

That such a useful can be a burer.

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Burer. Stalker and the story of the sinister dwarf Burer. Stalker and the story of the sinister dwarf Burer. Stalker and the story of the sinister dwarf Burer. Stalker and the story of the sinister dwarf Burer. Stalker and the story of the sinister dwarf Burer. Stalker and the story of the sinister dwarf Burer. Stalker and the story of the sinister dwarf Burer. Stalker and the story of the sinister dwarf Burer. Stalker and the story of the sinister dwarf Burer. Stalker and the story of the sinister dwarf