bullfinch tomato - grown in the ground

In order to enjoy delicious, aromatictomatoes, you need to grow them properly. Any plant has its own characteristics, which are taken into account when planting. Where does any plant begin? Of course, with seeds. Quality, they are the guarantor of the future harvest. When buying seeds of early-maturing varieties, choose a bullfinch. This tomato is designed for growing in the middle and northern regions of the country, so the harvest will be necessary. When choosing seeds, do not forget to focus only on well-known manufacturers.

Tomatoes bullfinch

The first stage in growing is sowing. Its terms depend on the type of tomatoes and their precocity. There are several groups, into which all available varieties are divided. These include:

  • early;

  • average;

  • later.

Each manufacturer describes the goods on the packaging. He will indicate to which of the groups the plant belongs. On the original packaging you will find the name of the variety - Snegir.This tomato is ultra-fast-ripening. Therefore, the first fruits from it you will get in the middle of summer.

The process of growing seedlings always begins withpreparation of soil for sowing seeds. It must be prepared in the fall on your site or buy ready in the store. In any case, the land must be loose and fertile. If it is taken from the garden, it is necessary to add compost, ash or complex fertilizer. Tomatoes Bullfinch are very responsive to the high content of organic matter and prefer a slightly alkaline reaction of the soil.

Bullfinch tomatoSowing seeds of late varieties on seedlingsit is necessary in the middle of March, and for early ripening varieties - it is permissible at the end of this month. In the phase of 2-3 of these leaves, it is dived. This will allow the plant to build up an additional root mass and positively affect the further growth.

In connection with the great defeat of plants with phytophthoraRecently, early-ripening varieties of tomatoes have become very popular. One of them is Bullfinch. This tomato is grown outdoors. From the germination of seeds to the technical maturity of the fruit is less than 97 days. In addition to its early ripeness, it has one more excellent property - it does not need to be patronized. The bush grows only 40 cm in height and forms a small number of stepsons.Grade of Tomatoes bullfinch

Seedlings are not planted in the ground until early May. But since at this time there are still recurrent frosts, it is covered with a spunbond or a film. In this case it is necessary to take into account that tomatoes do not like high humidity, therefore it is necessary to carry out regular airing of the hotbed. Watering tomatoes should be exclusively at the root, since getting moisture on the leaf can lead to the development of diseases.

There are many varieties of tomatoes that are resistant tolate blight, but this does not mean complete immunity, and in the event of unfavorable conditions, the plant may be affected by the disease. Variety of tomatoes Bullfinch is resistant to phytophthora and cracking, which made it popular with summer residents and owners of rural estates.

This variety has large red fruits weighing up to 150 grams, round and even. With proper planting and care, Snegir (tomato) is ideal for any region.

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Bullfinch tomato - grown in the ground Bullfinch tomato - grown in the ground Bullfinch tomato - grown in the ground Bullfinch tomato - grown in the ground Bullfinch tomato - grown in the ground