Wedding rings "Bulgari": history, description, photo

are considered a special attribute in the marriage process, so very often newlyweds with reverent care and attention are their choice.

Modern jewelry is very different in price and quality, but there are the very "whales" - brands that have firmly occupied their niche in the world and provide high-quality exclusive products: both everyday jewelry and wedding rings.

Bulgari - a classic brand

The history of the creation of a serious brand now is quite simple. A Greek named Sotirios Bulgaris, after moving to Rome, opened a small shop for making jewelry. In addition, Sotirios was engaged in antiques for some time. However, in practice it turned out that tourists coming to Italy, more and more preference is given to jewelry. So, fueled by the demand of tourists and travelers from different countries, Bulgaris became the legendary founder of an exclusive shop.Bulgari wedding rings original

Later, the jeweler's products began to take on more and more interesting forms and their characteristic features, reflecting Italian manners, American frankness and French refinement. But at the same time, all products consistently met the standards of the brand.

Distinctive features of the brand

In fact, behind a rich assortment of all the decorations lies a certain permanent base. What exactly distinguishes all the jewelry of this jewelry "whale" from the rest?

  1. Two-dimensional and combination of volumes.
  2. The use of alloys of metals that differ in color.
  3. Clear and clean natural shapes.
  4. The presence of decorative and stylized antique patterns.
  5. Combination with a variety of stones.

wedding rings Bulgari photo

This does not mean that the products are the same and the masters do not have a field for creative activity. On the contrary, when creating new collections, designers use novelties and fashion trends, combining them with the classics of the brand, thereby bringing to life the ideas of exclusive models of jewelry.

Wedding rings "Bulgari"

In order to permanently unite their destinies, young people choose the best. Such an attribute as the wedding rings "Bulgari", has long gained fame happy.Those who have the opportunity to afford such luxury are highly recommended to choose these particular decorations.

Wedding rings "Bulgari" differ in type of performance, material and the presence / absence of precious stones. So, lovers of fine jewelry can pick upringswhite, yellow and pink gold. Such a variety of alloys is used to harmoniously selectBulgari wedding rings"to the rest of the constantly wearable jewelry, so that they do not add excessive contrast.

The type of execution of the rings varies depending on their shape. The basis is their washer. However, all collections and modelshave varying degrees of severitythis simplest form. Some models look sophisticated and are suitable for women and men with narrow and slender fingers, others - wider, larger and more massive - will be an ideal option for those with large hands

considered to be one of the fundamental parts of the decoration of the ring itself. The use of such materials gives a special shine and elegance to the ornament. In addition, when choosing rings with large diamonds, you can show the importance and value of the product.Or, on the contrary, it is possible to make the ring restrained and modest, using jewels of small size (which at the same time will in no way seem to be a cheap imitation).wedding rings paired Bulgari

Bvlgari Jewelry House Wedding Ring Collections

Like any jewelry house, Bvlgari presents to the attention of its fans various collections, models of which are made in limited quantities. The most popular are the Bulgari wedding rings of the following collections:

  • B.zero1.A distinctive feature - a spiral shape. Made with the use of technologyubogas(the technique of impact on the metal), and also characteristic is the presence in the decoration of ceramic inserts and natural stones (for example, marble). Such products usually differ in large size.
  • Bvlgari Bvlgari.This is a classic collection of the brand, which is a two-sided product. Most often they have a small height and are made with a combination of colors of metal or ceramics and a precious stone.
  • Mvsa. Wedding rings "Bulgari" with large precious, semi-precious stones, processed using technologyTakhti, allow to feel the accuracy and smoothness of the stone.This collection implies an emphasis on the size of the stone and creates around it a skillful addition of gold.
  • Diva. This collection was brought to life after the inspiration of the 1960 film stars. On the basis of these definitions, the “You and I” models were made as part of the collection, which are also very popular with fans of the brand, especially those who select the pair of Bulgari wedding rings. At the heart of the collection are distinct triangular shapes, restraint and extravagance.

Wedding rings "Bulgari", whose photos are definitely of interest, are distinguished by originality.Bulgari style wedding rings

Pricing trademark policy

Due to the fact that the jewelry house produces a limited number of models of jewelry and specializes in the use of expensive techniques in the process of work, the cost of products is very high. Not everyone can afford to buy a Bulgari wedding ring (original) at a price of $ 2000. The lower limit of the cost of jewelry brand is the sum of the order of $ 1000.

Therefore, the main clients of this jewelry house are representatives of show business, actors, high-ranking officials and top officials of states.

However, for those who want to wear such jewelry, many jewelry houses offer excellent variations of Bulgari jewelry originals, the cost of which will be much lower.

wedding rings Bulgari

How to choose a decoration?

To make the chosen ring look perfect, it is worth observing some subtleties when choosing it:

  • Decoration sizeshould match the size of their owner / owner's fingers (for thin and long fingers it is better to choose classics and discreet products, and narrow and thin rings, for holders of short and plump fingers more suitable massive and wide rings).
  • Color wedding ringsIt should not stand out as a bright spot against the background of all other bridal jewelry or with further wear (for silver admirers there are options for wedding rings made of white gold).
  • The shape of the ring.Often, engagement rings and engagement rings are different, and in the future one of these rings has to be removed so as not to create an imbalance on the hand. But in the collections of Bulgari there is such an option as paired rings, where the engagement and engagement jewelry are made in the same style, but differ in size and number of precious stones.
  • CostWhen choosing a ring, you should always take into account the number and size of precious stones, because they are often the most important component of the price of the product.

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