Bruises on legs. We proceed to treatment

Who does not remember tattered knees in childhood andbruises on legs? Few could boast of their absence. But if they started to appear even with the slightest touches or even without any physical impact on the skin, it's worth considering. Perhaps this is the beginning of the development of varicose veins.

This is a very serious disease. But do not worry, with the right comprehensive approach from him can get rid of. So, if the bruises on the legs without reason appear more often, we start moving more. This will prevent the formation of stagnation in the legs and significantly improve blood circulation. Refuse to travel by public transport in favor of foot patrols and try to forget about the elevator. Ideal option in this case will be regular sports, swimming, running, cycling, and in winter - skiing.

Of course, in all things a measure is necessary. Spending most of the day on your feet, make a few minutes to rest. It is necessary to sit down and throw your legs as high as possible, thereby relaxing the strained muscles and improving the outflow of blood. Bruises on the feet require daily massage procedures. To further not exacerbate the situation, be sure to apply moisturizing or therapeutic cream before the beginning of the massage. Using soft strokes, massage the hips, moving to the knees, and then proceed to the shin. Her massage starts from the bottom, moving up. In conclusion, we perform energetic foot and finger massage.

When there are bruises on the legs, it is necessary withspecial attention to your wardrobe and shoes. Forever forget about stockings with tight elastic and golf. They are replaced by special therapeutic pantyhose, which have a compression effect. We remove shoes with high heels and boats. A compromise is needed. A small heel of three or four centimeters will be an ideal option.

If there are bruises on your legs, do not dono warming procedures, do not visit the sauna and sauna. In such conditions, the veins begin to expand greatly, taking an additional load. To wash your feet, use only cool water, which has an easy tonic effect. Try not to stay for a long time under the influence of direct sunlight.

If there are bruises on the legs for no reason,It is worth using proven and effective folk recipes. It will take a calanchoe pinnate (houseplant). Its leaves should be washed, thoroughly crushed. Fill them with one half of a half-liter jar, and then top up with alcohol or ordinary vodka. If there is neither one nor the other, use cologne. We insist in a dark place for ten days, shaking the jar daily. Lubricate the legs before going to bed, starting from the bottom and moving up. Pain and all discomfort disappear after the first procedure. In complex situations, the treatment of bruises should be carried out until they disappear completely.

Acquire a collection of birch buds from the pharmacy orLeaf and cook from it infusion. One spoonful of a dry mixture is poured into a glass of steep boiling water and let it brew for four hours. We drink with the addition of a spoonful of natural honey and apple cider vinegar. It is good to treat bruises with garlic. Carefully crushed and mashed garlic mass mix with butter in a proportion of one to two, apply it to all problem areas, top cover with parchment paper and fix the compress with bandage. These manipulations are done before bedtime, and in the morning the mass is washed off with warm water. This is a very effective remedy, after using which, you will forget about the bruises that appear forever.

In difficult situations, consultation is recommendedan experienced specialist. Sometimes pregnant women or nursing mothers face this problem. As a rule, these are the consequences of stress and stress, which are birth. After a while the body is completely restored and bruises disappear.

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Bruises on legs. We proceed to treatment Bruises on legs. We proceed to treatment Bruises on legs. We proceed to treatment Bruises on legs. We proceed to treatment Bruises on legs. We proceed to treatment Bruises on legs. We proceed to treatment Bruises on legs. We proceed to treatment Bruises on legs. We proceed to treatment