BronchoVax for children: reviews, testimony, instruction, composition, analogues

very dangerous to humans, especially in childhood. One of the effective drugs against such ills is the immunostimulator "BronchoVax" for children.Bronchomax baby reviewsReviews of experts indicate that it can be used not only for treatment, but also for the prevention of the recurrence of acute respiratory infections.

The composition of the drug

The chemical composition of the "BronchoVaxoma" of children is based on the substance of lyophilisate bacterial lysates. In one capsule of the medication is 3.5 mg of this substance. Additional components of the drug are:

  • sodium glutamate;
  • pregelatinized starch;
  • magnesium stearate;
  • dehydrated propyl gallate;
  • mannitol.

The capsule shell itself contains titanium dioxide, a dye, and gelatin. In the adult form of the drug contains a double dose of the active substance.

Bronchox baby testimony

Release form

Available drug exclusively in the form of capsules for oral administration. The color of the gelatin base of each dose is white with a blue cap. Inside is a cream colored powder.

The drug is packaged in cardboard boxes of 1 or 3 blisters with ten capsules each. Also in each box there is an abstract to the drug.

Recommendations for use

Indications for children "BronhoVaksom" has the following:

  • therapy of acute infections of the respiratory system in combination with other drugs;
  • prevention of recurrence of infectious diseases;
  • prevention of acute stages of ailments.

Therapeutic effect

"BronchoVax" for children (reviews confirm this) increases the body's natural resistance to pathogenic bacteria and infections. This effect is achieved due to the ability of the active substance to increase the number of B-lymphocytes in the blood. It is these blood cells that contribute to the stimulation in the body of polyclonal antibodies IgG and IgA, which are the most important protection against pathogens.bronchoxamic instruction manual

In addition, the drug stimulates to protect virtually all white blood cells, triggering the natural process of protecting the human body from infections.The entire pharmacology of the drug in the complex helps to reduce the frequency of the child's illness with respiratory infections, the occurrence of exacerbations of chronic forms of bronchitis, and the reduction in the number of other medications used, including antibiotics.

Who and how to apply?

Child's instruction "BronchoVax" allows the use of drugs for the treatment of children from six months to 12 years. Adolescents prescribe an adult form.

For the treatment of the existing disease, according to the annotations and reviews, "BronchoVax" for children is prescribed 1 capsule daily. The duration of therapy is determined only by the attending physician, but the course should not be less than 10 days. If therapy is carried out in combination with antibiotics, then use BronchoVax from the first day of treatment.

BronchoVax children composition

Preventive medication is as follows:

  • the first 10 days 1 capsule regularly;
  • break 20 days;
  • repeated course of 10 receptions;
  • again a break of 20 days;
  • the final course of admission of 10 days.

Be sure to remember that taking capsules should be strictly on an empty stomach in the morning.For small children it is allowed to mix the powder capsules with milk, juice or water.

Reception features

The instruction of the child "BronchoVax" does not recommend taking capsules while carrying a child, this also applies to the adult form of the medicine. In the first trimester and during breastfeeding, the drug is generally contraindicated.

The effects of the drug on the ability to drive machinery or vehicles have not been identified.

Bans on use

Special contraindications, except for the period of carrying a child, the drug has not. Of course, if there is individual sensitivity to any of the components of its composition, it should be abandoned, try to replace the medication with a similar agent.

BronchoVax children analogs

Side effects

In most cases, capsules "BronchoVax" are well tolerated by the body, even the smallest patients, but in some situations the drug still provokes undesirable reactions. These include lethargy, headaches, nausea, diarrhea, skin rashes, the development of shortness of breath and increased cough. Very rarely, angioedema, swelling of the face or eyelids, erythema and other signs of hypersensitivity may occur.

Symptoms of overdose

According to the reviews, the active ingredient "BronchoVaxoma" of a child is not capable of exerting a toxic effect on the body, therefore overdose is rarely manifested by any symptoms. In order to avoid taking too large a dose of the drug, you should give kids only the children's form of capsules, do not divide the powder from the capsules for adults on their own.

Taking medication with other drugs

It is allowed to take the drug with any medication necessary for the treatment of acute viral infections in any form.

Most often, complex treatment is carried out with antibiotics.

Analogs of the drug

The most well-known analogues of "BronchoVaxoma" for children - "Imudon" and "Broncho-munal". Both drugs are immunomodulating drugs based on lysate bacteria, but Imudon is more often used for the treatment of diseases of the pharynx and oral cavity. Contributes to this therapy and its dosage form in the form of lozenges, but the disadvantage is that the drug can not be used to treat children under three years of age.

Broncho-munal is sold in capsule form and specializes in respiratory tract infections, but is only available with a prescription.

Bronchomax baby reviewsThe disadvantage of these drugs is largely their overestimated cost, which ranges from 400-1600 rubles (depends on the package). The price of the considered medicinal product in pharmacies varies from 300 to 600 rubles for a package of 10 capsules, from 1,100 to 1,400 rubles. for 30 capsules.

Terms and conditions of storage

Capsules retain their properties for 5 years from the date of production, subject to all storage conditions. After the expiration date, the deviations of the permissible storage temperature of 15-25 degrees, the capsules should be disposed of.

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