British "grandfather" Land Rover Defender 110

Remembering those cars whose historyhas been for many years, but which during this time has not been significantly modified and lost its relevance, the mind immediately comes Land Rover Defender 110. And the truth, the history of this model has lasted for more than sixty years. The explanation for such popularity, probably, lies in the ingenious simplicity of the design, combined with its high reliability. All engineering principles are preserved in the latest modification, despite the fact that the 2007 model suffered the most serious update in the history of the car.

Land Rover Defender 110It is difficult not to agree with the Britishdesigners who decided not to improve the chassis. The fact is that like in no other car, it has always been distinguished by its high strength, endurance, and versatility precisely in Land Rover Defender 110, whose owners' reviews are a vivid confirmation of this. The design of the body of the car, where there are no unnecessary elements, is simple and light, but at the same time, stiff. Impressive selection of tires and disks for the model, which allow you to harmoniously combine performance with a spectacular style. The dimensions of the car indicate that it was clearly not designed for city trips. Yes, and the type of body, positioned as a pickup, emphasizes that the machine should be used for its intended purpose, and a clearance of 314 mm makes it simply ideal for fishing or hunting.

Land Rover Defender 110 reviewsUnder the hood of the Land Rover Defender 110 installeddiesel engine, the volume of which is 2.4 liters. In addition to the fact that the engine fully complies with the EU4 standards, it is also able to use low quality fuel with a high sulfur content, thanks to a special unique system, which, unfortunately, we meet quite often. And the level of noise reproduced by the unit, the British managed to significantly reduce.

It should be noted that the powerThe car is enough to pull a trailer weighing up to three and a half tons. Fuel consumption for a hundred kilometers of run in conditions of driving on rough terrain Land Rover Defender 110 is a maximum of 13.5 liters. The high running qualities of the model are achieved in many ways thanks to the six-step box, which was created precisely for intensive use. It also provides a smooth ride and makes driving more convenient due to its successful position. Permanent full drive provides the machine with high stability and patency.

Land Rover Defender 110 priceSpeaking about the cabin Land Rover Defender 110, shouldfirst of all, its spaciousness and practicality. The modern interior is highlighted by a new instrument panel, which also includes ventilation, heating and air conditioning systems. It is impossible not to mention the highest quality of materials for interior decoration. As for the seats, there are seven in the car. Each of them has armrests and seat belts. In order to increase the space in the cabin, the seats can be folded.

Taking care of the comfort of passengers, the manufacturerequipped with a modern car audio system, which includes overhead high-frequency speakers. Finally, we should mention the cost of Land Rover Defender 110, whose price in Russia starts at 1.464 million rubles.

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