British film star Kira Knightley: options, filmography

Thanks to the success of the "Pirates of the Caribbean World" worldI found out who Kira Knightley is. Parameters of the actress interested all young girls, because in the company of Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom, they saw a real beauty, who wanted to imitate.Keira Knightley, options

Biography of the star "Pirates"

The girl whose date of birth was 26.03.1985., was the second child in the creative family of British actor Will Knightley and writer Sherman McDonald. The woman tried herself as a screenwriter, and at the heart of the decision to increase the family was betting whether she could sell her debut play to the theater. Thanks to the success of the script, Kira Knightley appeared, whose filmography today amounts to more than 48 films. The girl was born with dyslexia, but she wanted to be an actress so much that she became one of the best pupils in school.

At three years she announced her desire to have her ownagent, who at 6 years she really appeared. A year later, the girl starred in the TV movie Royal Celebration, seriously doing acting skills after the lessons.

When it became really known in the countryKeira Knightley? The parameters and appearance of the girl coincided perfectly with the data of Natalie Portman, so in 1999 she was invited to the blockbuster "Star Wars" as Amidala's double servant. At first, many believed that both roles were played by Portman herself, so the girls were similar.Keira Knightley, filmography

First success

In her youth, Cyrus filmed so much that sheI had to leave my studies in college. The first serious role she received in the film based on the novel by C. Dickens "Oliver Twist" (1999). At the age of 15 she was bared in front of the cameras in Yama by G. Burt's work, and a year later in Doctor Zhivago. For many, the personification of beauty is Keira Knightley, whose parameters are far from ideal. From her youth she was very thin and weighed no more than 48 kilograms. The absence of a bust of a teenage girl did not seem to be a drawback, and in 2001 she was invited to the main role of Guin in the Disney Princess of Thieves.

A real popularity came to the actress with the releaseon the screen of the picture "Play as Beckham" (2002), who collected at the box office 76 million dollars. It was the main role of a teenage girl, who opened the doors to a big cinema in front of the performer. She received an offer to star in "Pirates of the Caribbean" (2002), approaching the approaches of the Hollywood Olympus. The painting was a tremendous success, providing an 18-year-old beauty with ample opportunities.Keira Knightley, growth

A series of films "Pirates of the Caribbean"

Movie lovers wait with lust for the fifth film"Pirates", promised producers by 2017. In the first three, Kira Knightley played. The growth of the actor's talent allowed in parallel not only to appear in other serious works and to be nominated for an Oscar, but also to achieve a true recognition of the audience. The success of the trilogy surpassed all forecasts. Charges from the adventures of pirates in the XVIII century amounted to more than two billion dollars.

The role of Elizabeth brought Knightley the title itselfsexual actress (2005). Behind were Angelina Jolie, Marilyn Monroe and Julia Roberts. And the girl did not hide that the bust on the film was increased with the help of a photoshop. She not only does not hesitate to her first size of a bra, but also photographed topless for The Times magazine. This is the whole of Keira Knightley.

The main roles of the actress

Two thousand for an actress is "Real Love"(Juliet), "King Arthur" (Guinevere), "Jacket" (Jackie Price), "Domino" (Domino Harvey). In the photo below you can see the Hollywood celebrity in the role of Elizabeth Bennet ("Pride and Prejudice"). It was for her that she was nominated for an Oscar, although she had to convince the director of Joe Wright's picture for quite some time that she would cope with the image. For he considered the girl too beautiful for Elizabeth. It was after this work that it became clear that a new star, Kira Knightley, had sprung up at the "dream factory", the filmography of which in subsequent years has more than 20 pictures.Keira Knightley, starring

Among the most famous: "Atonement" (2007), "The Dangerous Method" (2011), "Anna Karenina" (2012), "The Game of Imitation" (2014). For the image of Joan Clark in the last film, the actress was second time nominated for an Oscar, but the award went to Patricia Arquette for taking part in the film "Adolescence." A claimed star could have long moved to Los Angeles, but remains faithful to her homeland, living in a prestigious area of ​​London.

External Data

Keira Knightley, whose height is 170 cm,is not only an actress, but also a model. In particular, the face of the jewelry company Asprey. She is often accused of anorexia, because in the open photos are visible bulging clavicles and ribs, emphasizing excessive leanness. The waistline of the girl is 59 cm, the hips - 84, which does not fit into the established criteria: 90-60-90. Being high enough, it has a shoe size of 39 (EUR).

Brown-eyed beauty with dark blond hair, KiraKnightley, whose weight is 55 kg, does not hesitate to talk about his external flaws. In an interview, she reported that until the age of 25 she had great problems with the skin, covering up acne with a huge layer of foundation. For the last five years I have been forced to use overhead strands and wigs, because the hair after strong coloring drops out strongly, giving the young woman an experience.Keira Knightley, weight

Personal life

The Hollywood beauty had many novels, but with2011 her name is associated only with one person - James Rayton, keyboardist and vocalist of the rock band Klaxons. The couple played a wedding in May 2013, and two years later, in May 2015, they had a daughter, Eddie.

This did not affect the career of Hollywoodbeauties. It became known that in the run film B. Streisand the role of Catherine II had already received Keira Knightley, the parameters of which did not change after birth. The actress is still in shape and dreams about new film projects. She is only 31 years old, and she is one of the most sought-after young actresses in the "dream factory".

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