Brief review of the model "Toyota Alion"

At the end of the twentieth century, before the Japanese companyToyota sharply became the problem of the need to create a new model, which was to replace the obsolete "Karina" on the assembly line, the production of which had been going on for almost thirty years. As a result, "Toyota Alion" appeared. The technical characteristics of the novelty, high practicality, as well as full compliance with all aspects of the realities of the automotive market of that time made the novelty very popular not only on the domestic market but also on the foreign market. It will be discussed in more detail later.Toyota Allion

Short story

Testing the prototype of the new machine startedto be held at the Japanese training grounds in 2000. After some refinements and elimination of identified flaws, a year later, the model was launched into batch production. The name of the novelty in English means "all in one". It should be noted that simultaneously with it, the Japanese began to produce more luxury sedan "Premium". Both cars had identical interior, exterior, powertrain and powertrain. Whatever it was, young people and the middle class became the main target audiences for the Toyota Aylon. The price of the model, compared to its "brother," was significantly lower. In this case, the developers saved on additional equipment.

In general, the car was a mid-sizesedan. On the radiator grille, designers placed an inverted triangle with a stylized letter "A" inside. Under the hood, three variants of petrol powerplants were installed. These were 1.5, 1.8 or 2.0 liter engines. For cars with the first two engines, automatic transmission was provided for four stages, and for cars with the third type - a continuously variable variator. In the last year of the first generation there was also a modification with a four-wheel drive. The second generation of Toyota Aion models was introduced to the general public in March 2006. A year later the machine was put into serial production.Toyota Alion Specifications


The main emphasis in the appearance of the new versioncar developers have done on aggressiveness. To this end, the designers installed a completely new head xenon optics, a bonnet with expressive lateral relief lines, and a triangular "serrated" radiator grille. Separate words deserve a massive front bumper auto with a barred air intake, made in the form of a bone. The lines of the front pillars of the Toyota Aylon model are littered back and smoothly pass into the streamlined roof, which ends with massive rear posts. Due to a rather large area of ​​the glazing, the driver is provided with excellent visibility. It is also promoted by the front mirrors, which are very wide. The design of the side doors ensures easy disembarkation and landing of passengers. The tail lights are in the form of a diamond and are located in a horizontal plane. Thanks to the volume rear bumper and the blown boot lid, the car looks very massive.


The model is built on the same platform as thethe last generation of the Toyota Avensis. The dimensions of the machine in length, width and height, respectively, are 4565x1695x1475 mm. As for clearance, for the second generation its value is 160 millimeters.Toyota Alion price


In the interior of the latest version of the car "ToyotaAlion "developers have retained many of the features characteristic of the previous modification. The main innovation here is the use of more high-quality and wear-resistant materials in the upholstery of internal elements and armchairs. A key feature of the interior of the model can be called practicality. On the driver's seat there are no unnecessary or unnecessary excesses. The instrument panel is simple and concise. It is equipped with a large speedometer and a tachometer, as well as a vertical small screen displaying the number of the active gear and the remaining fuel in the tank.

On the four-spoke steering wheel of the Toyota Aiona wide hub there are buttons for controlling the multimedia system, as well as cruise control. All chairs are equipped with the possibility of adjusting the slope. The front seats can also boast excellent lateral support. The central air ducts are covered by a stylish visor. Immediately under them, developers placed a brand-new multimedia system with a touch screen. The steering column is adjustable only manually, but the range of settings can be called quite wide.Toyota Alion Technical Specifications


Some words deserve in the latest versionToyota Toyota models of the car from a technical point of view. In particular, the developers have provided for it three advanced engines from the previous modification. Their power, respectively, is 110, 145 and 158 horsepower. All engines can boast of the technology of changing gas distribution phases. As for the transmission, the model uses a continuously variable variator. In the standard version, the front wheels in the car are the front wheels. Together with this, in the form of an option offer options are available with four-wheel drive. On the secondary domestic market, the 2003 model car can be purchased approximately for 350 thousand rubles.

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