Tell me where can I buy in the online stores of Ukraine breathalyzer? Sometimes you just get up the next day after a good rest and you do not know if the traffic police will be caught on the road and make you breathe into the tube. Here you want to protect yourself, to test yourself in the morning and know whether to get behind the wheel or not?
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Answered on January 9 22:44
I just support the idea that if I noticed something well yesterday, I don’t stand behind the wheel the next day. You can still suffer one day and take a ride on the bus, in order to avoid unnecessary problems for yourself and for others.
Answered on January 9, 23:05
I agree, why extra problems. He left the car and went by public transport or, at the very least, by taxi. But if you need a breathalyzer, then look at the OLX, there is always a large selection of products, including breathalyzers
Answered on January 9, 23:17
Well, what's wrong with that if you got behind the wheel the next day, it's not straight after drinking. Consciousness is normal. A person understands everything, the reaction is not inhibited, and there is nothing terrible in it.If you need a breathalyzer, you can buy it in almost any major home appliance store or in a pharmacy as well.

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