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In children, the formation of intestinal microflora begins after birth. This process, which takes several months, is always accompanied by pain in the tummy. In this case, one of their reasons - the swallowing of air that occurs during feeding. Gas formation from this rises, swelling begins. In these cases, we are offered a ready-made solution - designed for newborns anti-kicking bottles “Doctor Brown”.Bottles Dr. Brown

What is colic?

After birth, babies start a rather complicated process of adaptation to the conditions after the mother’s womb. The most difficult thing is precisely the intestines, which need to learn how to digest food, as well as acquire useful microflora. Until that moment until its walls get stronger, even a small portion of air that gets inside will exert pressure from inside and cause tissue stretching that is painful for a baby. This condition is the colic of newborns. It is worth noting that when they have a very painful and swollen tummy.

This is a normal phenomenon, which occurs in healthy children from two weeks of life, as well as passing independently by three months. By this time, the intestinal walls become strong, so that under the pressure of the air that has got inside, do not stretch. Periodically, the adaptation process takes place in a complex form or is delayed. In this case, the kids need help:

  • Do massage. You can force the gases to come out, slightly pressing on the stomach with the palm of your hand, alternating with circular movements and from top to bottom.
  • Assign various anti-cancer drugs ("Bobotik", "Espumizan", "Plantex" and others). They reduce swelling and help promote gases. Medicines for babies are not harmful, because their components are not absorbed into the blood and are excreted along with feces.
  • Put a special vapor tube. It must be said that this is an extreme measure, when there is such a strong attack of intestinal colic that the baby cries without stopping. The gas in the injected tube will quickly release to the outside. You will understand by the characteristic sound that the colic has ended.
  • They also do the exercise "bicycle", pressing alternately the legs to the stomach.Thus, the intestines are compressed, and the gases that are in it pass to the exit.

The described methods of dealing with colic help only with the release of the baby’s intestines from gases. But the question is - where do they come from? One of the main reasons is that the baby swallows air during feeding. This happens if the baby improperly grabs the breast with the mouth or eats from an uncomfortable horn with an artificial bottle doctor brown for newborns

Bottle action

Manufacturers of children's goods at some point decided that it was easier to not allow air to penetrate inside than to expel it from there later. For this, special devices were created. To understand the principle of the action of the anti-colic bottles “Doctor Brown”, you first need to imagine what happens when a child drinks from a simple bottle:

  • Baby captures the nipple, then makes sucking.
  • In a bottle, the volume of liquid is reduced, thereby creating a vacuum effect.
  • The nipple is glued together, as it is elastic, while glass or plastic cannot shrink. Therefore, the further exhaustion of milk or water becomes impossible.
  • The child continues to suck, while not receiving new food, involuntarily opens his mouth. Thus, part of the air passes through the bottle into the hole in the nipple, and the second - into the tummy, since the baby does not stop the swallowing movements with the open mouth.

A tummy swelling will not happen if you do not allow your baby to open his mouth while eating. To do this, you must provide a system that allows air to penetrate the inside of the horn freely.bottle dr brown reviews

The action of anti-sponge bottles

Now let's look at how Dr. Brown's anti-cap baby bottles work:

  • baby sucks fluid;
  • the vacuum effect appears in the bottle, the valve, which is located on the nipple, opens under its action;
  • air enters through the hole, and the child does not have to open its mouth for this.

Manufacturers call this bottle system a vent. It additionally reduces the pressure on the gums and palate, which helps the formation of a normal bite. In order to calmly drink from such a horn, it is not necessary to put a lot of effort into it. Therefore, it is the best choice for babies with poorly developed sucking reflex.

There are several types of ventilation systems. Although they all work according to the general principle: when the air is diluted inside the bottle, a new one enters it through a special opening.


When purchasing a baby bottle, it is advisable to focus on popular manufacturers. Most likely, their product will cost more, but well-known brands are serious about their reputation, they have research laboratories that test the quality and reliability of their products. At the present moment there are 3 leaders in the market of children's dishes: Nuby, Dr. Brown’s, as well as Phillips AVENT.anti-colic bottles doctor brown

In this article we will talk about children's products of the company "Doctor Brown" (photos of bottles and other products you will see below). This American company offers babies different types of bottles - with a wide neck, standard, colored and glass.

Company Dr. Browns

Parents associate this American brand with anti-bottle bottles. Actually, the way it is. Innovative technologies from Natural Flow have minimized the risk of colic in babies. But “Dr. Brown” is not just the right nipples and great bottles.This is a huge range of different products that make parents more comfortable and easier:

  • children's dishes;
  • hygiene products for the child and mother;
  • teethers, drinking cups and pacifiers;
  • useful devices and accessories for feeding (sterilizers, blenders, containers, heaters, breast pumps, etc.).


Feeding bottles "Doctor Brown" were invented in 1996 by a doctor-pediatrician. This is a children's only bottle with a patented ventilating system that prevents the appearance of a vacuum inside. It does not create air bubbles, which are formed mainly in the number of bottles. The absence of air bubbles makes it possible to avoid colic in babies that are caused by swallowing air.feeding bottles doctor brown

It is worth noting that the ventilation system, which is equipped with a bottle of "Dr. Brown" for newborns, provides a gradual flow of milk. It resembles breastfeeding mothers. At the present moment, this bottle remains the only one capable of providing such support at the time of feeding.

The Dr. Brown bottle for newborns in the clinical setting has been tested many times,won a huge number of gold awards for excellent medical design, and also received recognition among pediatricians from all over the world. These bottles are distributed in medical centers, clinics and maternity hospitals.

The company's products have a unique design, with functionality and technical solution, thought out to the smallest detail. It can provide healthy development and maximum comfort for your baby.

Principle of operation

  1. This very ventilation system allows air to enter the bottle through the hole that is in the nipple holder, while not in contact with infant formula or breast milk.
  2. Then the air through the ventilating internal system enters the part of the bottle located above the mixture or breast milk.
  3. Baby food (breast milk) through the nipple comes freely. Positive pressure sticking the nipples prevents, in addition, reduces the possibility of fluid entering the middle ear.

And that is not all. The Dr Brown bottles when feeding newborns create positive pressure and also prevent the occurrence of a vacuum, while creating conditions that are similar to breastfeeding.The ventilation system allows air to enter the bottle through the holes that are on the outside of the sleeve.

Then the air through the vent tube enters the part of the bottle, which is located when feeding above the liquid. Air substitution of liquid during feeding prevents the appearance of a vacuum.

Negative pressure (vacuum) that forms in simple bottles can cause such difficulties as accumulation of fluid in the middle ear, gases, colic, a bad mood of the child, regurgitation. The ventilation system of the Dr. Brown bottle minimizes contact of breast milk with air, preserving important nutrients such as vitamins E, A and C.


Among the indispensable helpers in the kitchen, the kids also found their place and the Dr. Brown bottle warmer. It takes up little space, runs silently and is very easy to manage. In the absence of the mother, the grandmother or the older sister can cope with this device without problems.bottle warmer dr brown


The steam electric sterilizer of the company is suitable for any Dr. Brown bottle and most models of other major brands.

It contains 6 baby bottles of any size, as well as their components, including the holders of nipples, nipples, discs, tubes and sleeves of the ventilation system. It can also be placed, as already mentioned, baby bottles of the main number of competing leading brands. The device can also sterilize other accessories and parts, including teethers, pacifiers, cups, toys, parts of breast pumps and cutlery that can withstand boiling water temperature.

Removable convenient basket simplifies the process of removing and loading bottles. They are positioned so that the steam jet goes inside the bottle. At the same time, the accessory tray allows the sterilizer to place nipples, small parts of breast pumps and other parts that are required for sterilization. In this case, the period of the procedure steam is 6-12 minutes.

There is hot water in the running sterilizer. Care is required to avoid splashing water or spillage when emptying the instrument.

Soothers and nipples

Pacifiers and nipples on the Dr. Brown silicone bottles. They are divided by fluid consistency and flow rate.Soothers are of the classical form and orthodontic. They are convenient to purchase ready-made kit. Children get used to the form, design and material of the pacifier quickly, therefore, if it disappears, it is very difficult for parents to calm the child down. This problem with the kit will not. There is always a replacement!nipples doctor Dr. Brown

High prices of the company are justified by their know-how:

  • glowing pattern on the night nipple;
  • an air channel in the nipple to reduce pressure on the palate;
  • Medical durable silicone that can withstand even baby teeth.

Bottles "Doctor Brown": reviews

Reading reviews of these bottles, it can be understood that many mothers recommend them for use for colic that occurs in the tummy of babies. There are also negative opinions, but the main part of them comes down to the overpriced goods of this company.

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