Boring Machines: Specifications, Manufacturers

can be used for processing blanks in the conditions of a simple single production, and industrial serial. Equipment of this type is highly specialized or universal. The latter type of machines, in turn, is divided into horizontal, diamond, and coordinate-boring. All these types of equipment are quite popular in production. In this article in detail we will deal with the fact that they are coordinate-boring machines.

What are they for

Such equipment is used for machining holes in workpieces with precisely specified coordinates. This type of machine can be classified into:

  • two-rack;
  • single rack.

coordinate boring machines

The main advantage of coordinate boring machines is high precision machining. Also to the advantages of this equipment include the excellent quality of grinding surfaces.

Coordinate machine design

Single rack equipment of this type includes the following main elements:

  • cross table, designed to move the workpiece in two directions (mutually perpendicular);
  • bed frame;
  • boring head.

The design of the two-rack machine includes:

  • racks and bed;
  • boring heads;
  • table;
  • traverse.

The cutting tool in such machines can move in polar and rectangular coordinates. The basis of the equipment of this type is the bed. This element consists of two flat and one T-shaped guides. On him in the process of moving slide. Also on the frame fixed control panel and the device set of coordinates.

coordinate boring machine 2A450

On the racks are placed elements such as the block guides, gearbox, the casing of the V-belt transmission.

Operating principle

The work table of the jig boring machine is designed to fix the workpiece on it and move it in the direction of the X axis. The table itself (together with the set workpiece) moves along the slide along the Y axis.

The main purpose of the boring machines of this type, as already mentioned, is to make holes in the details at exactly the specified coordinates.This becomes possible due to the presence in the design of the equipment of optical devices and glass precision rulers. The latter have thousands of divisions.

coordinate boring machine specifications

Work on the jig boring machine as follows:

  • the workpiece is fixed on the table;
  • the cutting tool is fixed in the spindle;
  • The traverse and the boring head are fixed by the operator at the required height (depending on the dimensions of the workpiece).

The installation of the spindle at the given coordinates can occur due to:

  • moving the table in two directions perpendicular to each other (single-rack machines);
  • the movement of the table longitudinally and the movement of the head along the traverse in the transverse direction (two-rack equipment).

What are used boring cutters for coordinate boring machines

The working tool in such equipment is pre-fixed in the spindle hole. Cutters in jig boring machines can be used:

  • checkpoints and cutting;
  • groove and threaded.

Also drills, countersinks, reamers, taps and cutters can be installed on such a machine.Most often, operators work on this type of equipment using a boring tool made in the form of a cantilever mandrel with a core cutter fixed in it. On machines, supplemented by CNC, can also be used prefabricated tools, consisting of a head, a unified tail and an extension element.

 Coordinate Boring Machine

Most Popular Manufacturers

There are several companies producing jig boring machines in our country. The largest manufacturers are:

  • CJSC Stan-Samara;
  • OJSC MZKRS (Moscow).

The plant of coordinate-boring machines “Stan-Samara” is a relatively new enterprise. This company was registered in 1991 on the basis of the Kuibyshev CPCR. Currently, the company manufactures coordinate boring, grinding and turning tables and some other similar equipment.

MZKRS - the oldest enterprise, founded in 1942. The first coordinate-boring machine of high precision at this factory was released in 1948.

Top models

The most popular manufacturers of coordinate boring machines, thus, are MZKRS and Stan-Samara. The most popular models in production are:

  • coordinate boring machine 2А450;
  • model 2D450;
  • machine 2B440A;
  • equipment 2431;
  • machine 2421.

boring cutters for coordinate boring machines

What technical characteristics have these machines, you can see in the table below.







Table working surface (mm)

1100 x 630

800 x 400

560 x 320

450 x 250

Machine weight (kg)






Minimum / maximum hole diameter (mm)





Maximum weight of the workpiece (kg)





Spindle speed (revolutions per minute)




Total power of electric motors (VK)






All these models of coordinate boring machines are distinguished by reliability, high performance and maintainability. Such machines can be used at the enterprises of the metallurgical industry, mechanical engineering, etc.

Imported equipment

Most often, Russian enterprises use, of course, domestic relatively inexpensive machines. But sometimes, imported horizontal boring equipment is installed in the factories of our country. For example, Newall (England) brand machines are quite popular. The modern model 1520 from this manufacturer has a table width of 380 mm, a length of 530 mm. Also in the domestic market, although quite rarely, one can meet the coordinate-boring machines of the WKV and WHN brands.

The advantages of CNC models

Coordinate boring machines are often installed on domestic machine tools and are quite expensive imported CNCs (for example, the Newall, Funac, etc. brands). The use of old models, improved in this way, gives the company the following advantages:

  • decrease in labor costs up to 80%;
  • increase in labor productivity up to 50%;
  • increase the accuracy of manufacturing parts 3 times.

One CNC machine in some cases can replace three conventional ones. As a result, the plant becomes possible to reduce the area and staff of workers. Another advantage of using such an add-on for coordinate boring machines like CNC, is to improve the quality of the parts produced.

What equipment can be used for besides drilling holes

The scope of application of boring and boring machines is quite wide. Such machines, in addition to drilling holes, can be used for:

  • boring holes to a larger diameter;
  • trimming the ends;
  • fair milling;
  • thread cutting;
  • accurate layout templates.

coordinate boring machine models

Cost of

Such equipment (coordinate boring machines) is quite expensive.The cost of each particular model depends primarily on the year of its release. Of course, the technical characteristics of the machine also influence the price. So, for example, for the model MB134 1969 / in the secondary market asking about 200 thousand rubles. Machine 2E450AF1-1 1985 g / v costs about 350 thousand rubles. The price for a large model 2A470 1971 g / in is about 1,250 thousand rubles.

Coordinate boring machines - advanced equipment

The above models are actually very popular in factories. These machines are powerful, reliable and productive. However, unfortunately, all these models are morally somewhat outdated. Some of these coordinate boring machines have been used in production for 30-40 years already. Sometimes wear and tear of components and parts of such models can even cause problems with their operation.

It is possible to correct this situation in the enterprise by upgrading the jig boring machine. The characteristics of such equipment will be significantly improved if it is produced:

  • installation of an electronic reference measurement system with photoelectric converters and digital indication instead of optics;
  • installation of a programmable controller for creating electric automation schemes instead of relay control;
  • replacement of gear-rake gears and worm gearboxes with ball screws and high-torque adjustable DC motors;
  • replacement of electromechanical clamps on the tables and slide on pneumatic;
  • spindle box movement mechanization;
  • installation of the drive moving the liner with a DC motor.

 work on the coordinate boring machine

Engaged in the modernization of machine tools, most often the same companies that supply them to the market. In this case, customers do not have to wait for the reconstruction of the equipment for too long. Instead of a machine handed over, representatives of an enterprise can immediately pick up exactly the same, but already modernized.

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