Boots with heels: what to wear?

Striving to look fashionable is a common female need, which sometimes grows to the level of instinct. Of course, it is important to keep track of new trends, but it is worth remembering that everything new is well forgotten old. That is why women's wardrobe can easily remain fashionable, based only on a certain "base". Heeled shoes have become an integral part of many images, which secured their triumphal return. Today, without them, it is difficult to imagine store shelves in the autumn-winter season. But only the right model of shoes and the combination with the right clothes can create a truly beautiful bow. Possible combinations and tips are presented in this article.

Familiarity with this type of shoes

Connoisseurs of fashion history say that women's shoes with heels came to us since the XVII century. According to this version, such shoes were created for the English queen herself. The court ladies immediately appreciated its beauty and advantages, and soon all of Europe knew about it.heeled shoes

A few years ago, heeled shoes again interested designers and so far their popularity is only growing. This is one of the most comfortable types of demi-season shoes, which are worn in the period of warm autumn, winter or early spring.


Its main advantages are:

  • Neat appearance.
  • Convenience.
  • Compatibility with a wide variety of clothing styles.
  • Many styles.

Massive beauty

Boots with a thick heel - a favorite thing in the wardrobe of fashionistas. They can bring the permissible level of asymmetry, adding slender legs with their massiveness and some coarse forms. Such a heel is perfect for creating a feminine look that blends perfectly with comfort.

Most bows using this style of shoe are informal, slightly rebellious. Business style clothing is rarely combined with it. This is permissible only if their appearance is closest to the classical with thick heels

Most successfully thick heel is combined with narrow jeans, as well as torn models, skirts to and above the knees. The game of contrasts will give originality to the image: ankle boots and feminine dress, lace trim, chiffon blouse.

If the office dress code is not very strict, then such shoes can still be combined with a pencil skirt or classic trousers, sweaters are not very large knit.

But still it is worth remembering that everyday, street style will allow you to find more options for experiments. Boots with heels and a well-chosen jacket, scarf, handbag will attract admiring glances of others.

Lacing - elegance or courage?

Previously, a similar style of shoes had only a flat sole and gave the image a bit of street freedom, rudeness. Over time, the designers have modified it, and now the lace-up and heeled shoes adorn the legs of many fashionable women. lace-up heeled shoesComfort and practicality are perfectly combined in them with femininity and elegance. Sometimes interlacing, especially if it is made in the form of satin ribbons, creates the impression of laces on dresses worn by beautiful ladies.

The right set of clothes and accessories can make shoes as one of the main accents, as well as a harmonious addition to the image.

Lacing looks best when combined with a knitted texture.This may be a slightly asymmetrical cardigan, dress or sweater. Particularly interesting looks deliberately large mating.

An important role is played by the material of the shoes. For example, suede in perfect harmony with the skirts of jersey material.

In general, these boots with laces and heels are one of the most versatile styles of footwear. They can dilute the official business style of clothing, adding an interesting detail to the restrained dress.

Experimenting with the material from which the laces are made, with their width it is easy to create an elegant evening look or a playful bow for a cocktail party. women's shoes with heels

It is possible to combine such footwear with almost any clothes, since the overall orientation of the dress will in its own way overlap with it. However, a skirt or a dress still looks more feminine. In addition to them, you can safely use the socks: they emphasize the length of the legs, as the shoes can hide it, and also warm the legs, because the length of the shoes with heels barely reaches the ankle.

A whole niche and plenty of room for experimentation with this type of shoe is retro-style. In 2017, he is one of the most popular.

Despite the fact that many people associate lacing with a sports style, it is worth refraining from combining this style of footwear and sportswear. It is better to give preference to the casual style.


Women's shoes with heels are a practical kind of shoes, but it suits not all women:

  • The main danger is that they can visually shorten the length of the legs, make them more voluminous. Slender and tall girls have nothing to worry about, but full and miniature such shoes will only harm.
  • The length of the dress or skirt should always be above the knee, otherwise the legs will look shorter than the body.what to wear shoes with heels
  • Boots of bright colors can be easily combined with different shades of golf or tights.
  • It is best to combine such shoes with narrow jeans, cocktail dresses or a pencil skirt.
  • Miniature girls can lengthen the silhouette using matte tights of dark colors or black leggings along with boots.


It is always worth experimenting and trying something new. Having dealt with what to wear shoes with heels, any girl can find in her wardrobe a couple of fashionable looks.This article provides general recommendations, the basis for creating interesting outfits. Boldly combining different styles and styles, it is easy to find your individuality.

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