"Bolyusa Huato": reviews of doctors, indications for use, instructions

About the Chinese tool "Bolyusa Huato" in our country became known 12-15 years ago. And until now, the controversy surrounding this remedy does not subside: is it really the very panacea for those who have had a stroke or another trick to defraud the desperate man and his relatives? In this article, we tried to collect the most verified information about the "Huato Bolus", reviews of doctors.

About drug

"Bolyusa Huato" is a medicinal herbal complex with nootropic action. Its main function is the improvement of cerebral circulation.

It is presented in the form of round smooth pills (boluses) of black color with a characteristic odor. They are packaged in metal jars with a twisting lid of 80 (+/- 5%) g. In addition to this capacity, there will be a 12 pill dosimeter in the box and instructions for use.

boluses huato doctors reviews

In addition to the indications for use, reviews of doctors about "Bolus Huato," many are interested in the cost of the drug.Today, depending on the pharmacy chain and the region, one 80-gram jar will cost you 800-1200 rubles. Pharmacies are available without a prescription.

From the date of manufacture, "Bolyusa Huato" are suitable for 5 years. After this period, they can not be consumed. It should be stored in a place protected from direct light rays at a temperature of 12-25 degrees.

Pill composition

Along with the reviews of doctors about the “Bolus Huato”, readers are also concerned about the exact composition of one pill. We give it per 8 g of the drug (one bolus):

  • Dried extract of the mixture of medicinal plant component - 7.4 g. This includes:
    • the root of the daurskoy dudnik;
    • root of large-leaved gentian;
    • the fruit of Chinese wolfberry;
    • root of the Chinese angelica;
    • Japanese Sophora flower;
    • ginseng root;
    • the root and rhizome of Chuansion ligusticum;
    • Chinese Brown Bark;
    • root of the Japanese ofiopogon;
    • the fruit of medicinal evodia.
  • Bee honey - 560 mg.
  • Activated carbon - 40 mg.

pharmachologic effect

In the herbal combination drug "Bolyusa Huato," according to the doctors, the following effects have been identified:

  • Improving both blood circulation and functional functioning of the brain.
  • Improved metabolism in brain tissue.
  • Restoration of active microcirculation in the brain tissues.
  • The beneficial effects on memory, concentration.
  • Positive effect on mental performance.

 boluses huato indications for use reviews of doctors

Indications for use

In continuation of the topic of feedback, indications for the use of "Bolus Huato," we mention the latter:

  • Disturbance of attention and memory, coordination of movements.
  • Tinnitus, dizziness as a result of cerebral ischemia.
  • Mental fatigue.


In addition to testimony, reviews of "Huato Bolus", we would like to draw your attention to a number of contraindications:

  • Exacerbation of gastric and duodenal ulcers.
  • Pregnancy, time of feeding the baby with milk.
  • Patient age up to 18 years.
  • Hypersensitivity to one or several components, including to bee products.

boluses huato reviews by doctors after a stroke

It is wise to take pills for epileptics, people who have a gastric ulcer or duodenal ulcer during remission.

Application and dosage

The medicine is taken by mouth; it needs to be washed down with plenty of water.In addition, it is advisable not to mix the drug with other means: take 1-2 hours before other drugs.

Prevention. For this purpose, the instructions for use are as follows:

  • Reception twice a day for 24 pills (2 spoons-dispenser).
  • It is best to take "Bolyusa Huato" in 30-45 minutes after eating.
  • Treatment regimen: 10 days of therapy, then 1 day break.
  • One course of therapy lasts 2 months.
  • If successful, such prophylaxis is worth repeating it twice a year.

 huato bolus reviews

Treatment. According to the reviews of doctors, “Bolyusa Huato” after a stroke is applied as follows (unless the treating doctor has appointed another scheme):

  • 48 pills (4 spoons) twice a day.
  • Reception of means is recommended to be carried out later 30-45 minutes after food.
  • After 10 days of the course a break of 1 day.
  • Average treatment time: 2-6 months.

If you feel discomfort while taking the drug in the gastrointestinal tract, you have reddening of the face, there is a feeling of heat, then you should increase the frequency of administration, using reduced, crushed doses.

Side effects

Talking about the indications for use, reviews of "Huato Bolus", we note that most patients are well tolerated treatment with this tool. At insignificant percent of people it is observed:

  • In the first or second week of treatment, a feeling of heat, redness on the face.Symptom over time goes away on its own.
  • Discomfort in the stomach. Increasing the number of doses per day with crushing the dosage helps eliminate this unpleasant effect.
  • In the first 2-3 weeks of therapy, there may be an increase in pain (in particular, headache). In this case, the doctor reduces the dosage or the use of "Bolus Huato" is canceled.
  • Rash similar to urticaria. The medication is canceled, the patient must contact an allergist.

huato boluses readings reviews

special instructions

We would like to draw your attention to the following:

  • 7% of the drug is honey. This fact should be considered sufferers from diabetes who follow a low-calorie diet.
  • The drug is not recommended to be swallowed at one time with another drug.
  • The use of the Huato Bolus does not affect your ability to drive vehicles, work with complex mechanisms, or otherwise focus attention.

 boluses huato indications reviews

"Bolyusy Huato": reviews of doctors

Competent experts expressed their opinion on the drug at the time. We present their reviews of the "Huato Bolus".

Let's get acquainted with the point of view of the staff of the Russian Scientific Center for State Control and Expertise of Medicinal Names. They confirm that the drug was tested in the NTS examination and control of drugs.The effectiveness and safety of all funds is evaluated by 32 special commissions. Particular attention is paid to the safety of the drug. It does not do without the qualitative and quantitative control over the declared composition of the components. There is no doubt about the rigor of the examination - it is carried out by highly qualified specialists from various fields of medicine.

"Bolyusa Huato" is evaluated as a herbal remedy, the effect of which is mostly nootropic. As part of confirmed components that are traditional for Chinese medicine: Sichuan lovage, ginseng, Japanese Sophora, etc. The drug must be prescribed by a doctor. Upon registration, it is stated that it is a medicinal (namely medicinal, not a dietary supplement) remedy for the treatment of:

  • lack of coordination of movements, memory, concentration;
  • dizziness, tinnitus;
  • chronic ischemia (insufficient blood circulation) of the brain.

It is unacceptable to use the drug for functional acute disorders of the brain!

huato bolus instruction reviews

Employees of the Institute of Neurophysiology and Nervous Activity of the Russian Academy of Sciences say that in order to be convinced of the effectiveness of one or another medical preparation, it is necessary to treat the patient with his help under the full supervision of specialists.In this institute, similar experimental therapy with the drug "Bolyusa Huato" did not pass. There is also no information that such work was carried out by colleagues from other research institutes.

The attending physicians from the University of Neurology Clinic of the University of Sechenov say about the Bolyusa Huato pills, that this is a natural, non-synthetic drug based on medicinal plants that improves brain function. The latter confirms the treatment with its help of acute and chronic cerebral insufficiency in this clinic and in the St. Petersburg Institute of Brain. Serious contraindications, as well as acute side effects, were not found.

Doctors at the same time claim that nothing can be said about the efficacy of the drug before a “blind study” is conducted with his participation. The essence of this experiment is when one of the patients is offered the drug itself, and the other is a placebo, a dummy, an analogue that is not outwardly distinguishable from the original. In relation to the "Bolyusov Huato" such a study was not conducted.

It is very important to consult a doctor before using the product and study the instructions. The reviews about "Huato Bolus" also contain information that there are many fakes of this drug on the market.

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