Bluetooth adapter ELM327 for car diagnostics: manual and feedback

Over time, any car gradually beginsfail. To prevent the emergence of breakdowns in the nodes of the car, motorists are forced to annually spend expensive diagnostics. However, today the market has a special device (OBD 2), which allow you to perform this procedure on your own. One such gadget isBluetooth adapter ELM327. A compact device allows you to instantly read information about the operation of the car. In this case, you can use a regular smartphone or laptop. Also today on sale there isBluetooth adapters ELM327with built-in wireless connection module. Thanks to this you can connect to the device even through Wi-Fi.

bluetooth adapter elm327

Connecting to a smartphone

Owners of phones running Android OS can easily diagnose the car systems themselves. For this it is enough to perform only a few manipulations:

  • Download the program Torque and install it on your smartphone.
  • To plugauto diagnostic adapterinto the connector in the car (usually it is under the dashboard, to the right of the steering wheel).
  • Start the car and wait until the indicator lights up on the miniature device.
  • Enter the wireless settings of your smartphone.
  • Activate Bluetooth and go to its settings.
  • Click "Search for available devices".
  • Wait for the list of devices to load.
  • Select OBD 2.
  • The system will require you to enter a special pairing code. Usually these are standard digital combinations (1234, 6789 or 0000).
  • If the system has recognized the code, then a message should appear on the screen indicating that the devices are successfully sucked and the Bluetooth is working well.
  • Run the installed Torque utility. The program will show that the only device found so far is inactive.
  • Go to the smartphone menu and go to the Settings tab. In this tab, you must select OBD 2 and click "Connection Type".
  • Select the device bluetooth.
  • Find the diagnostic device in the list.
  • Go to the main screen of the utility and select "Adapter status".
  • Wait until the computer is connected to theBluetooth adapter ELM327. In this case, 4 green "birds" should appear on the screen. If at least one of them does not burn, then at some stage of the configuration there was an error. In this case, you need to reconnect again.

diagnostic adapter

After that, you can go to the main screen and make sure that the program and the diagnostic adapter work correctly. This will be evidenced by data on the current engine speed.

Diagnostic adapter ELM327will get all the necessary information about the operation of systems and their errors. It will also be possible to receive real-time data (for example, fuel consumption and much more).

How to connect ELM327 Wi-Fi

auto diagnostic adapter

In order to use the wireless connection, you must perform the following steps:

  • To plugdiagnostic adapterinto the corresponding connector in the car.
  • Start the engine of the machine.
  • Go to the wireless settings on the tablet, phone or laptop.
  • Select the V-Link network and connect to it.
  • Run the diagnostic program (there is a huge list of utilities that can be downloaded over the Internet).
  • Go to the program settings and specify the standard IP address
  • Enter in the "Subnet mask" field
  • The port can be left by default or set to 35000.
  • Interfacing systems of auto andBluetooth adapter ELM327. Some diagnostic programs alsorequire you to enter information about the machine. In this case, you must enter the brand, year of manufacture and engine power in the appropriate fields. You will also need to specify the most convenient unit for the driver.

Bluetooth adapter ELM327: instructions for connecting to a PC

In order to integrate the device with a laptop computer that runs on Windows, you must:

  • Turn on the ignition of the automatic telephone exchange and insert the diagnostic device into the corresponding connector.
  • Install ScanMaster on your computer. Of course, you can find any other utility to work with the adapter, but this software is considered the best.
  • Go to the control panel of the program and select "Bluetooth devices".
  • Add the available devices and after the list is loaded, check the box "Ready for discovery".
  • Click "Next". After that, the PC will automatically find the scanner.
  • Press the "Next" key again.
  • Enter the code to connect the devices to the window that appears (as in the first case it is the standard combination of numbers).
  • Click "Next" again.
  • Follow the instructions of the program, which should integrate the device in automatic mode.
  • Click "Finish".

After that you can start using ScanMaster. Best ifOBD 2 adapter programBluetooth ELM327 will connect and make settings in automatic mode.

mini elm327 bluetooth adapter

Now let's look at the basic functions of the adapter. What data can I learn with this autoscanner?

What errors can I detect the adapter for auto diagnostics?

With the ELM327 auto scanner, you can quicklyview active errors related to the operation of the motor. In addition, the program helps identify major malfunctions and accurately determine in which node they occurred.

obd 2 adapter elm327 bluetooth

So, what data does the program provide and what is its functional:

  1. Reads or clears the fault codes incar. At the same time, all current errors are carefully analyzed immediately after the auto diagnostics start. If the program detects at least a minimum malfunction in the engine, the "Check Engine" light comes on.
  2. Provides the current machine data. It means thatmini adapterBluetooth ELM327 provides the car owner with all the necessary information about the operation of units that are active in real time.
  3. Displays information from the dashboard of the machine. In this case, it is possible to analyze parameters.
  4. Displays the graphs. For convenience of an estimation of work of systems in programs the construction of schedules is provided. In this case, the car owner can independently configure them, disabling and including the necessary information blocks.
  5. It carries out testing of oxygen sensors and much more.

Device Advantages

To date, this device allowssignificantly save on diagnosis. Its cost pays off after a few months of using the device. At the same time, you can check the operation of the systems at any time. For example, if the car began to work poorly on a busy road, the car owner could in seconds determine which node had failed.

adapter elm327 bluetooth manual

Also, the advantages of the device include its compact size, wide functionality, ease of use and low cost. Nevertheless, the gadget also has a number of drawbacks.


From the disadvantages of ELM327 can be identified lack ofprotocols for Japanese cars. Unfortunately, car owners have to use other diagnostic devices. Also, some car owners noted that the device is only able to scan systems, it is impossible to make changes with it.

Also after buying a device to deal with itsettings will have to do it yourself, as there is no instruction in the kit. However, this nuance is difficult to attribute to minuses, because the installation of an auto scanner is intuitively understandable.


Many car owners aredevice is positive. They note that the device really allows you to significantly save on diagnostic procedures. In this case, many pay attention to the fact that the auto show does not always manage to identify possible problems in the car, despite the fact that this service costs 1500 rubles. At the same time for the same money you can buyBluetooth adapter OBD 2 ELM327and use it constantly.

obd 2 adapter elm327 bluetooth software

On the other hand, some users note,that the device does not always work correctly and some important errors it may not produce. However, this may well be due to incorrect configuration of the device.


To buy an auto scanner is recommended only forthe official website of the manufacturer. The fact is that devices of this type are often forged, so there is a big risk to acquire a non-working device. The average cost of the device is 1500 rubles. A cheaper model to buy is not recommended.

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