Blue Camelot Beach Hotel 4 *, Turkey: reviews, hotel description, category of the rooms

Blue Camelot Beach Hotel 4 * (Turkey), reviews aboutwhich we will analyze here - is a beach hotel of youth type, which is located in the resort area Obagel (Tosmur settlement), south of Alanya. It is not far from the large hotel complex "Diamond Hill". Here Europeans like Germans, citizens of the Baltic states, English like to relax. This is another argument in favor of the fact that by choosing such a hotel, you will not overpay and will not have problems. Of course, lovers of chic and palace entourage will be disappointed - the category of rooms in hotels like "Blue Camelot" does not imply luxury. However, this hotel, according to many vacationers, fully justifies the four stars assigned to it. Good numbers, clean sea and delicious food guarantee you a positive and wonderful mood.Blue camelot beach hotel 4 reviews

Location and infrastructure

Where is the hotel Blue Camelot BeachHotel 4 * (Turkey)? Reviews of tourists tell us about its fairly convenient location. Five kilometers separate it from the center of Alanya. About fifty are from Side and Manavgat. Antalya is far away - about one hundred and twenty kilometers. By the hotel there are intercity buses that follow in Alanya. In the city center there is a shuttle bus - until one o'clock in the morning. Get from Antalya here for a long time - more than four hours. The beach is across the street from the hotel. Near the embankment there are supermarkets "Migros" and "Bim", and they are cheaper than shops in the center of Alanya. And how do tourists describe the hotel Blue Camelot Beach Hotel 4 * (Turkey)? Guest reviews speak of a ten-story building with an elevator and two conference rooms. It is located in the garden. The reception is open in the lobby. On the territory there is a parking lot, several shops, a swimming pool with a water slide.Hotel room categories


In the complex "Blue Kamelot Beach" - almost one hundredrooms for guests. The categories of rooms in hotels of this type on the Anatolian coast are mostly the same. These are double and triple standard rooms, where you can accommodate an additional guest. They are overlooking the sea, there is a bathroom or shower with a hairdryer, TV with Russian channels, split air conditioning system. Bed linen is changed twice a week, and cleaned every day. They give cosmetic accessories - soap, shampoo. Hot water in the morning and in the evening - and in the afternoon only warm. The rooms recently renovated, all plumbing new. Air conditioners work without interruptions. There is a small, but quite roomy refrigerator.


Food on an "all inclusive" system, as a rule,is included in the cost of the room in the hotel "Blue Camelot Beach". Breakfast starts at half past seven in the morning, and you can have dinner before eleven thirty in the evening. Between the main meals are offered a snack in the snack bar. The main restaurant is one, and there you can order dishes according to the "a la carte" system. Local rakia, wine, beer and strong drinks are also included. Bars are at the pool, in the lobby and on the beach. They work until eleven in the evening. At breakfast, give pancakes, a glaze, an omelette, as well as different types of sausages, the famous local cheese, cheese and vegetables. For lunch and dinner - chicken, liver, fish. A great selection of salads, and aubergines - above all praise. Separately for lovers of hot sauces. In general, the kitchen is close to European, not pereperchena. Sweets - delicacy. Tourists claim that the most delicious coffee - from the machine. A good tea with herbal supplements, and in bars make pleasant cocktails. Alcohol does not regret, bottles open at you. Between lunch and dinner at the pool make gazleme, behind which even lined up.Room rate

Service and Entertainment

Blue Camelot Beach Hotel 4 * (Alanya) hasstandard set of services for guests. Hairdresser and beauty salon, laundry, dry cleaning, tour desk, the possibility to call a doctor in case of a malaise, change money - all of the above is also in this hotel. The hotel staff speaks different languages. You can also capture yourself and your family and friends in memory with the help of a professional hotel photographer. On the territory of the hotel catches a good "Wi-Fi". There are many typical recreational facilities - billiards, darts, table tennis. On the beach play volleyball, and also offer windsurfing and other sports activities on the water. There is even a small water park and a gym. For children there is a club with educators and a playground. Animation shows are quite good and quite diverse. They are usually organized in the evenings, and in the afternoon the staff entertains guests at the beach and the pool. However, entertainment programs in the hotel are often in English, and this must be taken into account. Although the fire show and belly dancing should not be translated into any languages. There is a spa with a compulsory hammam, Jacuzzi and massage sessions. You can rent a bicycle.Blue camelot beach hotel 4 Alanya

Recreation by the sea and by the pool

Beach at the hotel Blue Camelot Beach Hotel 4 *(Obagol) - own and, as practically all coast of Alanya, sandy, with pebble admixture. Prior to it you need to walk on the underground passage. Beach towels are issued for a deposit of five dollars, and umbrellas and sun loungers - officially paid. However, many tourists write that they used it for nothing. And they took towels from the room. The sea is very good, clean, warm. By the pool, all accessories for sunbathing are free. The artificial reservoir on the territory of the hotel is very large, its area is five hundred square meters. There is a hill that runs on schedule. The sun deck is clean, there is always a place.Blue camelot beach hotel 4 obagol

Blue Camelot Beach Hotel 4 * (Turkey) - guest reviews

Tourists believe that this is a very decent hotel,especially for the price paid for trips. The hotel is without frills, but sound. Great location. Friendly staff. People do not live long and without problems. The rooms are small but clean. The area is small, but with a nice swimming pool, and across the road - the sea. The food is quite normal, there are a lot of goodies, good beer. Even people who have rested a lot abroad, especially in Europe, are satisfied. The cost of the room and the tour is quite consistent with the services provided - because the price starts from four thousand rubles per stay per day. The beach, travel, walks in the old Alanya and a good mood - all these are necessary attributes of rest in the hotel "Blue Camelot". By the way, if you expect to travel to the surrounding sights, the guests are advised to buy excursions from the guide of the company "Ecovantur", not far from the hotel. As a bonus, you get a free hookah and bicycles for two hours a day. Vacationers with children here also like it, and they recommend "Blue Camelot" for a quiet family holiday.

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Blue Camelot Beach Hotel 4 , Turkey: reviews, hotel description, category of the rooms Blue Camelot Beach Hotel 4 , Turkey: reviews, hotel description, category of the rooms Blue Camelot Beach Hotel 4 , Turkey: reviews, hotel description, category of the rooms Blue Camelot Beach Hotel 4 , Turkey: reviews, hotel description, category of the rooms Blue Camelot Beach Hotel 4 , Turkey: reviews, hotel description, category of the rooms Blue Camelot Beach Hotel 4 , Turkey: reviews, hotel description, category of the rooms Blue Camelot Beach Hotel 4 , Turkey: reviews, hotel description, category of the rooms