"Biovital Kinder": release form, instructions for use, composition, reviews

Biovital Kinder, a complex drug for children that adults love so much, will help improve school performance, focus attention and improve memory. It is especially recommended by therapists during severe workloads, when passing important exams and other increases in mental activity, leading to constant tension and stress.

biovital kinder

Drug description

It will help accelerate recovery after suffering serious infectious diseases, improve the condition of the nervous and cardiovascular systems, increase the protective properties of the body and give a good charge of energy for the whole day "Kinder Biovital" (gel). It is a viscous mass of yellow color, filled with air bubbles, with a sweet aroma. The taste of the gel is saturated, there is a slight sourness.The drug itself is packed in special bright aluminum tubes of 175 milligrams. Additionally, each box is equipped with detailed instructions with a complete description of the composition and the rules of its use. Children adore this gel, thanks to this form of release, it is for them a sweet delicacy filled with bubbles pleasant to the tongue. They are happy to eat it every day and even spread it on bread in the manner of a sandwich.

kinder biovital gel

When to apply

If there is a lack of vitamins in the body, the child has a pronounced state of fatigue, and the workload and training requirements remain high, it is time to start taking the complex drug Kinder Biovital. Instructions to him indicate that this is a real emergency assistance in a number of serious situations.

The drug is shown to schoolchildren and toddlers; it is important to take it during active periods of development and growth, when the formation and adjustment of the proper operation of most of the body functions, its tissues and skeleton occur. This drug is especially recommended for children suffering from hypovitaminosis, anemia, recovering from surgery and past viral infections."Kinder Biovital" (gel) normalizes sleep, soothes, levels the general condition of the child, helps to cope with stress, is often appointed by a specialist along with taking antibiotics as an excellent immunostimulant.

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Will help even with rickets

Specialists of all directions refer to this drug with great respect, it is known that it is often used to eliminate inflammations of the oral mucous membranes. Here the gel is applied three times a day, locally, on the sores and swelling. It is very effective in various types of dystrophic conditions, a delay in weight and exhaustion of Kinder Biovital. Reviews moms testify to this. Children in no way gaining weight, with poor appetite and the presence of constant weakness after the start of his admission, changed just before the eyes. A survey among parents showed that they note a number of particularly positive qualities in this drug:

  1. Interesting for children form of release and taste of the gel.
  2. The most balanced composition, giving excellent performance after the start of reception.
  3. Nice price.

Many consider a good selection of vitamins, contributing to the harmonious development of the child.In the spring, winter and autumn, this drug completely compensates for the lack of necessary substances in the body; children practically do not get sick or suffer a cold much more easily. With frequent irritability, rapid excitability, change of mood, fatigue and heavy workload, mood swings and tearfulness, experts recommend taking Kinder Biovital. Its composition is as balanced as possible.


The drug contains all the necessary for the full development of the child trace elements and vitamins, they are here in the necessary daily concentration and quickly normalize fat, protein and carbohydrate metabolism, restoring performance and enhancing the protective properties of the body. The therapist will definitely recommend this complex remedy in the following cases:

  • Chemotherapy, treatment in combination with a strong antibiotic.
  • Stomatitis, sores and inflammations in the mouth.
  • Malnutrition and its consequences.
  • Prevention of rickets, a clear lag in development and growth.
  • As an aid to the body after surgery and illness.

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Pharmacological properties

Lecithin contained in the preparation contributes to the rapid normalization of metabolic processes. Due to the presence of this important amino acid, Biovital Kinder normalizes the activity of the cardiovascular and nervous systems, improves brain and liver function, as a result of which fat-soluble vitamins are absorbed much better.

Retinol is responsible for the visual function, without it there is no proper synthesis of pigment, in addition, it increases the activity of the immune system, thereby increasing the overall protective properties of the body.

Vitamins of group B (which are present here in their full composition) are important for the nervous system and heart. They normalize most of the processes in the body, are responsible for the good condition of the gums, teeth, bone structure, help in the synthesis of energy and remove weakness.

kinder biovital vedmezyuky

Vitamin D is important in the formation of the skeleton, it is a direct supplier of calcium in bone tissue. Its deficiency can lead to the development of rickets, weakness and retarded growth of the child.

Ascorbic acid is the first defense of immunity. Its disadvantage makes the recovery process a long one, the body that lacks vitamin C daily is weakly resistant to infections.

Vitamin E is the most powerful antioxidant, contributing to the rapid and high-quality renewal of all cells of the body. Lack of tocopherol can lead to a feeling of constant fatigue, neurological pathologies and anemia.

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Mode of application

The drug is available in two forms - it is a gel and "Kinder Biovital Vedmezuyki." The gel is shown to children from a year and up, its daily rate is:

- up to three years - half a teaspoon;

- from three to six years - a full teaspoon;

- over six years - a teaspoon of gel is shown twice a day.

Lozenges (vedmezhuyki) are recommended in the following doses:

- for children up to three years one lozenge per day is enough;

- children up to seven years old are shown taking up to two pastilles per day;

- over seven years - depending on the complexity of the condition, you can consume up to three lozenges per day.

It is indicated that the drug is used only after meals or during it, the recommended dose of it must necessarily be coordinated with the attending physician.

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Side effects

Self-administration of the drug "Biovital Kinder" can lead to an overdose and such unpleasant manifestations as vomiting and nausea.Shown here is a treatment that eliminates this symptomatology and a temporary discontinuation of the drug until a complete improvement in well-being. Common contraindications include:

- allergic reactions to one of the components of this drug;

- hypervitaminosis;

- high amount of calcium in urine and blood.

Serious side effects when taking the gel and lozenges were not detected.

special instructions

"Biovital Kinder" is a drug and requires consultation with the attending physician, who will determine the necessary daily rate of the drug after passing all the necessary tests. It should be taken with caution in the presence of nephritis, heart failure and pancreatitis. Keep the drug out of the reach of children.

biovital kinder

Similar in composition

Pharmacies have a number of complexes with similar vitamin-mineral composition, which, if necessary, can be replaced by Kinder Biovital. Analogues that are in greatest demand today:

  • Multi-Tabs Immuno Plus is a drug with probiotic properties, it is prescribed for the normalization of digestive functions and the general strengthening of the immune system.Well restores the intestinal microflora after the harmful effects of antibiotics on it, especially shown for prophylactic purposes, as it contains the full range of vitamins and microelements necessary for the body.
  • "Vitamax" in addition to the main complex contains ginseng, contributing to the stimulation and regeneration of protective properties. It quickly restores the body depleted after illness and stress. Shown in the presence of weakness, a decrease in concentration and mental abilities.
  • "Gerimaks" contains a full complex of the daily requirement of minerals and vitamins. The composition also includes ginseng extract.

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