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Melanie Laurent - French actress, singer, writer, director and model. To the wide audience, she is primarily known for her roles in the paintings “Inglorious Bastards”, “Eternity” and “The Illusion of Deception”.
French actress Melanie LaurentFrench actress Melanie Laurent
Her heroines are very different, but they are always, of course, united by the figure of Laurent herself - subtle and sensitive, capable of playing a real drama without a share of falsehood and give dignity to the life of even the “little man”. Despite the fact that now Melanie is removed a lot in Hollywood, she remains true to her truly French charm and delicacy in approaching the role.

early years

Melanie Laurent (Mélanie Laurent) was born in Paris on February 21, 1983 in a creative Jewish family. Her mother is a former ballerina, was a teacher at a ballet school, and her father is a dubbing actor.
Melanie Laurent in childhoodMelanie Laurent in childhood
The childhood of the girl was spent in the ninth municipal district of Paris, famous for the art objects located in it.Here is one of the most popular concert halls "Olympia", which is the oldest of the existing halls in Paris, and the Grand Opera, and the famous wax museum of Grevin, and Notre Dame Cathedral. Since childhood, Melanie was surrounded by art, she lived in it and therefore in childhood began to dream of a big stage.

Starting an acting career

His first steps in the film industry, Melanie Lauran made in 16 years. Together with her friend, the girl went to the film set of the movie “Asterix and Obelix vs. Caesar”, where she met the famous Gerard Depardieu: it was he who saw Melanie Laurent's acting talent and invited to the shooting.
Height Melanie Laurent 157 cmHeight Melanie Laurent 157 cm
So in 1999, young Melanie appeared in the Depardieu melodrama "The Bridge Between the Two Shores". This role brought the beginning actress a great success and after the film was released the girl began to receive invitations from other directors.
Melanie Laurent in the film "My Body"Melanie Laurent in the film "My Body"
In 2001, Rodolphe Marconi's dramatic film “This is My Body” was released, in which Melanie Laurent performed one of the central roles. In 2002, an aspiring actress appeared in the dramatic comedy Kiss Who You Want. Together with Melanie, Charlotte Rampling, Jacques Dutron and Clotilde Courot worked on the same film set.In 2003, viewers saw Melanie Lauran in Olias Barco’s movie “Maximum Extreme”.

First success

In 2004, Melanie was able to participate in several projects at once. This is the Last Day melodrama and the dramatic comedy Rice Rhapsody. In 2005, the girl starred in the musical drama "My heart stopped beating." While working on this film, Melanie Laurent met Romain Duris, Nils Arerestrup, Emmanuel Devaux, and other famous French actors.
Melanie Laurent in the film "Last Day"Melanie Laurent in the film "Last Day"
In 2006, Melanie Laurent won the lead role in the family drama “Don't worry, I'm fine,” which brought her overwhelming success and the honorable Romy Schneider award. In an interview, the girl admitted that this work was one of the most crucial in her life, because a large number of people admitted that this picture had a great influence on them.
Melanie Laurent in the movie "Don't worry, I'm fine"Melanie Laurent in the movie "Don't worry, I'm fine"
In 2008, the premiere of the film "Paris" took place, during which Melanie met again on the set with Romain Duris, and during the filming of the drama "Hidden Love" Laurent worked with the legendary Isabelle Huppert.

Melanie Laurent in Hollywood

World renown and familiarity with film stars such as Brad Pitt, Til Schweiger and Michael Fassbender, Melanie brought her role as a runaway Jew in Shoshanna in Quentin Tarantino’s Inglorious Bastards (2009). As Melanie herself admitted, she was happy to meet the legendary Tarantino and was extremely happy when he approved her for the role for which the girl was nominated for the Cesar film award and the British Empire award.
Melanie Laurent in the film "Inglorious Bastards"Melanie Laurent in the film "Inglorious Bastards"
In the same year, viewers saw Melanie Laurent in the film Radu Mihilyanu “Concert”, during the filming of which she met with Russian actors Alexei Guskov and Dmitry Nazarov, with whom, according to her, she was very pleased to work.
In 2013, Melanie appeared in front of the audience as an Interpol agent in the film “The Illusion of Deception” starring Ayla Fisher, Woody Harrelson and Jesse Eisenberg. Melanie has long wanted to play the role of a strong woman and was glad when she had such an opportunity. Moreover, it was her next major role in Hollywood, where she already felt almost at home.
Melanie Laurent on the set of the film "The Illusion of Deception"Melanie Laurent on the set of the film "The Illusion of Deception"
A series of successful projects continued psychological thriller Denis Villeneuve "The Enemy" (2013), where Laurent played the mysterious mistress of the protagonist in the performance of Jake Gyllenhaal. In the same year, she starred in the melodrama “Night Train to Lisbon”, where Jeremy Irons was in the foreground.
Melanie Laurent in the film "Enemy"Melanie Laurent in the film "Enemy"
In 2015, the film "Cote d'Azur" was released, in which the main roles were played by Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt and Melanie Laurent. It is noteworthy that Angelina Jolie appeared in this film as a scriptwriter, director, and performer of one of the main roles. Another success at the time for the actress was the participation in the drama “In the air”, where she played with Jennifer Connelly and Cillian Murphy.
In 2016, the girl appeared in the romantic film “Eternity”, which was based on the novel “Elegance of widows” by Alice Fernay. In this touching picture was told the story of several generations of women of the same family, their love, suffering and loss.
Melanie Laurent in the film "My Son"
In 2017, Melanie played in the French drama thriller "My Son". Interestingly, the actress initially refused to participate in the shootings, arguing that she herself is the mother of a four-year-old son and it is psychologically hard for her to imagine the kidnapping of a child.As a result, Guillaume Canet, who played the main role, and director Christian Carion were able to convince Melanie to agree to the shooting, which she later did not regret at all.

Directorial career

Not everyone knows that on top of that, Melanie Laurent is also a director. Now her filmography in this incarnation has three full-length work and one short film. Some of her films were presented at the Cannes Film Festival - for example, the drama “Breathing” was nominated in the category “Queer Award. Coverage of the LGBT theme in cinema. ”
Melanie Laurent and her song "En t'attendant"

Personal life Melanie Laurent

About the personal life of Melanie Laurent, little is known - the actress is quite closed with journalists about this. It is known that Melanie is married, but the name of her chosen one still remains a mystery. In 2013, she gave birth to a son, Leo, and is currently raising him with her husband.
Melanie Laurent gave birth to a sonMelanie Laurent gave birth to a son
It is also known that in the past the French actress met with French actor Julien Boisselier, with whom she met on the set of the drama “Don't worry, I'm fine”.

Melanie Laurent is now

In 2018, the historical comedy “Heartbreaker” was released, in which Melanie Laurent composed a brilliant acting duet with Jean Dujardin. The picture was warmly received by the public, in particular, of course, by all fans of light French cinema.
Melanie Laurent in the film "Heartthrob"
Melanie Laurent is also preparing to release her new film - the English-language criminal thriller “Galveston”, in which the main roles are played by El Fanning and Ben Foster. It is noteworthy that the script for the picture Melanie wrote in a pair with the legendary Nick Pitstsolatto - the author of the first season of "The Real Detective". The premiere in Russia is scheduled for August 2018.
Currently, Melanie is busy filming Chris Weitz's biographical picture “Operation Finale”, the world premiere of which is also scheduled for 2018. In the film, in addition to Laurent involved and.

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