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Oksimiron (biography, personal life of the artist is described below) - a famous rapper, revered not only in Russia but also in Europe. At a young age he emigrated to Germany. He was famous for his high vocabulary, witty metaphors and non-standard polysillabic rhymes. He is an innovator in the genre of grime. The article will present the biography of Oksimiron in Russian. So let's get started.

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Oksimiron (birth name Miron Fedorov) was born in 1985 in Leningrad. The boy had an ordinary intelligent family: his father was a professor of physics, and his mother was a librarian. From first to fourth grade Miron studied at school number 185 in Leningrad. But then his father was invited to work at one of the universities in Germany, so the whole Fedorov family moved to the city of Ruttenscheid.

Myron was difficult in a foreign country without knowing the language.Parents identified him in the prestigious school named after Maria Wechtler. There the boy was constantly humiliated by classmates from wealthy families. Myron later told about that difficult period of life in the track “The Last Bell.” It was rap that helped the teenager overcome bullying and ridicule. Myron wrote his first songs under the pseudonym MS Myth.

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Soon the Fedorovs family moved to the city of Slough (England). In those days, this place was one of the centers of British drug trafficking. According to the memoirs of the rapper, among the local population there were many outcasts, chavs and drug addicts. But about the local school, Miron had only pleasant memories. The history teacher who taught there insisted that the hero of this article should receive education in the best educational institution in the country.

Soon the biography of Oksimiron was marked by an important event - the young man entered Oxford. Miron could not believe it, because the most prestigious English university had always seemed inaccessible to him. Among other applicants in 2004, Fedorov seemed to himself an uncouth peasant. And this is despite the fact that Miron received a decent certificate at school and was well erudite.Of course, there was a lack of sports and social achievements, a German accent and an impeccable knowledge of the language. Probably because of his innate stubbornness, the rapper chose the specialty “Literature of the Middle Ages” and nevertheless entered. On the course of Miron surrounded exclusively indigenous Englishmen, who were part of the elite of society.

In 2006, the hero of this article found bipolar disorder. For this reason, Fedorov was expelled from the university. But then he recovered and still received a diploma. True, the ratings in it were very low.

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Different professions

After graduation, a young man rented an apartment on the outskirts of London and began looking for work. By the way, this period of life is often mentioned in rapper compositions. But without the right connections, finding a job was not easy even for an Oxford graduate. Moreover, the diploma had low marks, and the specialty was not in demand. As a result, Miron got a job at a construction site. This decision was hard for the young man, but he needed money for the implementation of creative plans and the maintenance of the family. Subsequently, Fedorov tried many professions: loader, office worker, entertainer, guide, tutor, etc.

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Career in rap

In 2008, the creative biography of Oksimiron began. He posted his demo tapes under the pseudonym Oxxxymiron. First, this nickname was a reference to his real name. Secondly, to the term "oxymoron" from the literature. And three times “x” meant generous use of profanity in his tracks.

In 2009, Miron took part in an independent hip-hop battle organized by the project There, the rapper made a real sensation. Performed in rounds tracks "The Box of a Magician", "No Communication" and "In the Country of Women" were the best compositions in the framework of the ongoing battle. Oksimiron won in three nominations: "Best MC Battle", "Breakthrough Battle" and "Best Sparring". In the semifinals, Fedorov met with rapper Babandig. The latter was able to win from him, which caused the indignation of the public, who considered the winner of Oksimiron.

Nevertheless, agents of the Russian-language label Optic Records from Germany became interested in the hero of this article. So Fedorov met Dmitry Hinter (Shock), which ended in a fruitful, but short creative union.

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Solo album

In mid-2010, Oksimiron, whose biography is known to all Russian rappers, broke off cooperation with Optic Records. Together with Shock and Vanya Lenin, he created his own label "Tramp".Within the framework of this working alliance, Oksimiron released the first album entitled “Eternal Jew”. The album gained enormous popularity among the Russian-speaking segment of the audience and entered the nomination "Discovery of the Year" (GQ magazine).

Together with Shock, Miron went on a tour of the CIS countries. But soon the duet fell apart due to the clash of Hinter and Roma Zhigan. Shock went to Germany, and Fedorov decided to give a free solo concert in Moscow. After that, Oksimiron went to London and for some time went underground. The rapper returned in 2012 with a MiXXXtape I mixtape. A year later, the second part of the compilation was released.

At that time, Miron actively collaborated with several prominent Western artists. The most successful tandem turned out to him with the Germans "Automatic" and the Canadian Madchild.

Oksimiron (biography in English is available on many foreign resources about rap) several times participated in the domestic Internet show "Versus". On this project, the participants read their own diss on the enemy without musical accompaniment. And most of the text is pure improvisation. Myron's rivals were Johnniba, Creep-a-Creep, ST and Dunya.Only the latter could give a fitting rebuff to the hero of this article, but he still lost.

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Personal life

Does not disclose in detail this topic posted on the network information about such a famous rapper as Oksimiron. Biography (whether the singer is married) hides the topic of personal life. It is only known that the rapper was married, and then divorced. In 2014, fans attributed to him an affair with Sonya Greze. Rumors went for a reason: a lot of their joint photos were posted on the network, indicating close relationships. After some time, the couple broke up. Whether the rapper has a girl now is not known for certain.

Last years

It was the whole biography of Oksimiron. Today he is considered the first Russian rapper, performing in the grime genre. The musician has been postponing the release of his second album since 2012. Only three years later, the record “Gorgorod” was released. The disc itself is a complete conceptual work, which tells the story of the writer Mark. Therefore, the public was recommended to listen to all 11 tracks strictly in order.

In 2016, Oksimiron, whose biography is an example for novice rappers, conducted two tours: Back to Europe Tour and Takeover tour.He also recorded three joint compositions with Porcha.

In mid-2016, Oksimiron went against ST on the Versus Internet show. The organizers posted a video of their battle on YouTube on June 19. Three days later, the video gained more than five million views.

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Interesting Facts

  • The rapper Oksimiron, whose biography is presented above, under no circumstances reveals the essence of the metaphors and allusions of his texts.
  • Until recently, the rapper had a BlackBerry 9300 mobile phone.
  • Miron helped to gain fame for such performers as BLANK, Jubili and Joniba.
  • Fedorov gave an interview to the publication "Moskovsky Komsomolets". After that, his photo was placed on the main page.
  • For a long time I did not use offensive language in compositions. The rapper argued that without the mat it was much more offensive.
  • Miron has an early track, the text of which was read by his grandfather and grandmother.
  • In his speech, the performer never used the word "eat."
  • After a big interview with the hero of this article was published on one portal, the site “fell” on the number of incoming requests. And when the album "Eternal Jew" appeared on the network, records were broken on for simultaneously staying in a particular topic and on the forum.
  • In the composition “Do not say a word”, Oksimiron used 32 grammatical terms of the Russian language.

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