Biography of Kalashnikov Mikhail Timofeevich

Biography of Kalashnikov Mikhail Timofeevich inrepresents a characteristic image of the Soviet dream. His whole life path represented the road of a man who came from a poor peasant family, but managed to create a great name for himself throughout the world at the cost of his own labor and talent.

Childhood and youth

Biography Kalashnikov Michael Timofeevich begins in a small village inbiography of Mikhail KalashnikovAltai Territory. Here he was born on November 10, 1919, being the seventeenth child in a peasant family. Hardly Misha was ten years old, the family was dekulakized and was exiled to the Tomsk region. Here the boy went to school. Already from the school bench Misha was fascinated by technology, geometry, physics. When he was a teenager, he first became acquainted with a weapon when he was curious about an American pistol called "Browning"

Army service and the war years

After graduation, the young man for a whileworked in the railway depot, and when he was nineteen years old (this happened in 1938), he was drafted into the ranks of the army. There he passed a course of training, having received a rank and a specialty of the driver-mechanic of tanks. By the way, as any biography of Mikhail Kalashnikov attests, it is during this period that he begins to show remarkable design skills. For example, in the army he invented an inertial counter that counted the number of shots of a tank gun. His very efforts were perfected very popular then the TT pistol. By chance, the young officer was one of those soldiers who were destined to serve in the very beginning of the German invasion.kalashnikov mikhail timofeevich date of deathKalashnikov Mikhail Timofeevich (the date of death of manyof these guys fell on the first days and months of the war, since they were the first to hold Blitzkrieg in the most difficult conditions) at the beginning of the war was a member of the tank division. But during the defense of Bryansk in the autumn he received severe wounds and was shell-shocked. And yet, while in the hospital, he found ways to help the country's liberation. At this time, a new design of a submachine gun was conceived and implemented. However, the sample never went into service with the troops, although it was manufactured. Since 1942, Mikhail served at the Central Training Ground for Small Arms, which was subordinated to the Main Artillery Department. Actually, in 1944 a self-loading carbine was developed here, which later will form the basis of a well-known automaton all over the world.

Postwar biography of Kalashnikov Mikhail Timofeevichkalashnikov mihail timofeyevich photo

The first version of the machine known todayappeared in 1947. And immediately he becomes the best in field competitive tests among similar projects. The design was finalized by 1949 and entered service. Very soon his offspring acquired a crazy popularity on all continents, becoming a symbol of the struggle. Kalashnikov Mikhail Timofeevich, whose photo was now familiar to everyone in the USSR, was awarded the Stalin Prize. The inventor continued to improve and optimize small arms. In particular, the machine itself was repeatedly subjected to modernization. And his creator and later not once awarded high awards.

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Biography of Kalashnikov Mikhail Timofeevich Biography of Kalashnikov Mikhail Timofeevich Biography of Kalashnikov Mikhail Timofeevich Biography of Kalashnikov Mikhail Timofeevich Biography of Kalashnikov Mikhail Timofeevich