Biography of Elena Korikova. Height and weight of Elena Korikova

Elena Korikova - not just beautiful and successfulthe Russian actress. This is a person about which the mass media constantly say. And on such popularity does not affect the fact that the growth of Elena Korikova - only 160 cm. All familiar series "Poor Nastya" glorified the actress and showed the audience her talent. Biography of Elena Korikova and personal life are pretty much shrouded in scandals - that's the only drawback in acting.

Date of birth, actress's parents

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The future beloved actress was born in the distantthe Siberian town of Tobolsk. This joyful event happened on a spring day on April 12, 1972. The girl's family was not as closely knit as we would like, because parents soon divorced. Elena spent all her childhood with her grandmother, as her mother was a well-known ballerina and constantly went on tour.

So it grew to the second class Elena Korikova. Her childhood was positive and joyful. Grandmother not only became the closest person, but also had a cheerful character. She was also famous for singing and playing various musical instruments: accordion, balalaika and guitar. In the third grade Elena Korikova went to Rostov-on-Don, where she moved to live with her mother.

Learning and the first steps along the acting path

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During the study hours, she was already showing talent andacting skills. Elena at school joined the stage, although she never thought about this profession. Theater studio of Rostov "Epos" is famous for the fact that it was played by Elena Korikova herself. Her biography, her personal life later became the focus of attention of newspapers, television and magazines. What can you do? The profession of an actress is worth it.

Although then the girl did not know this, and aftergraduation was at a crossroads: where to go next. Fate decided for her by chance. From one of the newspapers the actress learned about the recruitment of actors to the city Drama Theater. Casting welcomed talents of any level of professionalism - the most powerful and beginners. Despite the fact that the actress was not sure of her success, she was still offered to become an actress of the troupe.

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Debut in Moscow

The desire to play on the stage spurred the actressstronger than she thought. Therefore, at the age of 17, Elena gladly leaves for the capital to improve her acting skills. For her, it was pretty easy, because Mom was also a stage man. It is not surprising that the enrollment was held the first time. So Elena came to VGIK to Sergei Solovyov. Elena Korikova's biography is not as cloudless as it might seem. But more on that later.

The actress begins to express herself in fullcinematography. At first, she was relied on by easy and secondary roles, later she began to receive the best and most important ones. Recognition and fame was given to the actress after she played in the "Peasant Girl". For this female role, Korikov was rightly awarded the "Nika" prize and presented a prize at the "Kinoshock" festival. This was in 1995. Diploma role of Nina Zarechnaya in "The Seagull" was played in a very important institution - "Contemporary" - quite well.

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Attempts to become a singer

Also the actress was very close to the modernvariety and stars of that time. Thus, Elena Korikova managed to light up in the clips of Alla Pugacheva, Leonid Agutin, Philip Kirkorov, Dmitry Malikov, Valery Leontiev, Igor Krutoy and many other singers and singers from the nineties.

Why did it happen that the actress startedto try the singer? The fact is that the nineties were not quite a happy period, and the actors were offered very few roles, or they were small. Elena Korikova's biography shows that she also tried herself as a singer. Most recently - in 2008 - she had to work with the youth group "Vintage", and they shot a video for the song "Bad Girl". This fruitful cooperation led to the fact that Elena Korikova actively participated in the tour activities of the team.

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Emigration to the USA

It should also be noted that Elena's biographyKorikova also implies emigration. Her husband, Maxim Osadchy, was offered to work in the United States. Thus, the entire family - Elena, husband and son Arseny - is sent indefinitely to live in America. There they spent several years in New York.

The girl also tried to apply her talent inAmerican environment. She tried to do modeling business, although Elena Korikova's growth is far from ideal for this. The actress became the face of the fashionable local salon Jacques Dessange. Also did not fail to use the actor's talent - was shot in the experimental cinema, which lasted only 40 minutes. The efforts were not in vain, and this film was even awarded a considerable number of prizes. But still the actress could not live anywhere except Russia, and eventually returned to her homeland.


Elena Cenakova biography personal life

Korikova was not able to settle down in a foreign country onthe other end of the Earth, so she happily returned back home with her husband and began working in the "Contemporary" next to the famous Galina Volchek.

Elena participated in several performances,which were very successful and liked the audience. They certainly appreciated her acting skills. So, the actress decided to act in the series "Poor Nastya", although she did not know that the role would be so stunning both for her and for the audience. This film brought Elena Korikova recognition of millions of people.

Personal life

Many often wonder about who the husband isElena Korikova. Once, in the student years VGIK, the actress met with Dmitry Roshchin. He is the son of the famous Catherine Vasilyeva. When the actress became pregnant with him, the future father refused at the insistence of his mother, both from Elena and her child. Now Dmitry became a servant of the church, but he does not want to communicate with his son.

After the thesis was submitted, andthe actress completed her studies at VGIK, she met her second half. Helen Korikova's husband is Maxim Osadchy, who not only lived with her in a civil marriage, but also adopted Arseny. However, this alliance was not as strong as it seemed at first glance, and soon the pair parted. After that, the actress got a scandalous fame, since her novels with such stars as Marat Safin and Andrey Malakhov, became known to absolutely everyone.

Now Elena is trying as little as possiblespread about your personal life, which does not always work. For example, in 2011-2012. leaked rumors that the actress meets with the famous actor Sergei Astakhov, and they together often went home after a performance called "Do not wake a sleeping dog," where the couple were playing.

All films with Elena Korikova

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These include: "Ha-bi-assi", "I promised, I'll leave", "The Curse of Durant", "Golden Ring", "Bouquet of scarlet roses", "Three Sisters", "Young Woman" (played at the age of 17) . And also worth noting are such works as "The Friend of the deceased", "Mu-Mu", "The Black Room", "Hypnosis", "Old Songs on the Main", "Poor Nastya", "Spy Games", "The Right to Love" , "Captain's children", "Champion", "Cork". These films are worth seeing not only for the unusual beauty of the actress, but also for appreciating her talent. Some of them will want to review more than once.


The girl has a pretty bright appearance,which became her calling card in many industries: in the profession of actresses, singers, models. The weight of Elena Korikova is 51 kg. A talented actress constantly watches her physical form and nutrition.

Since it is on the zodiac sign Aries, it can be notedher passion for all sorts of changes. These include not only moving to America, and then back to Moscow, impermanence in personal life, but also a passion for frequent changes of image. If you pay attention to it in different years, you can see that she often painted in dark, then in light colors. Although fans claim that the blonde Helen Korikova looks more profitable than the actress with dark strands.

Also, Elena prefers to always go tolight with makeup. Her business card - expressively designed and intensively brought up eyes against a light, almost porcelain skin. This technique allows the actress to always look fresh and effective. However, fans and fans notice that without make-up, the actress looks much more natural and younger. This is due to the fact that the absence of cosmetics especially strongly distinguishes her already beautiful blue eyes.

Unfortunately, the bright attractive appearance is notalways a guarantee of family happiness, as we see in the example of Elena. However, the creativity of the actress is huge, and she applies it effectively.

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Biography of Elena Korikova. Height and weight of Elena Korikova Biography of Elena Korikova. Height and weight of Elena Korikova Biography of Elena Korikova. Height and weight of Elena Korikova Biography of Elena Korikova. Height and weight of Elena Korikova Biography of Elena Korikova. Height and weight of Elena Korikova Biography of Elena Korikova. Height and weight of Elena Korikova Biography of Elena Korikova. Height and weight of Elena Korikova Biography of Elena Korikova. Height and weight of Elena Korikova