Biography of Denis Rozhkov, actor of theater and cinema

Russian actor of theater and cinema Denis Rozhkovwas born in Moscow on June 3, 1976. He studied at the secondary school № 1058, which he graduated in 1993. Once, being already a high school student, he participated in the contest of readers-reciters. Denis Rozhkov, biography, personal life and creative plans of which were still only in the initial stage of development, did not think about the acting profession. In the interval, a woman approached him, who introduced herself as the head of the theater studio "Zerkalo" of the Center for Children's and Youth Creativity in Northern Tushino. It was Natalia Petrovna Ganysh. She invited Denis to go to the "Mirror" to talk about his creative development. Denis, although not dreaming of becoming an actor, but, as it turned out, Natalya Petrovna's offer was not inappropriate. After all, the creative biography of Denis Rozhkov began with a visit to the studio "Zerkalo".

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The beginning of the creative path

Rozhkov began to participate in the productions of the studio,I met Pasha Maikov, an actor and a musician, who already had a lot to learn. They played together on the small stage of the Mirror studio, until Denis entered the Moscow Art Theater School (Oleg Tabakov's course), which he graduated in 1998. Actor Denis Rozhkov, whose biography at that time was like a blank sheet of paper, began to look for opportunities to use his talents. The first place of work of the actor was the Russian Realistic Theater in Sinichkina Street. Roles Denis got difficult, such as Lensky in "Eugene Onegin" Pushkin or Alexei Karamazov in the "Brothers Karamazov," Fyodor Dostoyevsky. The young actor coped well with the tasks, all the characters he obtained convincing, with a high degree of certainty. Biography of Denis Rozhkov has been replenished with new pages.

The debut-center

Then Denis played on the stage of "Debut Center" with the CDAname Yablochkina on the Arbat. He was engaged in the play "The Pure Truth" Luigi Pirandello. On television, Rozhkov participated in several projects, the most successful of which was the series "Glukhar", which was on the channel NTV for three years, from 2008 to 2011. The role of Denis Antoshin, the senior inspector of the DPS, which the actor played brilliantly, made him popular, and the biography of Denis Rozhkov became the property of the whole people.

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"Wood grouse"

The plot of the film is based on real events, inthe investigator of the Pyatnitsky police department Sergei Glukharev (Maxim Averin), the head of the department Irina Zimina (Vika Tarasova), the senior lieutenant of justice Nikolai Tarasov (Vladimir Feklenko) and the senior lieutenant inspector of the DPS Denis Antoshin (Denis Rozhkov). In the film, a number of characters are involved, which are included in the action as the plot develops. Irina Zimina is the secret mistress of Glukharev throughout the series. Antoshin, who knows this, tries to keep up with his close friend and gets acquainted with Nastya, who is engaged in prostitution. Denis Antoshin falls in love with her, and this circumstance considerably complicates relations between all the participants of the series. Relations between Denis and Nastya will be transferred from one stage to the other and back, about the same as that of Glukharev and Zimina, throughout the whole series. Soon the student of the Faculty of Law Nikolai Tarasov comes to work for Sergey Glukharev. The future lawyer easily finds a common language with the mentor Glukharev, and with the head Zimina, he is looking for ways to contact Denis Antoshin, they have friendly relations. Then Denis introduces Tarasov and his sister, this acquaintance grows into love. Denis himself can not reconcile himself to the vicious profession of his beloved Nastya. He tries in every possible way to prevent her from unseemly acts and achieves some successes in this difficult matter. In the end, Denis and Nastya leave for Ukraine.

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"The Old Theater"

After the shooting of "Gluharya" (biography of Denis Rozhkovbecomes richer), the actor began to participate in thethe project "Culinary Duel". Currently, Denis Rozhkov is working in the "Old Theater", participating in performances on various stage venues, CDA them. Yablochkina on the Arbat Street, 35, the Vladimir Vysotsky Theater Center on Taganka, the Theater Center on Strastnoy Boulevard. He is married to Irina Rozhkova, a married couple has a son Ivan.

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Biography of Denis Rozhkov, actor of theater and cinema Biography of Denis Rozhkov, actor of theater and cinema Biography of Denis Rozhkov, actor of theater and cinema Biography of Denis Rozhkov, actor of theater and cinema Biography of Denis Rozhkov, actor of theater and cinema Biography of Denis Rozhkov, actor of theater and cinema Biography of Denis Rozhkov, actor of theater and cinema