Biography of Andrew Urgant. Career and personal life

Biography of Andrew Urgantthousands of Russian fans are interested. Do you want to know where he was born and trained? How did you build your career on television and in movies? All the necessary information was posted in the article. We wish you pleasant reading!biography of andrewa

Biography: family and childhood

Urgant Andrei Lvovich was born on November 28, 1956in Leningrad (now - St. Petersburg). He has Jewish and Estonian roots. Our hero was brought up in a creative and respected family. His mother, Nina Urgant, is a famous actress. For many spectators she is known for the films "Prize" and "Belorussky Railway Station". Andrey's father, Lev Milinder, worked for many years at the Academic Theater of the Comedy. Akimova (Leningrad).

Our hero from an early age showed creativeability. He liked to sing, dance and parody famous artists. At school he was not bad at school. Andrei's favorite subjects were literature, drawing and music. Several times a week the boy attended the sports section and the drama circle.

Students, work in the theater and on TV

Where did the boy go after schoolto act? The biography of Andrei Urgant points out that he chose the acting faculty of LGITMiK. The talented guy managed to enter the university. He was enrolled on the course to R. Agamirzian. In 1977, Andrei Lvovich received a diploma from the end of the university. Almost immediately, our hero settled in the theater. Komissarzhevskaya. In 1979 he was taken into the army.

Returning to the citizen, Urgant began to perform on the stage of the theater. Leninist Komsomol. After 7 years, he voluntarily left the institution, writing a statement.

In recent years, Andrei Lvovich works fortelevision (central and St. Petersburg). At different times Urgant (senior) conducted such programs as "Twelve", "Meetings on the Mokhovaya", "Thank God you came!".

Film career

For the first time on wide screens our hero appeared in1982. He successfully got used to the image of an employee of the film studio in the tape "Voice". The second picture with his participation was published in 1985. Andrew Urgant appeared in one of the episodes of the movie "The Snow Maiden Caused?".

The first major role was given to the actor in 1989. He brilliantly played the hussar Lyova in the comedy "The Bindler and the King."wife of andrewa Urgant

Below are listed his other film works for the period from 1991 to 2015:

  • "Drinking Blood" (1991) - Aganin;
  • "Racket" (1992) - director of the department store;
  • "The last thing Borenogo" (1994) - Rodion Kashurnikov;
  • "Russian transit" (1994) - restaurant administrator;
  • "Keys to death" (2001) - writer Shurpin;
  • "Special department" (2002) - Koshelev;
  • "Love-carrot" (2007) - Oleg Nero;
  • "Heavenly Relatives" (2011) - Vasily Semenovich;
  • "I abolish death" (2012) - the head of SIDS;
  • "Quiet hunting" (2013) is a thief;
  • "Born by a Star" (2015) - Robert Rostovtsev.

Andrew Urgant: personal life

His first love our hero met in the students. A classmate from Valery Kiselev's LGITMiKu captivated him with femininity and high intelligence. Soon the couple began to live under one roof.андрей ургант personal life

In 1978 they had a son, Vanya Urgant. Despite the existence of a common child, they did not hurry to formalize relations in the registry office. When Vanya was 2 years old, his parents finally broke up.

In 1982, Valery Kiseleva marriedactor Dmitry Ladygin. In this marriage two daughters were born: Valya and Sasha. On the night of January 31, February 1, 2015, the mother of Ivan Urganta died at the St. Petersburg hospital. The cause of death is complications due to ARVI.

Biography of Andrew Urgant says that histhe first legal wife was the actress and singer Alena Svintsova. In 1984, she gave Andrei Urgant a daughter, who was named Masha. This marriage lasted until 1995. Alena and Andrey quietly and peacefully parted. In 1996, the woman left for permanent residence in Holland. Daughter Maria has long grown. She is married to a Turkish businessman. They have two sons - Emir (2004) and Gabriel (2015). Masha often comes to Russia, to visit her father.Andrey Urgant personal life

In 2012, it became known that our heromet a new love. The civil wife of Andrew Urgant, Elena Romanova, almost 30 years younger. A popular artist gives presents to beloved with expensive gifts, invites to restaurants and pays for their joint trips. Ivan Urgant immediately disliked the young stepmother. He is sure that Lena from his father needs only money.

Two years ago there were rumors about the upcomingthe marriage of Andrew Urgant and his young lady. However, before the registry office, the case never came. Not so long ago this pair ceased to exist. The current wife of Andrew Urgant - Vera Yatsevich. Unfortunately, the nature of her activities is not disclosed. It is worth noting that the woman immediately found a common language with the son of his chosen one.

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Biography of Andrew Urgant. Career and personal life Biography of Andrew Urgant. Career and personal life Biography of Andrew Urgant. Career and personal life Biography of Andrew Urgant. Career and personal life Biography of Andrew Urgant. Career and personal life