Biography of Alexander Spesivtsev: date and place of birth, parents, history of the criminal case, photo

Only one person can keep a multi-million city in fear. Alexandra Spesivtseva was afraid of all of Siberia. An inconspicuous and seemingly quite ordinary man became the personification of evil and death. On account of this maniac only 19 proven victims, but some data suggest that their number can reach 82 people. How did the maniac manage to hide from the investigation for so long and who helped him commit atrocities?

Alexander Spesivtsev: the story of fear

In early June 1996, Novokuznetsk shuddered from the discoveries of operatives. Fragments of children's bodies and skulls were found in the river Aba and its environs. The examination showed that 6 girls and 3 boys were victims of an unknown killer. The age ranged from 9 to 14 years.The investigation team began to work out several versions at once. Criminologists examined the remains and concluded that it was impossible to dismember bodies on the street. Consequently, the maniac was wielding in the room, and then threw parts of the bodies into the river. The main instruments of crime were a knife and a saw. It felt the hand of a professional.

The first step was to identify the victims. The operatives suggested that all the children were from dysfunctional families. And there were a lot of such people in the city after the stop of the metallurgical combine. At that time there were about 120 missing children. But most of them made the decision to run away from home because of the abuse.

Homeless children

The investigation

Hundreds of police officers were sent to catch the maniac. First of all, forest plantations and housing massifs were examined. All people with mental and sexual disabilities, dysfunctional families and freed criminals were tested. It did not bring any results, but in the meantime the children all continued to disappear. Two girls, 14 and 15 years old, disappeared literally immediately after the discovery of terrible finds in the river.They were girlfriends, so the investigation began to check the discos, bars and cafes of the city. But no one saw the girls and could not help the operatives.

After studying the route of the killer, it became clear that he has a car. The traffic police began to stop all the cars in which there were teenagers or children. But apart from private traders, who worked as a cabbage driver, not a single suspicious person came across. Since the beginning of the summer, 43 children have disappeared, and the parents demanded immediate action from the police. The investigators themselves came to the conclusion that such a number of children cannot be stolen by one person.


The attention of the investigation was drawn by the fact that the majority of the victims among the girls were named Elena and Olga. This gave hope that the offender can be found if you look at criminal cases. Perhaps in the past he served a sentence for the rape of girls with that name and now decided to take revenge. While this version was being worked out, the maniac struck another blow: two young girls were discovered. Both had one name - Elena.

Meanwhile, a six-year-old girl was killed in Tolyatti, and there were witnesses. Quickly got on the trail of the criminal. It turned out to be unemployed Oleg Rylkov.After a brief investigation, it became clear that he is the Novokuznetsk maniac. They detained the killer rather quickly, and he began to confess. He confessed in a huge number of murders, but not a word about the atrocities in the neighboring city. Meanwhile, the remains of another child were found and three more girls disappeared. The trail turned out to be false, Rylkov was not related to the murders in Novokuznetsk.

Maniac with a knife

New circumstances

Three girls were girlfriends and went for an ordinary walk. The saleswoman of one of the shops was able to identify the missing from the photographs. She saw them that very day: the girls bought a bottle of water and talked animatedly until an old woman came up to them. After a short conversation, they all together left the store and no one saw them again. The woman was able to describe the older girl companion. Having made an identikit, the operatives could find a similar old woman in the database. She was a certain Spesivtseva. The conflict lady has repeatedly appealed to the police with complaints of neighbors. She worked as a guard in kindergarten. I had a son, Alexander, who was being treated in a psychiatric hospital.


Finding a woman was not easy.At work reported that she recently quit and vacated the office space. She was not in the old apartment either. Help came completely from an unexpected side - two mechanics carried out a routine inspection of the apartments before the start of the heating season and complained that the owner of one of them categorically refused to let them in. He states that he was locked up since he is insane. The request to the Eagle confirmed the suspicions - Alexander Spesivtsev was discharged two years ago.

Terrible find

The mechanic and the district policeman tried to get into the apartment, and the investigators were already in a hurry to help. After breaking open the door, the uninvited guests felt a heavy smell of rot and decay. There was no one in the apartment except a half-dead girl. She was immediately taken to the hospital. A broken arm and a wound on her stomach did not prevent her from giving her first testimony. It was Olya, one of three girlfriends who disappeared a month ago. The girl said that their grandmother brought them to the apartment. Under the pretext that she could not open the door, Lyudmila Spesivtseva lured her friends into the maniac's lair. The woman was detained, and her son managed to escape on the roofs from the district police officer. Only three days later he was caught near the entrance.The murderer Alexander Spesivtsev was unable to survive in the streets and chose to surrender.


During the interrogation, the maniac told about his hobbies - he likes drawing, enjoys music, tried to write poetry. He also told the story of his first unhappy love. In 1991, a girl named Zhenya did not appreciate the creative nature of the guy and decided to break off relations with him after the first beatings in his direction. But the guy was not going to let go of his beloved and locked her in an apartment for a whole month. Bullying and beatings led to the death of the girl. Spesivtsev went for treatment because he was diagnosed with schizophrenia. A month later, he was released, and he decided to avenge his suffering in the hospital.


The psychopath had no friends, so he searched for them among the fringe. Station bums were not averse to listen to his soulful confessions under a bottle of Freestuff vodka. There he met his first victim named Elena. He invited her to visit, and she no longer left his apartment. A month later, another Elena was in his power and also lost her life. Neighbors recall that the maniac constantly played very loud music and inhuman screams were heard.But no one thought to go to the police: everyone knew that Alexander was insane and took it for the flash of his schizophrenia.

House Spesivtseva


Understanding that relations with women do not add up, and it is rather hard to kill them, he decided to go some other way. Children. Resigned, weak and unable to defend themselves. Found the first victims at the construction site. He offered the local boys a pack of cigarettes, and then asked for help to rob the apartment. His own Once in the maniac’s lair, the children began to suspect that something was wrong and made a fuss. Spesivtsevu had to slaughter everyone. A week later, his mother looked in to him, whom he ordered to get rid of the bodies.

Partner, helper or just mom

Lyudmila laid out the remains of the children in buckets and carried them to the river. Thus began a mad and bloody period in the ill-fated apartment 357 on Pionerskaya Street. Alexander Spesivtseva's mother perfectly understood what her son’s entertainment could end in and always waited for the night to come. Under the cover of darkness, she carried the buckets, and no one could guess what the old woman was throwing in Abu.

Fine grandma told how the last time she brought three girlfriends into the house. Investigators quickly understood why no one had ever seen a man kidnap children. This work was done by his mother.She told investigators how two of three girlfriends were killed. First Nastya died, her body was forced to dismember her friends. The dog got the bones, and the girls themselves were cooked meat by an elderly mistress. The second died while trying to escape. The surviving Olga managed to talk to operatives. Unfortunately, the day she died. The injuries inflicted by the maniac did not give her a chance to continue living.

Mother Spesivtseva

The victims

Despite the fact that the photos of Alexander Nikolayevich Spesivtsev appeared in all newspapers and were repeatedly shown in the news, it was not possible to find witnesses. Piles of clothes found in a creepy apartment were considered by the parents of the missing children, but most remained unidentified. A total of 82 sets and 40 gold jewelry. A pile of torn baby photos and two pairs of shoes that belonged to children 2-3 years old.

Who is guilty?

Alexander Spesivtsev was born on March 1, 1970 in Novokuznetsk. The father was an alcoholic and often beat his wife, daughter Nadia and young son. The mother could not stand it and left her husband. Alexander was weak and often sick in childhood. Up to 12 years he slept in the same bed with his mother.

Spesivtsev childhood

She considered him his joy and the only consolation in life. When she was fired from the school where she worked as a supply manager, the woman got a job in court. A lawyer's assistant often brought home criminal cases, which she enjoyed reading with her son. Especially they liked to view the bodies of the dead - dismembered, disfigured. The mother of Alexander Spesivtseva saw how the eyes of her son glittered and did not notice the moment when he turned from a painful and clogged boy into an embittered animal. After the first crime, she humbly endured the fruits of the atrocities of her son, and then she herself became involved in the process. She was pleased to find victims and lure them into the apartment. After all, if Alexander does not receive a portion of pleasure, then she herself can become a victim.


Lyudmila Spesivtseva received 15 years imprisonment. In 2008, she was released. Five years later, she tried to return to her house on Pionerskaya Street, but the neighbors quickly made it clear that she was not welcome here. Together with her mother, they kicked out the sister of a maniac who knew about the atrocities of her brother, but was silent. Now they live in the village of Osinniki, where an old woman regularly appears on the streets with an outstretched hand, not everyone knows this woman’s face, so kind-hearted people give her alms.

mother and sister Spesivtseva

As for the maniac and the cannibal, he was again declared insane and sent for compulsory treatment. Until the next recovery. But the fear of the ruthless killer has not disappeared anywhere. The inhabitants of Novokuznetsk remember very well why they took this butcher for so long. The Oryol clinic simply did not report the release of the psychopath, and for two years he killed people under the nose of the police. And history, as a rule, tends to repeat itself. Moreover, a snapshot recently appeared on the network in which a man, like two drops of water similar to a murderer, eats soup.

Estimated photo Spesivtseva

The photo has a date - 2015. Although the police gave an official refutation and said that the maniac is still in the hospital, people have already managed to raise panic.

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