Bimetallic radiators "Teplomir": reviews

The company Teplomir appeared in the market of heating systems in 1998. This company designs technical equipment for water supply in different configurations. The supplier offers for sale products that have managed to catch the fancy of the Russian consumer with its efficiency and reliability. Among other things, the company is also engaged in professional repair, installation, replacement and dismantling of outdated equipment, as well as elements of thermal mixers.

Teplomir specialists install filters and water meters, and are also ready to offer installation services for system items. If you want to change the radiators in a house or apartment, then you should pay attention to the products of the company "Teplomir", which is represented by heating equipment in a wide range. As for radiators, they are offered in the form of products from the following materials:

  • aluminum;
  • bimetal;
  • copper and aluminum;
  • steel;
  • cast iron.

If you want to make the interior unusual, then you may prefer radiators of a design class, which are made of stone, glass or wood.

Reviews of bimetallic radiators

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This type of heating technology, according to consumers, is the most popular, because it provides heating of the living area with the greatest efficiency. This also applies to apartments that are heated by central systems. The designs provide for the presence of two metals - steel and aluminum, which allows to achieve the highest efficiency.

One of the lines of the company is MONLAN, which, according to consumers, is very popular. Products are made by the extrusion method, which makes them durable and high strength. Excellent technological qualities are complemented by aesthetic appearance and modern design. That is why, as emphasized by the owners of apartments and houses, these batteries can be entered absolutely in any interior.

Bimetallic heating radiators "Teplomir", reviews of which should help you make the right choice, have cores made of steel pipe.When the system is filled with water, the battery sections heat up fairly quickly, giving off heat to the room. If we compare the bimetallic structures with cast iron, the first ones have a low weight, which, according to the craftsmen, simplifies their installation and transportation. The design of the radiators of the Monlan range has a large area of ​​heat transfer and is characterized by efficiency and high productivity.

Reviews of radiators line HALSEN

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Considering the heating radiators "Teplomir", reviews of which you can read in the article, you should pay attention to the products that are manufactured under the label HALSEN. In this case we are talking about bimetallic products, which are designed for use in high-rise apartment buildings. These batteries are popular for the reason that they have a long service life and high durability. Quality is achieved due to special manufacturing techniques.

A distinctive feature of these products is the presence of a steel core, which, as in the case described above, instantly heats the case and provides the radiator with the ability to undergo the highest, even excessive, pressure in the system.That is why such radiators are chosen by consumers for safety reasons, because the heating system can operate with hydraulic shocks, when the pressure inside reaches 60 atmospheres, and sometimes even exceeds this value.

The design provides for the presence of horizontal and vertical planes, as well as air ducts, which increases the heat transfer plane. The equipment is more productive. If you decide to choose a bimetal as the material for the batteries of your house, the “Teplomir” radiators, reviews of which are presented in the article, can be an excellent solution. Along with excellent technical characteristics, the described batteries have an attractive appearance and look presentable in any style room. From the words of consumers, it saves them from the additional need to install decorative screens.

Reviews of aluminum radiators

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Among the other proposals of the company should be allocated aluminum radiators "Teplomir", reviews of which you can read in the article. These devices are the most popular, because they have ease of installation and low weight.Batteries have high heat transfer rates, since they are based solely on aluminum, and the cost of products is much lower than in the case of metal structures.

Such devices, according to consumers, are ideal for autonomous heating systems, for example, cottages and country houses. In the company's assortment you can find aluminum radiators, which differ in the level of heat transfer, design and production method.

The technology may include the use of extrusion techniques or the implementation of radiators cast method. According to buyers, cast aluminum radiators "Teplomir", the reviews of which are the most positive, are more popular, because they have high reliability and excellent technical characteristics.

Reviews aluminum radiator 500/96

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Selecting this model radiator, you pay 3760 rubles. for 8 sections. This device is made of aluminum and is used for heating of premises for various purposes, including:

  • residential;
  • public;
  • manufacturing.

The battery is not afraid of serious damage in the central heating system.Considering reviews about the radiator "Teplomir 500/96", you can note for yourself the main advantages, among them:

  • reliability;
  • strength;
  • excellent thermal conductivity;
  • universal design.

The radiator can have a different number of sections. The equipment weighs 9.4 kg. Width is 800 mm. Height is 580 mm. Depth - 96 mm. Power is equivalent to 1.49 kW. You may need a diameter to connect, it is 1 inch.

What else you should pay attention

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Before you buy a radiator "Teplomir", you should definitely read the reviews about it. As for the described model, consumers respond positively about it. For example, the test pressure is quite high and is 24 atmospheres. Center distance is 500 mm. It is important to pay attention also to the working pressure, it is 16 atmospheres.

Consumers are also interested in the volume, it reaches 3.2 liters. Connection is on the side. An assembly kit is not supplied with the battery. This molded product is sold with a 17-year warranty from the manufacturer.

Reviews the bimetallic radiator 500/96

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If you want to choose bimetallic products for heating an apartment or house, then you can pay attention to the radiator "Teplomir" of 12 sections. Pay for them will have 5976 rubles.The product can be installed in a commercial, residential or public area. The connection is made from the side, and the device itself is characterized by high heat dissipation, which is very popular with consumers.

Among other positive features, it is necessary to single out a wide area of ​​use, convenient connection and a 15-year warranty on service from the manufacturer. If you decide to choose a bimetal as a material for a battery, the “Teplomir 500/96” radiator, the reviews of which are presented in the article, may perfectly suit you. Power reaches 2.13 kW.

Characteristics and opinions about them

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As for the characteristics, the device weighs 20.4 kg. The width, height and depth are 960 x 568 x 96 mm respectively. The equipment is manufactured in Russia, so its cost is much lower than the price of foreign analogues, which is a good thing. The connection diameter is 31 inches. Consumers, in their words, often pay attention to the test pressure. This device is large and reaches 35 atmospheres. Center distance - 500 mm.

It is also necessary to take into account the working pressure before connecting the device to the heating system. This parameter is equal to 25 atmospheres. The volume reaches 4.45 liters.The manufacturer supplies the device without the installation kit. It is made by casting.

Reviews about why it is worth choosing bimetallic batteries from the manufacturer "Teplomir"

Radiators "Teplomir", reviews of which are presented in the article and quite often allow consumers to make the right choice, have many advantages. Bimetallic devices can be operated with any coolant. This indicates that the use of the device is possible not only in the office center, but also in an apartment building. This, according to consumers, distinguishes bimetallic batteries from aluminum counterparts, the latter of which are sensitive to water quality. In this regard, they do not get along well with central heating systems.

Additional opinions

Considering the bimetallic radiators "Teplomir", you must read reviews about them. After reading them, you will be able to understand that such devices are also characterized by the accuracy of geometrical parameters. This is not characteristic of cast iron batteries. Bimetallic devices do not have a large number of projections, which distinguishes them from cast-iron counterparts.

The latter are very traumatic for young children. Bimetallic devices can be installed together with thermostatic valves that allow you to adjust and control the temperature in the room. Radiators "Teplomir", reviews of which are only the most positive, provide a long maintenance-free service life and durability.


Before declining your choice in the direction of the bimetallic radiator of a manufacturer, you should pay attention to the fact that some suppliers are dishonest by implementing pseudo or semi-metallic radiators. In them, the second metal forms only the basis of vertical columns, while all the rest is aluminum. Such batteries are well protected from corrosion, but still do not reach the quality of full-fledged bimetallic counterparts.

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