Bill Clinton: photo, biography, personal life, US domestic and foreign policy under his rule

During life, the name of each president of the United States of America becomes the nominal name of intelligence, success and fame. Therefore, 42 in a row, the American president is no exception. Bill Clinton, having spent at this high post 2 terms in a row, was remembered not only as a brilliant politician, lawmaker and speaker, but also as an interesting person, a good family man and a brilliant philanthropist. But the path to success with him, like many presidents, did not begin so well. But first things first.


Going into history under the name Clinton, the future president was born under a different name - William Jefferson Blythe III. So he was named after the biological father and grandfather. His father, William Jefferson Blythe II, who works as a traveling salesman, has already gone through 3 unsuccessful marriages and had two children.But one day, having brought samples of medicine to the Shreveport Hospital, he saw a young and beautiful nurse practitioner who was trained as an anesthesiologist. This girl was named Virginia Dell Cassidy. The young people liked each other so much that they signed in six months after they met in 1943. It was from this marriage that the future US President Bill Clinton was born on August 19, 1946. Biography and photos of this person are presented to your attention in the article.

Great sorrow in the family of the future president

In the family life of young people, circumstances interfered, which subsequently played a role in the character of the American president. Clinton's mother told me that she lived with her husband for a total of about 200 days. It was associated with the Second World War. The young man wanted deeds and fame, besides, participation in hostilities was paid for in America and brought considerable benefits to his family, so Mr. Blythe was sent first to Egypt and then redirected to Italy to free the city from the fascists Benito Mussolini. December 1945 was marked by the return of the head of the family home.He decided to move to Chicago and have many children there. But fate had invaded his plans: on his way home after a part-time job, he crashed in a car accident. His wife was in the seventh month of pregnancy.

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Childhood and early years

Having never seen his father, Bill Clinton stated that he had tried to understand him all his life and, thus, to get closer to his deceased loved one. But later he acknowledged that the main vices were taken precisely from his father. The mother tried to put the child on her own feet, therefore, having returned to her hometown, she decided to finish the interrupted training. But it turned out to be difficult to combine both study and part-time work, so I had to sacrifice something. Virginia sacrificed care for her son. She left him with her parents, Eldridge and Edith Cassidy. The couple had a small shop, which was popular with the local population. From the age of 4, the kid helped his relatives, and, as he believes, this is where his main merit, oratory, was formed. After serving black people, the Cassidy couple constantly succumbed to reproaches and persecutions. And the boy’s grandmother and grandfather were told that the money does not smell, and you need to respect the person, whatever he is, therefore you should defend your point of view.And he defended the interests of the shop, arguing where it was a joke, where it was serious, about the color population of America. In 1950, his mother marries a second-hand car dealer Roger Clinton for the second time. But she took her son from her parents' family 3 years later - in 1953, when she moved with her new spouse to Hot Springs.

Life in a new family

Relationship with the new father was strained. The man cared for his wife and her child, but Bill Clinton did not feel the warmth. In 1956, coldness was emphasized when the second boy was born in the family - Roger. The stepfather devoted a lot of time to the youngest child, gladly took him to work, but he often avoided the older one. Only with age and success, the relationship between the main men of Virginia began to improve. At school the boy was the most successful student. Always the end of the class was accompanied by the award list and a diploma. In 15 years, hoping for a preferential admission to the university, the guy took the name of his stepfather.

bill clinton in his youth


In his youth, Bill Clinton led a school jazz band. Even had the hope of becoming a musician. Also fond of anatomy, dreaming of becoming a successful doctor. Since the height of Bill Clinton since the age of 15 was 188 cm, he was seriously interested in basketball and American football.As part of the junior team in 1963, he was personally introduced to the then President John F. Kennedy. This meeting took place in July, and in November the last one was killed. This acquaintance became a landmark for the guy, because doubts about the choice of the profession of a musician or a doctor were thrown back, he decided to become a politician. The first step to achieve the goal was to get a lawyer.


According to the biography, Bill Clinton in 1964 entered Georgetown University. I did not have to hope for the help of my parents: my stepfather drank, and the mother tried to feed the younger son herself. The guy immediately starts to earn money. Later in an interview, he said that the list of his posts began with a waiter, cleaner and laundry packager. In 1968, the future president Clinton graduated with honors, and this gave him the right to continue his studies at college at Oxford and later at Yale Law School. Here he focused his attention only on his studies and for the past 5 years he received an increased scholarship.

Personal life

Hilary Rodham also studied law at Yale. She worked for the Child Protection Foundation and worked as a lawyer in the House of Representatives.Her bright appearance and sharp mind immediately attracted the attention of the guy, and he, after a brief argument about politics, suggested that she meet. On October 11, 1975, they became lawful husband and wife. Spouse supported her husband in the development of a political career, and when Clinton after graduating began to teach law at the University of Arkansas, she also became involved in teaching. Five years after the marriage was registered, the couple had a daughter, Chelsea.

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Carier start

In 1974, elections were held in the Arkansas State Congress. Naturally, no one knew the young man with a fresh diploma, the necessary advertising campaign was not held, so he did not become a member of the chamber. But many young lawyers were noticed by many, the candidate got the necessary connections and already in 1976 became the Minister of Justice of the State, and later, in the same year, the Attorney General of Arkansas. At the age of thirty he became the youngest governor in the history of America. He ran on behalf of the Democratic Party. Since Arkansas is an agricultural state, life in it is poor. The governor had to do a tremendous job to bring his territorial district into the leaders of America.Mostly, he succeeded thanks to the educational program, which was to provide quality education to all segments of the population.

bill clinton domestic policy

Important decision

After being a governor for 12 years, Bill Clinton, whose photo you have the opportunity to see in the article, gained the support of many citizens. Therefore, he decided to run for the 1992 presidential election. His predecessor was George W. Bush, a Republican who led the American economy to a deplorable state: rising unemployment, constant inflation, and increasing foreign debt. True, the policy of the Republicans is always supported by the southern states, whose population actively goes to the polls. Therefore, Clinton needed at any cost to arouse the sympathy of these states. He launched a broad advertising campaign that mocked Bush’s ways to manage. But on polls it did not help him. But, probably, it was to the fate that year to send another independent candidate - Ross Perot, who took over part of the votes of the incumbent President Bush. Because of this, Clinton became President of America.It is surprising that he won even in those states that did not show him support at the polls and always voted for the Republicans. Albert Gore was elected prime minister.

bill clinton foreign and domestic policy

First term presidency

From the time of the election to the official appointment of Bill Clinton as president, 5 months have passed. On January 20, 1993, the inauguration ceremony was held. During his speech, Bill Clinton announced to voters that the main areas of his domestic policy would be the following problems: medical reform, taxation of various social miles (tax cuts for the middle class and increase for the highest), fighting unemployment and inflation. In foreign policy, for the president, the main thing was to observe peace with friendly countries and to build relations with hostile ones. But at the solemn event, newly elected President Clinton did not yet know that he did not have enough experience of the governorship to work in big politics.

Problems with domestic politics during the first presidency

Problems with the internal policy of Bill Clinton began at the moment when he realized that the working party was not formed in the Democratic Party. That is, there were no suitable candidates for high-ranking positions.This led to the fact that the president began to appoint "an acquaintance," and among others there were people with a criminal past (for example, Zoe Beard, a candidate for prosecutor general, accused of tax evasion). This caused public outrage. Also failed medical reform. The young idealist wanted medical insurance and businesses that people work for to pay for ordinary Americans. But among management agencies and owners of medical corporations, many were outraged that it was necessary to pay multimillion bills. In the Congress he was not supported. Also, the public had questions when they learned that Clinton had appointed his spouse to the role of reformer, who had neither medical nor commercial education.

Foreign policy of bill clinton

Problems in foreign policy were “inherited” from the previous board. George Bush Sr. supported the UN’s idea of ​​sending peacekeeping forces to the African country of Somalia. The leader of this state, Mohammed Farah Aidid, established a one-man rule aimed at enriching a group of his confidants.As a result of this policy, famine began in Somalia, killing about 300 thousand people. Clinton also supported the idea of ​​the predecessor, because he believed that the patriotic spirit would raise it in the eyes of voters. But on October 3-4, 1993, Somalis surrounded the American forces and shot down 2 helicopters. Killed 18 American peacekeepers. The brutality with which they dealt with the soldiers shocked the Americans, because they showed on television how angry Somalis were pulling the corpses of the dead tied to a car. But even more shocked that there was no reaction to these actions. Clinton was declared soft and often recalled this failure.

In general, the foreign and domestic policies of Bill Clinton during his first term were characterized as unsuccessful. But the growth of the gross domestic product, the reduction of inflation and unemployment has allowed the president to make forward-looking plans for re-election.

The first term of the reign of Bill Clinton ended in 1996. It was at this time that the name of Paula Jones surfaced in the press. She claimed that in 1991, Clinton inclined her to engage in oral sex. She even started a lawsuit against him and asked her to pay $ 2 million. In this case, many employees of the White House were called. Among them was Monica Lewinsky.The president was summoned to the court, where he stated that he had no intrigues. Since the girl had no evidence, the case was closed, but they were allowed to continue collecting evidence. At that moment President Bill Clinton did not think that an unpleasant moment could cost him his career.

Second term of government

However, the scandal is not strongly reflected in the opinions of Americans. They voted for stability, and Clinton extended his rule in the White House for 4 years. During the re-election of Bill Clinton as president, his domestic policy was not marked by radicalism or harsh decisions. Economic growth was still observed. Every year, unemployment fell. President Clinton directed a lot of efforts to fight child crime. But it was during his time in power in America that terrorist acts began to manifest themselves, which are still relevant today, when armed children shoot their classmates and teachers. Therefore, this struggle can not be called successful.

His attitude towards same-sex marriage caused many questions to the public: on the one hand, the politician said that he was for equality of rights, including gays and lesbians, and on the other, he constantly raised the issue of the legality of registering their marriages, serving in the army and so on.Foreign policy consistent with the image of a superpower. The Americans conducted special operations in Iraq, Cambodia, Sudan and Afghanistan. Waged a policy of expanding NATO to the east. But many of the merits of the reign of Bill Clinton were crossed out by an affair with his subordinate Monica Lewinsky.

bill clinton politics

Love in the oval office

Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky met in the White House, where she came to do an internship. At the time of the first meeting, the girl was 22 years old, the president was 49. The young intern did not have a relationship with the White House, she went to work at the Pentagon, but they were tied to the president by passing meetings that were held in the oval office. During these meetings, Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton, of course, engaged not in politics or the discussion of important matters, but in sex. When the girl after a two-year love relationship wanted a family, she called a friend working at the Ministry of Defense, Linde Tripp, and revealed all the details of the affair, not knowing that a friend was recording her emotional outpourings on a tape recorder.

This film soon got to the journalists, and in January 1998 a scandal flared up accusing the president of inappropriate behavior. He denied it many times.Hilary was on his side and said that negative propaganda was being waged against her husband. The woman did not know that Monica gave her friend proof of her husband's infidelity - a blue dress with traces of semen on it. Clinton confessed, repented in front of millions of Americans, and claimed that his behavior was terrible. Lewinsky immediately received a piece of fame: she was often invited to television, opened a business. Hardest was the wife of President Hilary. She defended him to the last, and then declared to the whole country that they themselves would sort out the family circle. Then the Americans learned with horror that the opposition had begun an impeachment procedure against the president on charges of perjury before a court.

bill clinton and monica levinsky

Failed impeachment

According to the authors of the impeachment, Bill Clinton (photo in the article) perjured at the trial of the case of Paula Jones, and after - at the process of deprivation of power. He denied the connection to the girl to the last. This is the first case with the American president when an impeachment case is brought to the verdict of the Supreme Court. True, the court voted against this decision.

After high post

Now, former US President Bill Clinton is engaged in social activities, supports the career of his wife, who was a presidential candidate in 2017.Now he even writes books.

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