Bike Merida TFS 100-D: comparison with competitors and reviews

The bike Merida TFS 100 refers touniversal models. It can be successfully navigated through the city, rough terrain and mountain trails. Such opportunities arise thanks to wide wheels, excellent shock absorbers and soft suspension of the front fork. A reliable speed change node allows you to adjust the control when you overcome different sections of the path. The considered copy will approach not only for the beginner, but also for the skilled biker, aspiring to off-road conquest. The bike is designed for trips in the style of cross-country, equipped with a 24-speed transmission and high-quality equipment. Additional convenience and safety of the movement is provided by an adjustable damping system and double rims of the Matts Pro D type. Consider the features of this machine, its analogs, and customer feedback.

merida tfs 100

general information

The two-wheeled vehicle Merida TFS 100 is equipped withframe of aluminum alloy, as well as hydraulic disc type brakes. They are made on the basis of profiled pipes using special TFS technology and meet the highest parameters of reliability and durability. This design significantly simplifies the operation of the bike. Comfortable and safe driving is combined with the durability of the unit.

Shimano Alivio gearshift assembly givesthe ability to adjust the pace of the ride depending on the preferences of the cyclist. A rider can easily pick up a comfortable position, which is important not only for extreme riders, but also for fans of long trips.

Bike Merida TFS 100: specifications

Below are the parameters of the technical plan of the unit under consideration:

  • Type of use - for adults.
  • Year of manufacture - 2013.
  • Sphere of use - walks, mountain trips, cross-country.
  • The frame is made of aluminum.
  • The design of the plug is a spring-elastomer mechanism with a stroke of 10 cm.
  • The steering column is a threadless semi-integrated system.
  • Wheels - Merida Race, 26 x 2.1.
  • The presence of a double rim.
  • Metallic bead cord.
  • Brakes - disc sport hydraulic elements in front and behind.
  • Transmission - 24 speeds, walking and starting switch with trigger arms, equipped with a pair of levers.
  • Type of asterisks - 3 (with 24, 34 or 42 teeth).
  • The design of the helm is curved.

 merida matts tfs 100

More about frame

The quality of assembly of the frame is quite decent, including itsgeometry and material of manufacture. The element is designed for movement on bumpy roads and mountain plots. The length of the lower feathers is 42 centimeters. This allows you to sharply gain speed on roads with any terrain.

Bicycle Merida Matts TFS 100 - one of the best examples in its class, its frame withstands significant loads, not having a very large mass and original design.

In addition, it is worth noting the profile of the lower tube of the frontal triangle. This detail enhances the structural rigidity and gives the bike an original exterior.


Merida TFS 100 is equipped with a shock absorbertype RST Gila 100 ML. It is a spring-elastic device, which has a low weight and provides comfort when driving on uninterrupted terrain. The bike will please novice riders and professional athletes (as a training copy).

If you use a two-wheeled car in modecross-country in good weather, then the fork of the vehicle is enough for travel on city and other routes not only in summer, but also in winter. The presence of a blocking device allows you to secure the movement in any conditions, even when traveling for distances more than a hundred kilometers. In general Merida TFS 100 is not only a bicycle for sporting purposes, but also a model for active city walks.

 merida tfs 100 d

Other systems

The brake system of the bike is a proventime node Hayes MX5. It is technologically only slightly inferior to a mechanical analogue of the type Avid 7, but its function performs qualitatively. A reliable mechanism with hard drives allows you to be sure that if a critical situation occurs, the brakes will not bend and will not let you down.

Wheels on Merida TFS 100 are put on pairedrims, equipped with branded wide tires. Insignificant inconveniences can be delivered by the rear bush with a wide rubber mudguard on the left side. It starts to make an unpleasant sound, if you do not lubricate the item in a timely manner. In general, this site does not require special care and is very reliable.

The Shimano Alivio speed switch does notis ranked in the highest category, but performs its work properly. Even on the crossed sections of the route there are no problems if correctly adjusted the tension of the cable and the operation of the mechanism. When buying a bicycle, read the instruction manual. This will allow you to understand the nuances of use, the timing of maintenance and driving features.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of the Merida Matts TFS 100-D bike include the following:

  • Convenient design and strong aluminum alloy frame.
  • Fast and silent stroke.
  • The ability to select the desired speed from 24 positions.
  • Quality assembly.
  • The presence of special devices on the handlebar for long trips.
  • Excellent disc braking system, which guarantees a reliable stop at any time of the year.
  • Adjustable and soft front suspension.
  • The ability to shift gears directly during the movement.

Among the merits of the bike Merida Matts TFS 100 can be noted the following:

  • At first, the seat may not seem very comfortable.
  • The lack of through-holes for mounting the wing, which many users are dissatisfied, because there is a need to find suitable items in the case of repairs or tuning.
  • With a sharp jump off the bike, there is a possibility of a hook on the frame or chain.
  • Regular rubber is not very suitable for moving on poor asphalt surfaces.

bicycle merida matts tfs 100

Bike Merida TFS 100-D: customer reviews

Owners of the bike in question markits high reliability and durability. The main advantages include a multilevel knot of gear changes, good assembly, landing, as well as the strength of the frame. After many years of use, the bicycle practically does not lose its qualities, if it is correct to carry out maintenance and preventive maintenance. The last operation consists of timely lubrication of rubbing parts, pumping of tires and fastening of fixing elements.

Among the shortcomings, consumers note a strongseat stiffness, low reliability of pedals. There have been situations when this node went down after a couple of years of use. The price of the bike is from 20 thousand rubles. Most owners do not want to change this two-wheeled car, which indicates its reliability and comfort in operation.

bike merida tfs 100


Before buying a bicycle, you shoulddetermine the required parameters and the purposes of its application. For example, the model Merida Matts TFS 100 is great not only for walking around the city, but also for extreme competitions in the uncrossed or mountainous terrain. Among the main competitors of the considered bicycle machine are the following brands:

  • "Merida" series of 300 and 200.
  • GT or Gary Turner.
  • Giant, Trek, Scott.

All these modifications have goodcharacteristics are approximately equal in their class. However, the two-wheeled car under consideration advantageously combines European quality and a democratic price.

merida matts tfs 100 d

To sum up

In comparison with the competitors mentioned above,the popularity of the bicycle in question is due to the high quality of the assembly, the reliability of the braking system, and also the fairly acceptable price policy. This bike is one of the brightest representatives in its class, it is equipped with a rigid and strong frame, a good braking system and is versatile in use. Given the low weight, the bike is available for use both for extreme trips and for city walks.

 bike merida matts tfs 100 d

Relatively small price, good quality andUniversal functionality makes bicycles popular in many countries. In addition, this movement not only gives self-confidence, but also does not harm the environment.

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