Bicycles Cannondale: review models, reviews

When choosing a two-wheeled vehicle, any cyclist wishes to purchase a reliable and high-quality model. However, it certainly should have not only the original design, but also a big name. Those who have not yet made their final choice are advised to pay attention to Cannondale bicycles, which are on the list of the most popular two-wheeled vehicles in the world.

The American company of the same name gained wide popularity not only with its familiar and familiar models, but also with innovative solutions and constant progress.

Brand history

Cannondale was founded in 1971. It owes its birth to the bicycle boom that arose in those years. During this period, the Arab countries stopped supplying petrol to the United States, and many motorists turned their attention to two-wheeled vehicles. All this prompted Joseph Montgomery (the company's founder) to create the first bicycle trailer.A former securities analyst, together with two of his friends, started their own business in one of the shops of a metal-working factory. In 1971, the first bicycle trailer under the Cannondale brand was introduced to the world. The company received such a sonorous name thanks to the eponymous town in Connecticut.

cannondale bikesAfter the recognition of the first success, production began to grow rapidly. Simultaneously with the strengthening of the company, the range of manufactured goods expanded and their quality grew. And now, for about half a century, Kenondale has not left the leading position in the global market of bicycle manufacturers. Its two-wheeled vehicles, as well as clothing and various accessories have gained great popularity among a wide range of consumers. Buyers respect Cannondale bikes and other brand products for their high quality and innovative designs.

Unique models

In 1983, Canondale launched the revolutionary Cannondale bikes for its time. These were road vehicles, in the construction of which an aluminum welded frame was provided. The creation of this model was the main step of the company, which allowed it to rise to the peak of popularity.Soon another 15 models of mountain, tourist and road bicycles appeared in which a durable aluminum frame was provided. It was the possession of a special production technology for this part that allowed the company to get such a big name. And today, buying Cannondale bikes, people are confident that their pet will have increased strength and high quality.

Principle of operation

What helped the company to achieve such wide popularity? The fact is that the basic principle of its work is constant concern for the satisfaction of the interests of the client and striving forward. The company invests most of its profits in its development. It opens factories, introduces new devices and modern materials. At the same time, much attention is paid to the promotion of the released goods, as well as support for attention to cycling in general.

Feature of the development of the company

Many buyers, comparing bicycles of the company with similar products of other firms, make their choice in favor of the American brand Cannondale. They are attracted not only by a wide range of products, but also by following traditions. So, the company still makes frames for its bikes by hand.The production of this part is located in a small provincial town of Bethel, located in Connecticut. Buyers are attracted by the fact that the purchased bike was not created by a soulless machine. He was assembled by a living person, a master of his craft, who considers high quality products as a guarantee of his own reputation.

The peculiarity of the goods of a famous American company lies in attracting the latest developments and innovative technologies involved in the production of parts. In this process, lasers are widely used. They allow you to quickly change the configuration of parts. This makes it possible to cut without interrupting the production process.

Innovative technology is involved in the welding of frames. With its help the smooth double seam turns out. This allows the frame to be nakatische and tougher.

Also, when collecting the rear suspension applied innovative technology Save. It allows you to partially extinguish all the irregularities that exist on the surface.

A distinctive feature of the bicycle company "Canondale" is a thick steering glass. This allows you to increase the rigidity and strength of the frame. And on all these parts there is a lifetime warranty.

In order to increase sales and reduce the cost of their bikes, the company moved part of its production to the Asian continent. As a result, the uniquely painted unique frames of the brand, having polished seams, became available to a wide range of buyers. At the same time, the quality of the product has not undergone any changes. Bikes made in Asia, in terms of assembly reliability, are not inferior to those released in America. This conformity is achieved through tight control of the manufacturing process and attention to detail.

It is worth saying that all components for bicycles in the highest price category are made in the USA. The final assembly is carried out in Holland.

Road bikes

On the two-wheeled favorites from the company Cannondale you can put all the family members. According to customer reviews, they are pleased that the company’s product range includes highway and mountain, as well as urban models. Bicycles for men and women are on the market. There are a variety of children's models in stock.

 mountain female cannondale bikeRoad bikes are purchased for a quick ride on a good track. Their distinctive feature is a bent steering wheel.In the people, this detail is called "ram horns." The frame of such a vehicle is rather short and high.

Cannondale road bikes are the perfect combination of strength, stiffness, aerodynamics and weight. Their design provides the lightest frame, which together with excellent technical characteristics contributes to the development of maximum speed. And even when driving fast, road bikes of the company allow you to maintain control over yourself throughout the entire course.

Such a vehicle has an excellent reputation. A bicycle from the company “Kenondale” will become the most reliable and beloved friend of not only a professional athlete who has an impressive set of achievements and titles, but also a beginner who has bought a bike to navigate smooth city streets. At the same time, the assortment list of models of the brand is so wide that every consumer will easily choose a bicycle suitable for him. Thus, the company offers its customers racing and training, dressing and cycle cross road bikes.

Mountain bikes

This two-wheeled vehicle is designed for off-road driving.That is why in its design there are certain features that provide the ability to:

- easy uphill;
- driving with obstacles;
- jumps.

In addition, mountain bikes are very reliable under load. The features of the structure of the elements of their design include:

- the lightest frame with low geometry, which provides additional strength;
- the presence of depreciation plugs;
- presence of a rear shock absorber in the system;
- greater clearance to the rods and carriage;
- presence of reinforced wheels;
- thick tires with good tread;
- the presence of low gear combinations;
- reliable and simple brakes.

 bike cannondale trailCannondale mountain bikes are divided into four categories. What do they represent? The first of these include the CannondaleTrail bike. This is a classic series of products of the company. The CannondaleTrail bike has a simple and robust design, as well as excellent driving characteristics.

In the second category of products of the company are such models as the F-SI and F. These are cardeyle bikes with remarkable maneuverability and sufficient maneuverability.

The third category is represented by the popular Rush and Scalpel dvuhpodvesy.Such a vehicle is ideal for extreme skiing in rough terrain, as well as for descending at high speed from the mountains.

Universal models produced by the company, are included in the fourth category of its products. These are mountain bike Trigger bikes and Jekil. Such vehicles can be used for riding in bike parks.

It is worth noting that the above categories of models are not only for men. In the consumer market, you can easily purchase a Cannondale women's mountain bike.

Top Niners

In recent years, bikes mounted on wheels of twenty nine inches have been offered on the consumer market. There are also Cannondale 29 bicycles on sale. These are modern Niners who easily overcome the bumps and obstacles, while showing excellent speed.

bike cannondale trail 5

The main difference of such a bike is rolling. Wheels with a large diameter, make the whole structure more stable, and they move better. The grip of similar Niners has higher characteristics. Due to the fact that the axles of the wheels are located above the center of gravity, the bike has additional stability during pedaling,on bumps and swinging left and right.

The company produces various mountain models with wheels in 29 inches. They are designed for both men and women, as well as for joint skiing. All models have different colors and high quality.

City stories

Cannondale are manufactured by comfortable bicycles designed for driving along the megalopolis. According to customer reviews, in the list of well-recognized models - Hojligan and Bad Boy. Indeed, these bikes can be found on the streets of many cities in the world. The Hojligan model attracts buyers with its performance and maneuverability. Bad Boy bicycles are distinguished by sophisticated frame geometry and high-class equipment.

Also in the category of urban bikes are hybrid models and Quick. They combine the excellent speed of the road and good cross-country mountain bikes.

cannondale mountain bikesFor those who love to ride together, the company offers tandem bicycles. According to user reviews, this is a convenient and thoughtful model Cannondale.

Women's bikes

The company did not forget about the weak half of humanity. For lovely ladies, she released women's Cannondale bikes.

bikes cannondale 29

This series includes training and racing bikes, as well as typical urban models,designed to maintain overall fitness.

Children's bicycles

The company took care of small consumers. From its conveyors, convenient and comfortable children's models are set up, designed to teach a baby to a healthy lifestyle from an early age. These are beautiful and bright bikes for girls and boys. According to parents, they are able to attract the attention of both the youngest users and older children.

women cannondale bikesConsider the characteristics of one of the most popular models.

Bike Cannondale Trail 5

This model belongs to the mountain class. And the bike Cannondale Trail 5 is considered the best two-wheeled vehicle for cross-country. In the manufacture of this model, the company uses production technologies similar to those used in the manufacture of a more expensive series of Flash.

The one who purchased the Cannondale Trail 5 bike realized that it is not worth spending too much money to buy a long-lasting and high-tech purchase. In this model, no one is disappointed.

You can buy a bike in two versions. In one of them the wheels are 27.5, and in the other - 29 inches.

Bike Cannondale Trail 5 is designed for lovers.It is very popular with customers because of its excellent cross-country ability, which is manifested on any surfaces. This may be asphalt, sand or soil. Anyone who is interested in multi-day bike passes, can equip this model with a trunk, having set a bag on it - “bicycle curtains”. The bicycle has a comfortable seat, reliable accessories, and also a strong and easy frame.

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