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Stories of random winners of monetary drawingsalready many decades inspire us to buy lottery tickets. In each country there are own types of quizzes, but the USA lotteries managed to become famous all over the world. Large sums, the right advertising campaign, a small ticket price - all this contributed to the increase in popularity of American rallies. Citizens of many countries do not miss the opportunity to compete with the residents of the United States and also buy tickets with might and main. Interested? Let's try to describe the best lotteries of the USA in this article.

Lottery "Powerball"

This American lottery, perhaps, is oneof the most famous in the country. Due to the amount being played, each jackpot win makes a real splash. And again, because its minimum amount is 40 million dollars. The lottery is held every two weeks, which further warms the interest of those involved.

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The rules of the game are quite simple. The participant must choose and indicate 6 numbers on the ticket. Five of them should be in the range from 1 to 69 (the so-called white balls), and 1 more one from 1 to 26 (red balls). Accordingly, the more numbers will be guessed at the time of the drawing, the more significant the prize will be. On average, if the number 1 coincides, the participant will receive about 4 dollars, and for all 6 - from 40 million and above. The cost of the ticket is about $ 2. When buying, you can also pay a little and get a special ticket, which allows you to increase the amount of winnings in 2 or 3 times. However, this rule does not apply to jackpots. If you win a large sum, the winner has a choice: either to get the whole amount immediately, paying an increased tax, or to divide the winnings by 30 annual payments. Each year, the lottery will increase the amount by 4% due to inflation.

The biggest winnings in the "Powerball" lottery

US lotteries play really greatamount, so many do not believe in the possibility of their own victory. And completely in vain, because every year the money is completely different people. But it is "Powerball" that has the highest possible jackpot.

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In May 2013, the 84-year-old Gloria won the jackpotMackenzie, who just bought a ticket at the grocery store. Her win at that time was a record for the entire history of the lottery and amounted to about 590 million dollars. She decided to get the jackpot completely, and because of the accounting of taxes the amount has decreased, amounting to almost 370 million. The next big jackpot was played in 2012. It was slightly less - 585 million. Two participants divided it at once, each of which received 190 million each. In 2015, the jackpot was 565 million, which divided 3 participants. One of them was from Puerto Rico. His victory was the first winnings outside the United States. In 2016, the jackpot reached record amounts and amounted to 1.5 billion, which were played by 3 players at once.

Lottery "Mega Millions"

"Mega Millions" is another large Americanlottery. Her first jackpot was played back in 2002, and since then she is one of the most popular quizzes. Its rules resemble other US lotteries. Participants are invited to buy a lottery ticket, which costs 1-2 dollars. To win the jackpot, the player will need to guess 6 numbers. Guessing the smallest number of digits, you can also win a decent amount. In total in the lottery there are 9 categories of winnings. And the minimum size of the jackpot is about 15 million dollars.

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The wins here are slightly less than the winnersthe Powerball Lottery. The biggest winnings in the history was played in 2011, when about 350 million dollars were played. Money can also be received with a one-time payment, with the deduction of an increased tax or with annual payments for 30 years. The probability of a large win is small. According to experts, it is about 1: 250 000 000. A small prize to win is easier. Here the probability is 1:15.

Lottery of New York

The New York Quiz plays out smaller amounts,than previous US lotteries, but nevertheless is one of the most popular in the country. It was founded in 1966 at the request of the inhabitants of the city. All income from the lottery goes to support education in the region. The minimum jackpot is about 2 million dollars.

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Players need to choose 6 balls from 59 possible, andAlso 1 additional ball. To win, you need to guess at least 3 balls. The jackpot gets the one who correctly points all the balls. In total there are 5 price categories in the game. Like other US lotteries, New York plays jackpots twice a week. The show is broadcast on all major television channels of the city, and for foreign citizens the results are duplicated on the official website. On average, the chance to win a minimum amount is 1:45.

California Super Lotto

No less popular is the quiz, held inthe state of California. It was founded in 1986, and its minimum jackpot is approximately 7 million. Like the lottery in New York, Super Lotto sends its profits to support local education. Part of the money is spent on paying prizes, as well as the salary of ticket distributors. Drawing prizes is held 2 times a week: on Wednesdays and Saturdays. If the jackpot is not played, it is transferred to the next ether, increasing in size. So, the maximum prize won in 2010, and it amounted to 195 million dollars.

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The rules of the game are almost the same as the otherslarge lotteries. The participant needs to guess the sequence of 5 basic numbers, and also 1 additional number. If all 6 numbers are the same, the player wins by getting a jackpot. The chance to win at least a minimum amount in the lottery is large enough and is approximately 1:25. Having won a large sum, you can either immediately cash it, or receive an annual payment within 26 years.

Instant American lotteries

Lotteries of the USA and Europe are very popular, but not allThey like to spend their evenings at the TV, waiting for the prize draw. These people should be invited to participate in instant lotteries, which are also common in the US. There is no need to choose any numbers. It's enough just to buy a ticket and erase its protective field. Of course, here you can not win millions of dollars. The average amount of winnings is about 20-30 dollars.

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Tickets of instant lotteries attractbuyers with its simplicity and brightness. So, the "Michigan Ducks" quiz offers its players to erase the protective layer and find a combination of colorful yellow ducks.

Each of us sometimes wants to test ourluck. Lotteries of the USA, reviews about which are especially positive, will be an excellent option for gambling people. Even a person who does not live in America can buy a ticket. Sometimes it's worth taking a chance, because who knows, maybe it's you who will become the next lucky winner who received a huge jackpot.

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