Best gifts for a boy for 8 years: 10 ideas

All parents who have a son know that ineight years the boy is no longer a baby. This is a fairly independent and independent personality. Therefore, when choosing gifts for a boy for 8 years, you need to consider his interests, emphasize his hobbies, etc. After all, the child already has an age when it's not enough to surprise him with something. It is necessary to give him a useful and fascinating thing that will help the boy to study our world, learn something new about him. In this article, we will offer you ten gift ideas that can really interest your little man.

Gift number 1

presents to the boy for 8 years

The book is a wonderful gift for a child of 8 years. The boy does not like reading too much? Unfortunately, now this problem is very relevant. However, you can still interest the child with literature. Of course, the gift should be large, bright, with beautiful colorful illustrations. Such publications are difficult not to notice.

You can give the boy something from the classics. Remember those books that children have been fascinated with at all times. Remember, with what enthusiasm you read "Treasure Island", "Robinson Crusoe" and other literature telling about unusual and exciting adventures, travel, etc. And you can find a good encyclopedia. The main thing is to choose exactly the product that most corresponds to the tastes and hobbies of your child.

Gift number 2

gift to a child of 8 years old boy

At this age, all children are very fond ofdesign. That is why a variety of designer kits are the most popular gifts for a boy for 8 years. Fortunately, today it is not difficult to find them on the shelves of stores. Depending on financial possibilities, it is possible to get a large set, with a huge amount of details and a lot of ideas for designing. If the money is not too much, then you can choose from a small set with one build option. However, choose exactly what your son likes best. Is he addicted to technology? Then give him a designer, from which you can assemble a model of a car or an airplane. Likes to watch adventure films? Then he will be approached by a pirate ship or a model of an uninhabited island.

Gift number 3

What else can you give a gift to a child for 8 years? The boy at this age is very inquisitive. It develops and absorbs new information like a sponge. Interest in obtaining new knowledge must be maintained. Therefore, it is worth giving him some good development game.

There are several options for developing games. The first are those in which the child plays alone, developing independently. Second - games for the whole company. They play not only interesting, but also very fun. Still others are computer developing games. It can be just a disk with training programs, or maybe a special gadget into which these programs are initially loaded.

Gift №4

best gift to a boy of 8 years old

What else can you choose gifts for a boy for 8 years? On the birthday of a small man who is already interested in science, you can present special sets. On the shelves of shops now you can find kits for young chemists, physicists, biologists, etc.

You can purchase a kit consisting ofa variety of reagents with a description of the experiments that can be carried out. There are children's microscopes, to which are attached slides, scalpels, biological preparations, etc. A children's telescope is the dream of any young "astronomer". Your son likes to conduct various experiments since childhood? And for him there is a suitable set. Or maybe he likes to fix everything from his childhood and grows a true master of all trades? You can give him a children's tool kit. There are many options.

Gift number 5

gift to a boy 8 9 years old

Very often at this age, children fantasize a lot and love to create. In this case, the best gifts for a boy for 8 years are paints, markers, pencils, brushes, plasticine and so on.

In addition to the usual materials for creativity todayyou can buy whole sets, thanks to which you can create a variety of interesting things. In such kits there are already all necessary materials (these can be threads, clay, pebbles, special paints, etc.) and detailed instructions for use. Sometimes she needs to follow clearly, step by step, and sometimes the child is given some field for creativity, he can make something new in the general idea.

Gift number 6

gifts to a boy for 8 years on his birthday

The best gift to a boy of 8 years who is fond ofsports, of course, special equipment. Even if the basic items that are necessary for him to play sports he already has, you can always pick up various accessories that will please your child.

If the boy is fond of tennis, he canGive a set of quality balls for this game. Likes to skate or ski? Then he will be pleased with the good and stylish sports gloves, hat and scarf. Constantly playing darts? Running around the yard playing with other boys in football? Give him a quality ball, brand new shoes or goalkeeper gloves. The main thing is not to impose your hobbies on him. Give the child only what will really bring him joy, than he will enjoy it all the time.

Gift number 7

Modern children no longer think their life withouthigh technologies. Therefore, it is not so difficult to choose gifts for a boy for 8 years. An unmistakable impression will be made on him by a brand new mobile phone or tablet.

But do not get too involved. All the same, eight years is not such a big age. Therefore, it is not necessary to give the boy too expensive "toys". Do not forget that children are very mobile, which means that at any time the phone or tablet can drown in the pond, fall from a high altitude, get lost on the way home and so on. Choose a device that will please your child, and in which case it will not be too pitiful.

Gift №8

Music plays a huge role in our life. And children give it no less importance than adults. A boy who enjoys music can give a collection of CDs, on which will be recorded all the tracks of his favorite musicians. In addition, such a child, of course, will please a brand new MP3 player.

Or maybe the guy himself wants to becomemusician? If financial possibilities allow, then the child can be presented with his first real musical instrument: guitar, drum set, synthesizer and so on.

Gift number 9

gifts for a boy for 8 years for the new year

Gifts can be not only material, but alsospiritual. Who, if not children, knows how to appreciate them. Today, people have become much less likely to go to theaters, cinemas, and exhibitions. But after all, good emotions are also a wonderful gift for a boy of 8-9 years.

Festive mood can be presented by visiting withhim a zoo. You can go to an amusement park or a movie theater for the premiere of a new cartoon. You can visit some interesting exhibition or go to the circus. And you can just go on a camping trip with the whole family and have a picnic in the open air, with a fire, shish kebabs and fun games. By the way, at such an event you can invite and friends of the child with their parents. This will only add to the guys joy.

Gift №10

Our last idea is a bit like a fairy tale. It is in her dreams come true. Gifts for a boy for 8 years for the New Year can also be a bit fabulous. Does your child have a dream? Well, for example, he had always wanted to ride a horse. Or I dreamed of seeing a picture being drawn. Or maybe he likes to cook and would like to learn how to cook some interesting dish from a real chef?

If you have such an opportunity, then we offeryou become a New Year's holiday a good magician for your son. Together with the child you can visit a master class in a restaurant, go to the racetrack and ride it on a horse, come to the art studio, where, under the guidance of an experienced master, he will try to create his masterpiece.

Gifts can be different - interesting, funny, magical. Raduyte children - it all depends on you.

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