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In order to get complete file managementand folders on Windows-systems, as you know, should be used so-called file manager (for Windows 7 or other systems - in this case it does not matter). Built-in "Explorer" many users do not like, at least because of its somewhat limited capabilities (this can be argued). And then there is the question of installing another similar program, which would provide users with the maximum possible instrumental set. Needless to say, today such programs can be found very much. But let's try to focus on the most popular applications, which are included in almost all known rating lists and are very popular among users of Windows-systems.

What is a file manager for Windows 7 or another version?

To begin with, some theoretical information. After all, what is a file manager for Windows 7 (64 bit) or some other modification? It is a program that allows not only to view all the files and directories available on disks or logical partitions, but also to manage them at the level of the simplest operations, as well as perform additional actions (for example, in the form of searching, data encryption, access to FTP servers and etc.).

file manager for windows 7

Windows Explorer in its capabilitiesis really extremely limited, and its interface seems uncomfortable for many, which pushes away most of the user audience. It does not make much sense to stop on it, since any person who works with Windows has seen it.

Basic Functionality

As for the basic tools thatis present in any program of this type, you can select a system for displaying and managing the contents of disks or partitions (including hidden objects) in the form of copying, moving, deleting, renaming, the ability to set search queries, quickly create copies, access to application-related applications, the use and change of labels, and so on.

But these are just the basic operations that you canuse in the same "Explorer." Where it looks more interesting, for example, a system of cryptographic encryption, splitting or merging files, creating bookmarks, viewing history and much more. If you dig into the Explorer, you can find some functions of this type in it, but they look somewhat unfinished. Therefore, consider the top five applications claiming the title of the best. Naturally, the rating may differ from what is published on the Internet, because the appraisers and computer users themselves can have very different preferences.

File Managers for Windows 7 in Russian

It is clear that to describe all known programssimply will not work, so we will limit ourselves to only five applications. Among all the software of this kind, the following free file managers for Windows 7 can be distinguished:

  • Total Commander.
  • Free Commander.
  • FAR Manager.
  • File Navigator.
  • XYplorer Free.

Many applications are similar to the interface and a set of basic tools, so they will be further grouped together according to the relevant characteristics.

Total Commander and Free Commander

These two programs can be called unconditionalleaders in almost all lists. They are most popular and refer to two-panel managers, in which the main workspace is divided into two independent windows.

file managers for windows 7 in Russian

Than it is convenient? That, for example, when copying or moving an object in one window, you do not need to specify its final location, if it is installed in the second.

best file manager for windows 7

By and large, their interface is organized byimage and likeness of the once popular Norton Commander, which was used in DOS-systems. The same windows, the same function keys for quick access to basic operations. But in comparison with the grandfather "Norton", their possibilities are much wider. What is just the removal of entire tree-like folder structures, cryptographic encryption, advanced copying, fast archiving, built-in FTP-client and many other things that can be useful in everyday work.

FAR Manager and File Navigator

File manager for Windows 7 FAR and itsthe closest fellow File Navigator is also very much like the Norton Commander. And this concerns not only the same two panels, but also the color of the filling of the main windows, because of what the interface just looks exactly like it once was in DOS.

file manager for windows 7 64 bit

What is interesting about them? In principle, the functional set very much resembles what was described for the previous programs, but there are also some nuances. For example, the file manager for Windows 7 called FAR is very convenient in terms of support for the command line. Plug-in plug-ins for games, or for working with external archivers, sorting objects with highlighting by color for certain types or instant access to FTP look pretty good.

free file managers for windows 7

File Navigator is more interesting becauseallows you to create groups of files or directories for the creation of joint operations over them. It will simply be an indispensable assistant for all those users who are connected across the network.

XYplorer Free

Before us is another program, which is a kind of hybrid of the above-described commanders and the classic Explorer. For him, however, the crack must be installed separately.

file manager for windows 7

The main activities are separate from other applicationsdo not differ, but the built-in video or graphics viewer and audio listening deserves special attention, the built-in uploader of video protocols from YouTube hosting, the support for exporting data in CSV format, the introduction of custom commands, etc.

What to choose?

And what kind of program is the bestfile manager for Windows 7? Alas, it is difficult to answer this question, although with a high degree of probability (based on user feedback), it can be argued that the first in the list is Total Commander. Its analogs, although very similar to it, but in most cases are somewhat inferior in functionality. But multimedia lovers can be advised by XYplorer Free, because its tools are just for this purpose. However, the choice is left for the user himself, and something to impose for his own needs is an absolutely ungrateful task, especially since everything depends on what features of the program may be required in a particular case.

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