Best face cream for dry skin: reviews, ratings

The correct choice of cream predetermines the conditionour skin, no matter what type it is. Girls under the age of twenty often face the problem of fatty epidermis. With acne and greasy sheen they struggle with the help of alcohol-containing products. And the skin in their time takes revenge. After twenty-five or thirty years, when the hormonal activity subsides and the sebaceous glands cease to release fat, these women are faced with quite the opposite problem.face cream for dry skin reviewsThe skin becomes over-dried and devoid of moisture. Her color becomes duller, irritations appear, and peeling. And the frosty climate and the dysfunctional ecological situation of big cities, stresses and bad habits only add to this additional problems. And it does not matter whether it is a congenital defect or acquired with age - we need to find an effective face cream for dry skin. The feedback of women, for whom the hydration of the epidermis is a top priority, helped us to make a rating of these caring products.

How to distinguish a good cream from bad

Stylish jars of cut glass have not yetmake the remedy more effective than that contained in conventional plastic tubes. The latter are even more hygienic, since we do not put microbes into our cream. But it is better to choose a cream that has a pump with a dispenser. Many women think that a high price is a guarantee of product quality. But this is not so. Authoritative cosmetology firms earned a name for themselves on advertising, which is not cheap. And the price for videos and flyers reflected on the final product. Cosmetology firms claim that innovative technologies have influenced the quality of the caregiver for dry skin. Some brands of creams are sold only in pharmacy chains. This marketing course is aimed at assuring the buyer of the medicinal effect of the drug. But how to distinguish a good face cream for dry skin? Reviews cosmeticians assure that the effectiveness of the means depends solely on its composition.

What substances should contain a cream for dry skin

After twenty-five years, the epidermis begins to lose weightmoisture. Free radicals begin their destructive effect on tissues. To prolong youth, we need to moisten and give the necessary nutrition to the skin. Of course, there is not one universal substance that would be thrown off like a magic wand from a dozen years ago. But the cream for dry skin after 30 should still contain a set of ingredients that are recognized as effective and useful. In the composition of such cosmetics often there is allantoin. It soothes irritation and moisturizes the skin. The presence of bisabolol provides an anti-inflammatory and softening effect. Lactic acid and panthenol are natural moisturizers that act on dry skin like rain-giving rain. And the latter substance also regenerates peeling and protects the epidermis from harmful ultraviolet radiation.

clarins face cream

Bioflavonoids are antioxidants that fight withfree radicals. Salicylic acid, cleansing pores, and vitamins will not interfere with the cream. If you have very dry skin, you will need a cream with hyaluronic acid. This component not only nourishes, but also retains moisture in the upper layers of the epidermis. Do not forget about the ingredients called to deliver the healing substances deep into the skin. It is sorbitol, essential oils and others. After forty years worth paying attention to such effective substances as retinol and azelaic acid. If you are choosing a face cream for dry skin, the recommendations recommend adhering to your age category.

Rating of the best moisturizers

If you have so dry skin that it leadsto dermatitis, you need serious treatment. In such cases, help hormonal drugs, antihistamine tablets and the like. But if the problem is peeling, redness and a slight itch, you will be saved by a good and effective face cream for dry skin. Rating begins with a description of the product Mizon Hyaluronic Ultra Suboon. The name shows that this South Korean cream contains hyaluronic acid. This substance is not absorbed, but forms on the skin an ultrathin protective film that does not allow moisture to evaporate.

avene face cream

The consistency of this cosmetic productAverage - between light cream and semi-liquid jelly. Color - white, slightly transparent. The smell is almost not felt. On the skin, this cream instantly absorbed, or rather, begins to act, forming a thin film. From this face it seems velvety and smooth. The cream perfectly and permanently moisturizes the skin. At a price of four hundred and seventy rubles per tube, this remedy is just a find.

XeraCalm A.D Lipid-Replenishing Cream from Avene

Face cream «XeraKalm A.D."Developed by the French company" Aven "specifically to restore the hydrolipid equilibrium of dry skin. Sold in pharmacies, because it treats atopic dermatitis. The cream has a dense consistency of ointment. When applied to the skin, it forms a lipid barrier, which protects against irritation and drying. This remedy regenerates, saves from itching, relieves inflammation, heals the scaling.

l oreal paris

Like all Avene's caring products, creamfor the face "XeraKalm AD" contains thermal water from the healing source Aven. The reviews mark one more product developed by the French brand for people suffering from atopic dermatitis (pathologically dry skin). This is Sicalfate Repaire Cream. It is designed to protect and treat damaged and very thin epidermis. Reviews say that the task copes with its task perfectly. The only negative is the price. On the Russian market, funds from Aven are worth at least a thousand rubles.

"Hydra Cuench" from Clarins (face cream)

It is enough to use one application in the morning for a purifiedskin, and the feeling of tightness disappears for a long time. His face looks younger. The skin becomes fresh, radiant, smooth, soft and well-groomed. This cream is also suitable for those who have combined skin, especially for the winter. In a cold climate, the remedy seems to create a protective film that does not allow harmful environmental factors to irritate the epidermis. And for those who have very dry skin, you can recommend "Hydra Cuench Rich" from Clarins. The face cream of this brand is more dense texture, and it should be applied overnight. It not only moisturizes, but nourishes dry skin. The tool has thisprolonged action. It not only looks after, but also really removes the dryness of the skin. Looking for a daytime make-up remover? Choose Clarins UV Plus Plus with sunscreen filters +40.

Cream "Moisturizing Expert" from "L'Oreal Paris"

French firm L'Oreal Paris producesrelatively inexpensive products of the mass market category. For dry skin, you need to choose a face cream from the line "Humidification Expert". We have already said that not the price makes the tool effective, but the composition. Cream "Moisturizing Expert" contains active ingredients that literally saturate every cell of the dermis.

cream to eliminate dry skin of the face

Valuable essential oils of black currant and roseshelp the healing substances to get inside the skin. They feed them and prevent the loss of moisture. From the application of the cream, the face becomes smooth, radiant, young. People with dry skin know a feeling of tightness and discomfort after removing makeup. Cream-gel "Absolute tenderness" from l'Oreal Paris can get rid of these problems. This remedy carefully removes make-up, removes toxins from the pores.

La Roche-Pos Hidren Rich

If you are looking for a cream to eliminate dry skinface, then this tool will suit you exactly. In order for the healing substances to penetrate deep into the epidermis, the manufacturer introduced thermal water from the source of La Roche-Pos into the selenium-enriched thermal water. This cream has a dense consistency. Apply it should be in the morning and at bedtime. The product, as the manufacturer claims and confirms the reviews, not only saturates the skin with life-giving moisture, but also nourishes it with useful substances and vitamins. The composition of the cream includes hydrolipids, which have a surprising similarity to the cells of the epidermis. Thanks to this, the product is instantly absorbed, and moisture is retained inside the skin. If you use the product for a long time, then, as the reviews say, irritations and peeling will disappear.

Cream "Hydra 24" from "Paiot Pari"

The French brand Payot Paristo the development of means for all skin types. For the over-dried derma, a product such as Hydra 24 is suitable. The manufacturer assures that this cream not only perfectly moisturizes dry skin, but also tightens the contour of the face. The reviews mark a light texture, unobtrusive and pleasant aroma, rapid absorption.

the right cream

The cream really moisturizes, even in a frosty winterremoves peeling. In this case, it does not leave a greasy shine, but slightly matiruet. The only negative - a high price of two and a half thousand rubles for a jar of fifty milliliters. But this cream is consumed very sparingly. After all, for round-the-clock humidification, one drop is enough.

Means for eye area care

Eyelids are dry even in people with oily skin. Then what about people with atopy? The area around the eyes is the most vulnerable place. Scales on the upper eyelids do not allow to apply decorative cosmetics. The skin looks irritated, with redness. What to choose for the area around the eyes? Users recommend the 15-ml tube "Cicaplast Baume B5" from the already mentioned French firm "La Roche-Pos". This face cream for dry skin recalls are called salvage for the eyelids. In addition to thermal water, acting soothing, the product contains panthenol and a whole complex of special medicinal substances. The narrow nose of the tube allows you to pinpoint the cream on your eyelids. Exfoliation from the application pass, redness brightens. The price of the money is three hundred rubles for a tube.

BB for dry skin

BB (Blemish Balm) is a masking therapeuticbalm, which has the color of foundation. Invented it in Germany to ensure that patients after deep peelings or plastic surgeries quickly undergo rehabilitation and could be shown to people. Very quickly, BB funds began to be used as decorative cosmetics - like foundation creams. And to whom as not to people with a dry skin to know, how much or as far as makes peeling compact powder!

face cream for dry skin

Among tonalnikov well established itselfVV-cream "Garnier". For dry skin of the face, this remedy is real salvation! The cream not only masks the peeling, it carefully takes care of the dermis, feeding it with moisture. The texture of this drug is fluid, like a fluid. Therefore, it is very well distributed and shaded over the skin, without creating a mask effect. The cream reliably conceals redness, smoothing the tone of the face.

"Baby Milk" from "Baby Line" (Germany)

Baby care cosmetics, in contrast toadult, passes additional quality control. So you can be sure: soap, shampoos, creams and even washing powder, designed for babies, will not cause an allergic reaction. Baby milk from the German company "Baby Line" perfectly moisturizes thin, like a tissue paper, the skin of newborns. It is like enveloping a tender cloud of care, and this effect lasts a long time. Milk does not roll down, does not spoil clothing, quickly absorbs, does not create a feeling of greasy film. It has an appetizing smell of baby powder. If you are looking for a body care product, the milk from Baby Leg will help you out. It perfectly moisturizes dry skin and relieves itching.

Russian Caring Cosmetics

In the lowest price segment by efficiency"Natura Siberica" ​​is in the lead. The face cream for dry skin contains a complex of medicinal herbs, and, importantly, hyaluronic acid. This last substance creates an invisible film on the surface of the dermis, which prevents moisture from evaporating. The cream improves skin tone. It helps to resist the impact of an aggressive environment. The skin becomes elastic and soft when applied.

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