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Benefit of partings

A person does not need warm socks, a glass of water and a handkerchief.

Man is a spiritual being, descending into the material world.

Man needs only development.

Splitting into soul, body, spirit is a trap.

All separation from people is a desire to develop, even when you are not “abandoned”.

You do everything yourself.

Get away from people, from work, from health, from the world, from the image of yourself.

Parting is the only way to save love, at times. Because otherwise you will finally waste resources and destroy each other.

Discount it. Get bored.

People are used to having parting, etc. it's bad, but it's good. Time to part - to save love. And fly further. But a person is surrounded by bonds, bodies of others around his body, these are pads, clues.
The pain that a person feels in separation is the pain of the body, from the stretching of the bond.

Like a fish on a fishing rod.

And it hurts because the spirit cannot move until it falls from the braking hook.
And erased a sense of its essence.

Here on earth there are no other goals and meanings other than personal development.

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