Bench for the press - advice on choosing

Count on the preservation of a slender body andmaintaining good health is possible only with regular training. In particular, those wishing to pump the abdominal area before getting the coveted "cubes" should pay attention to special sports equipment. So, even the most standard bench for the press can help to get a perfect flat stomach literally within a month.

How indispensable is the bench for training the abdominal press?

bench for pressThis simulator becomes simply irreplaceablein cases where it is necessary to get rid of creases in the abdominal region in a short time, remove excess fat from the waist, make the muscles more prominent. By the way, there is such a bench for the press and back, it helps to pump the buttocks and thighs.

Regular sessions on the bench are the most positiveare reflected on the condition of internal organs, make the body systems work with increased activity. Physical loads can get rid of stress, raise morale and force the will to implement the tasks.

Bench for press: basic types

bench for press and backThere are some types of simulators for this purpose. They differ among themselves not only in construction, but also in the degree of strain on individual muscle zones:

  1. Bench with horizontal plane - containsflat, uncontrolled surface. On such a simulator, novice athletes will simply perform the exercise. A bench on a press of this kind can cost around 1500-2000 rubles.
  2. Bench with adjustable backrest - containsAnchoring for fixing the plane at separate angles. Operation of the simulator allows you to work out individual zones with amplification. The price on the domestic market starts from 2500 rubles.
  3. Bench for press with curved plane is ideal for performing elements with emphasis on bending. Similar simulators cost about 2500-3500 rubles.
  4. Roman bench - contains rollers forfixing the feet in a static position. Allows to exert increased loads on the abdominal area due to the lack of an abutment under the back. The prices here start from 4000 rubles.
  5. Universal bench - constructiveFeatures of the simulator open the possibility for pumping not only the abdominal area, but also the legs and back. Usually, it is used as an element of complex training equipment.

Materials of manufacture

bench for the pressOf course, the more qualitative basisUsed to produce a simulator, the longer it serves its owner. To count on the maximum possible functioning of the bench for the press, it is worth giving preference to products with a steel frame. Wood and plastic differ in reduced weight, but can be deformed. In general, the greater the difference between the allowable load and the weight of the athlete, the higher the stability margin of the simulator to damage.

As for the nature of the upholstery, purchaserecommended bench, covered with non-dense dense material. Fillers in the form of foam rubber absorb bad smells and can quickly wear out. Therefore, preference should be given to silicone or crushed rubber chips. When choosing a bench, the presence of accurate, strong seams, the absence of spots of glue, protruding threads. All this indicates a decent upholstery quality.

When choosing a simulator for training the areathe abdominal press is welcomed by the use of antiallergenic materials as materials of manufacture. Otherwise, the appearance of quite unpleasant reactions on the skin as a result of the contact of the surface of the bench with the body.

Useful recommendations

bench bench exerciseWhen choosing a bench for training the press, special attention should be paid to the following:

  1. The simulator should have a convenient and simple adjustment system. This will allow each family member to train, based on personal needs.
  2. Before buying a bench, you should check it again.
  3. It is desirable that the elements that come in contact with the body during active body movements are covered with soft and strong enough material to avoid bruises and bruises.

Bench for the press with your own hands

There are several ways of hand-making the bench for pumping the abdominal press. Let us dwell on the simplest and most accessible.

To make a bench for the press, enoughto get a solid board about 40 cm wide and no less than the height of the tallest user who plans to engage with the device. As a means to change the slope is to use a wooden bar, it is stuffed into one of the endings of the bench. The latter will serve as a basis for engaging the bench behind the stairs of the Swedish wall.

To hold on the board, you can fix the feet behind the crossbar, which is placed immediately above the end of the bench. However, for these purposes, it is more convenient to adapt a strong belt to the end of the product.


make a bench for the pressApparently, the selection of bench for training the pressshould be approached as closely as possible, not only paying attention to the above recommendations, but also based on personal, specific needs. Get a truly ergonomic, high-quality and functional simulator, and classes will be useful, satisfying and safe.

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