Mixes "Bellakt": reviews of real buyers and pediatricians

When for young mothers there is a question about baby food, she tries her best to find the best. It is important to choose a high-quality and suitable milk for the article. In this article we will consider the nutrition of the Belarusian manufacturer - a mixture of "Bellakt", reviews about it, a description and its features.

mix of bellakt reviews

Product Description

Breastmilk is the ideal food for a newborn baby. But not always a woman has the opportunity to feed on their own. Therefore, the topic of choosing baby food remains relevant every day. Many mothers prefer blends "Bellakt". Reviews of this product vary.

Many customers are satisfied with the price - it is acceptable compared to other mixtures. Also pleased with the natural composition, the absence of chemical and flavorings, dyes and preservatives (this is what the manufacturer emphasizes).

Negative reviews about the mixture "Bellakt" highlight the problems of children with digestion, namely the appearance of frequent constipation. Also, some moms do not like the taste of the mixture.And some babies have allergic reactions after feeding.

All Bellakt products are divided into the following types:

  • mixtures for healthy babies (series "Optimum");
  • prophylactic mixtures (series "Comfort", "Immunis", "GA" and "KM");
  • medical nutrition (appointed only by a doctor);
  • Milk for children older than a year.

A mixture of "Bellakt 0-6": reviews

Artificial nutrition from birth to six months is distinguished by a high content of whey proteins - 60%. This milk includes a complex of vitamins and nutrients for newborns. For feeding babies are also used a mixture of "Optimum 1+", "Bellakt KM-1", "Bellakt HA-1".

The women have the following positive points of use:

  • budget price;
  • nutritional composition;
  • pleasant taste.

In the reviews of the mixture "Bellakt 0-6" are often found such disadvantages:

Among all reviews, 52% of customers would recommend this mixture to their friends.

bellakt blend reviews 0 6

A mixture of "Bellakt Comfort 0-12"

Reviews of the mixture "Bellakt 0-12" more positive. Mothers of babies consider this adapted mixture to be good and quite nutritious. For children from six months to a year, such mixtures as Optimum 2+, Bellakt GA-2, Bellakt CM-2 and Immunis 2+ can also be selected.

Among the positive qualities of the mixture are:

  • affordability;
  • no allergies;
  • sweet taste;
  • rapid saturability of babies.

The negative points include:

  • uncomfortable spoon in the kit;
  • small pack size;
  • poor solubility in water;
  • palm oil content.

Among the reviews of the mixture from birth to one year, 74% of respondents would recommend it to their friends.

mix of bellakt reviews 0 12

Mix "Bellakt Immunis 1+"

This food is universal and prophylactic for children with low immunity. It contains bifidobacteria that help the bowels work. The mix "Immunis" is issued under numbers 1, 2, 3, is applied depending on age. Also for one-year-olds, the mixes are Optimum 3+, Bellakt KM-3.

Reviews of the mixture "Bellakt 1+" mostly positive. Those who have tried nutrition note:

  • higher quality mixture compared to the usual "Bellakt";
  • adequate value;
  • pleasant taste of the product, which is pleasant to children;
  • nutrition;
  • good solubility.

Many reviews highlight only positive characteristics and find the mixture as a whole excellent. Among some of the negative opinions you can find such disadvantages:

  • in rare cases, the mixture may cause constipation in babies;
  • uncomfortable spoon in the complex;
  • the mixture is not sold in all stores;
  • The product is demanding to the cooking temperature.

Despite the shortcomings, 84% of people will recommend food to their friends.

mix of bellakt 1 reviews

"Bellakt Optimum"

This mixture is designed for the nutrition of healthy children, it includes probiotics. The series is represented by three products designed for different ages of a child - from birth to three years.

Reviews of the mixture "Bellakt Optimum" note such positive qualities:

  • pleasant taste;
  • affordable price;
  • rapid dissolution;
  • full composition.

Among the negative marks emit individual intolerance, so the mixture is not suitable for all children. Sometimes the product can foam heavily. In addition, it is not sold in all stores.

Bellakt optimum mix reviews

Pediatricians Reviews

When a child becomes ill or feels unwell, the parents first go to an appointment with a pediatrician. In the office of a pediatrician doctor very often raises questions about feed mixes. But every kid requires an individual approach in choosing artificial nutrition.

Pediatricians leave such positive reviews about the mixture "Bellakt":

  • The mixture is cheap enough. Many mothers pay attention to the cost, because, besides food, a small child needs to buy a lot of things, sometimes parents financially cannot cope with needs.
  • The mixture is nutritious. If it fits the child and there are no side effects, then the baby quickly gains weight and feels good.
  • Therapeutic mixtures give quick results, they are of sufficient quality for their value and meet the expectations. But it is impossible to constantly feed the child with such nutrition, and after treatment the question of the selection of the mixture still arises.
  • Many children like the taste, they are happy to eat a sweetened product.

But there are times when a child reacts negatively to the mixture. Among the most common effects of taking "Bellakt" pediatricians distinguish:

  • Palm oil in the composition, high fat milk. Although the first component and increases the energy value of the products, when it is used there may be problems with the chair. This complication occurs most often. Another very serious consequence is that palm oil inhibits calcium absorption. And this component is very important for a growing organism.
  • The second most frequent consequence is a rash on the skin. These are allergic reactions from which no child is immune.
  • "Bellakt" poorly soluble in water. If conditions are not met, the powder crumples, and with strong shaking it foams.

If for some reason a woman does not continue breastfeeding, then the choice of the mixture becomes the most urgent problem. After analyzing the reviews, we can conclude that it is important to pay special attention to the composition of the product. Selection of food should be done by a qualified doctor. He will advise on the issues of transition to another mixture, selects the optimal nutrition for the child, taking into account his state of health and the requirements of the parents. Also, many reviews claim that saving on mixtures is not worth it.

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