Beds Ormatek: customer reviews

Choosing a bed is a very important matter. It, as a rule, is acquired for a long period of time, so a mistake in choosing can become a significant problem. The company "Ormatek" is known in many cities of Russia: in Vladivostok and Kazan, in St. Petersburg and Tyumen and in others. Someone praises her products, some remain unhappy. So what are the beds of "Ormatek", the responses about which are quite different? What products can I buy by visiting Ormatek sales salon?

About company

Having started making mattresses in 2001, the companyOrmatek did not limit itself to this production alone. First, she moved to the newest equipment and technologies, then decided to achieve maximum results and in 2011 she became the record holder for the largest mattress in the country (its area was 114 square meters). A year later, bedside tables and beds "Ormatek." Feedback from customers about the products did not take long to wait - mostly people were satisfied with the products.

For its fifteen-year history, the company received the approval of independent experts from Russia and entered into a cooperation agreement with an international corporation that manufactures sleeping products.

Popular products

As at the very beginning of the company's history, today,Of course, the most popular beds and mattresses "Ormatek." The bed can be chosen, as they say, for every taste and color. Here are options for one person and for a couple, for a child and for fans of all the original (round beds), metal, covered with leather or eco-leather. The bed can be chosen with a simple base or with a lifting mechanism, which will allow you to get extra space, for example, for storing bed linen.

beds ormatek reviews

Relatively recently in the company "Ormatek" steelto produce a transformable base. If necessary, it becomes curved: in this position it is convenient to watch TV. By simply pressing the button, the bed returns to its normal state.

As a useful addition to mattressesthe company offers a wide choice of mattress covers. They not only protect the interior from contamination and possible moisture penetration, but also correct the surface, soften it or, on the contrary, make it tougher.

Material mattress can also be different: from simple satin to soft foam with a memory effect. In addition, even the simplest version from the inside is covered with a special moisture resistant coating, but it remains breathable.

Such in general terms are beds Ormatek. Reviews of products in large numbers literally make it necessary to consider in more detail some of the options.

Reviews about beds "Ormatek" with a lifting mechanism

In small rooms, a bed with a liftmechanism becomes really indispensable furniture. The main thing is that it is quality and easy to use. The company "Ormatek" offers a large number of models that can be supplemented with a lifting mechanism. It can be both children's and beds designed for adults.

Seventeen variants of models (a series of beds Como and some others) are already initially designed for such a mechanism, however, it can be abandoned.

reviews about bedding ormatek with lifting mechanism

Most reviews about this type of bedcontain positive impressions. The mechanism, according to customers, is fairly simple when opening / closing, but some effort still needs to be applied. Some even argue that without a mattress it is quite difficult to lower the bed. What is at the same time a positive characteristic, as this will become an obstacle for penetration of a small child under the bed.

Negative statements about the lifting mechanism inbeds "Ormatek" is also found. At the same time, some people collected the bed on their own, which could very likely affect the overall quality of the goods.

Bed-transformer "Ormatech": reviews

Among the large assortment in beds "Ormatech"One interesting model can be distinguished. She, in essence, is a sofa that easily transforms into a bed. But this is not a simple decomposition of the sofa: a special Italian transformation mechanism allows you to get a full bed or even two. On its frame is fixed a mattress, which is not included in the set of tansformer, it can be selected separately from special samples. The width of the sofa can be ordered at own will from 70 to 160 cm.

This option is perfect for those who do notcan afford a high-grade bed, but very much appreciates the real rest. Also it can be used for a children's room or for guests who stayed overnight. In the daytime it will be compact in the living room, and at night it will function as a spacious bed.

The color of the upholstery sofa bed can be selected from several options, which will successfully fit the furniture into the existing interior.

Few know what you can buy from a companyOrmatek sofa bed. Reviews of the owners of this unique furniture design are positive. Buyers believe that they made absolutely the right choice, because even the most comfortable sofa can not be compared with this model.

Bed "Etude"

Bed "Etude" is presented in five versions: simple, with drawer, with a lifting mechanism, a sofa and a sofa plus (with a drawer). The basis for all products is orthopedic, the material is laminated chipboard. The color can be selected from eight options. The bed can be chosen for both a teenager and an adult.

The price policy of these products is sufficientacceptable. The cheapest thing to buy a simple bed without mechanisms the size of 80h190 cm for 5990 rubles. The most expensive option will cost 25 940 rubles per bed with a lifting mechanism (200x220 cm).

bed etude ormatek reviews

Probably, thanks to a good price andquality, the bed "Etude" ("Ormatek") is very popular. The testimonies testify to this. In particular, the buyers of this bed say that for the money spent on the bed of this series, it is possible to buy only one-time furniture in other companies.

Bed "Accord"

Similar to the model "Etude" bed "Accord"(Ormatek). Customer testimonials indicate that they often had to make a choice between these two models. Beds "Accord" are also made in a simple form, without any frills. The material of the product is laminated chipboard. Dimensions range from 80x190 cm to 200x220 cm.

In the above series, the head of the bed isrounded shape. Only the models "Accord" look a bit more massive "Etude". In addition, the first series has only two versions: a simple bed and with a lifting mechanism. The cost of this model is slightly higher than the previous one, the minimum price is 8190 rubles.

bed chord ormatek reviews

Bed Alba

If there is a desire to purchase a bed upholsteredEco-leather, then the Alba "Ormatek" bed will be an excellent option. Reviews of its owners praise a fairly low price (the minimum version will cost 8888 rubles, including a 50% discount, which often happens), a comfortable rectangular head with a simple decorative stitching and a laconic appearance.

You can choose it with both a lifting gear andand without it. The color of eco-skin is presented in four versions: white, black, beige and brown. In addition, you have to choose the base, because it is not included in the total cost.

bed alba ormatek reviews

Add a bed can be a compact bedside table with two drawers. Outside, it is studded, like a bed, with eco-leather.

Bed "Atlantico"

For fans of all elegant and exquisitecompany "Ormatek" has developed a bed "Atantiko". Its shape resembles a wave, even unnoticeably, as the headboard turns into a base. This option is more status than the previous ones. Accordingly, the cost of this bed is an order of magnitude higher - from 47,990 rubles.

Upholstery bed can be made furniturecloth (in 6 colors) or eco-leather. In turn, eco-leather can choose matte or pearl, for the latter option will have to pay a little (4 thousand rubles), as, indeed, for the fabric.

The minimum width of the bed is one hundred and forty centimeters (with a length of 190 cm). The maximum size of a berth is 200x220.

The built-in basement does not have an Ormatek bed"Atlantico". Customer feedback on this score, of course, is not always positive, since it is necessary to pay a minimum of 4190 rubles. But this does not spoil the general impression. To this model, despite the curved shape, you can pick up a box with a lifting mechanism, albeit a shallow depth.

bed ormatec atlantico reviews

When buying a bed, it should be borne in mind that a curved shape takes up much more space than a conventional sleeping model. To the width it is necessary to add thirty-one centimeters, and to the length-forty-one.

Other products

Not onlybeds Ormatek. Feedback about the rest of the company's products allows us to make sure of this. So, for example, "Ormatek" suggests adding a comfortable pillow to the bed. You can choose a simple version of an ergonomic shape or a product with a memory effect. Buyers often prefer the Aqua Soft pillow with a cool gel inside.

beds ormatek customer reviews

So, when the bed with a mattress is installed, the pillow is selected, there is not enough only bed linen. In "Ormatek" you can buy it: in the kit or separately.

Since the moment when the company opened itsmanufacture of furniture for the bedroom, its range is only increasing. The modern bedroom can be fully furnished with "Ormatek" products: bedside tables and wardrobe, pouffes and armchairs, chest of drawers and shelving.

Buyers choose

The top three beds are threevariants of different models: Como 4, Corco 6 and Veda 4. These beds have approximately the same value. The average price is 32 500 rubles (without a mattress). Beds can be completed with bedside tables, and the first and third model also with rhinestones in the headboard and around the perimeter of the box.

Among the mattresses, hits are Season MaxSSH and Optima Mix EVS. Virtually all of them assume a load of 160 kg. Quite often, Ormatek company conducts various actions and sales, which makes products more affordable.

Guarantee conditions

The warranty period, i.e., the period of time when the seller company is responsible for the factory quality of its products, for different goods, Ormatek is different. The biggest guarantee is given to a certain collection of mattresses (Ocean, Premium and some others), it is 25 years old. For pillows and bed bases the manufacturer is responsible for a year and a half, for mattress covers - two years.

From one and a half to three years is the guaranteeterm for furniture, including on the bed "Ormatek". Feedback on the warranty issues are quite sharp. Many complain about the indifferent behavior of sellers when applying for a guarantee. There are, of course, and reviews about the successful resolution of the conflict and the replacement of defective goods.

When choosing a bed "Ormatek" customer reviewsyou can listen and read for a long time, wondering if the truth was written by people or just competitors want to spoil the reputation. Therefore, if there is a desire to purchase the products of the company "Ormatech", then it is worthwhile first to look at the products themselves, and then to draw conclusions.

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