Bedroom decoration in Scandinavian style

The bedrooms in the Scandinavian style are designthe interior is timeless. Bright, simple rooms are always relevant. In addition, they are easy to perform. Scandinavian style is great for any size room. Consider how to arrange a bedroom.

bedrooms in Scandinavian style

What is the interior

Bedrooms in the Scandinavian style are real samples of excellent taste. In such interiors there is no place for pretentiousness. In the design there is no color variety or many details.

The main characteristics of the style:

  • maximum functionality;
  • minimalism.

However, the bedroom in the Scandinavian style (photoallows you to see this) does not look cold or empty. It is always calm and cozy in it. By tradition the room is filled with light. After all, in the northern countries, there is enough darkness.

Designers identify several important points,which should have a bedroom, decorated in Scandinavian style. They should be specially mentioned. After all, a holistic perception of the interior is based precisely on these details.

Color spectrum

Scandinavian style formed a depressingly long winter, late dawns, lack of natural light. Therefore, there are no dark and heavy details in it.

bedroom in Scandinavian style photo

For a bedroom in Scandinavian style, designers recommend using this palette:

  1. White. This is the main color of this direction.
  2. Blue. It is also popular. A variety of shades of blue are used.
  3. Gold. It perfectly complements the blue scale.
  4. Red. This color acquires wide popularity in design of a bedroom in traditional style.

Thinking about the design of the room, you can usea variety of colors, but remember that they should be muted (light green, light brown, light yellow). Pastel colors are suitable for a bedroom: mint, cream, ivory, beige. The furniture is characterized by natural shades of wood.

Materials used

Bedroom decoration in Scandinavian styleimplies the use of exclusively natural materials. The interior perfectly fit: metal, wood, leather, glass, cotton, fur. It is best to use wood from those species that grow in the north. This is alder, birch, pine.

bedroom design in Scandinavian style

Bedroom Architecture

There are several important points in the Scandinavian style.

To recreate in the bedroom the atmosphere of comfort and tranquility, characteristic for this direction, you should follow some recommendations:

  1. Traditionally, the style implies high ceilings. In the room there should be huge niches with glass windows.
  2. Curtains, as a rule, are not used in the interior. But if they are still there, then these are light, transparent curtains, necessarily of light colors.
  3. The main rule is the absence of unnecessary items and details. The interior should contain a lot of open space and be filled with light.
  4. Floors must be wooden, made of light wood. You can use a laminate or a parquet board. Window frames are recommended wooden, making up a single ensemble with a floor.
  5. The walls, decorated with beige or white plaster, can be covered with blue, gray paint. This is a budget option. For more expensive you can use boards or wooden panels.
  6. A special highlight and the final touch in the Scandinavian design will make a fireplace. If the premises permit, then it is possible to equip a small stove. Very comfortable looks even an artificial fireplace.

bedroom decoration in Scandinavian style

Lighting Features

Planning a bedroom design in Scandinavian style,be sure to pay attention to lighting. It means the most natural. Do not forget that this direction is characterized by simplicity and naturalness.

This applies to lighting:

  1. Do not fit huge chandeliers with a lot of pendants. Intricate gold sconces also do not fit into this design.
  2. It is recommended to choose lamps for the bedroom that are in the same style. In this case, the room must be filled with a soft diffusing light.
  3. The "northern" bedroom is well accentuated by creamy, creamy, gently pink lampshades. Look great metal lamps.
  4. Very bras look like candles.

Furniture, characteristic for style

Since this direction is characteristicminimalism, it should be noted that the room should not be cluttered with interior items. Choosing furniture, the emphasis is not on beauty and elegance, but on convenience and practicality. Scandinavians do not seek to defeat the surrounding luxury furnishings. For them other priorities are important.

Furniture for the interior must meet the following style requirements:

  • be comfortable;
  • made of natural materials;
  • harmoniously fit into the design.

The most common are the small bedrooms inScandinavian style. After all, this direction does not imply furniture that eats space. In the design there is no room for huge closets, cumbersome sofas, armchairs.

small bedrooms in Scandinavian style

Choosing interior items, listen to the recommendations of designers:

  1. By tradition, light furniture is used. However, the Scandinavian style includes a game of contrasts. You can use 1-2 items in the room in dark shades. For example, chocolate bars or a black bed look harmonious enough in a light interior.
  2. Classics of Scandinavian style will emphasizevintage furniture. Look great old bedside tables, bookshelves, massive chests. Such items can be used for their intended purpose. The chest will perfectly accommodate things that are not used daily. In such an interior is appropriate wooden shop, Viennese chairs.
  3. If you want to make a modern bedroom, then fromthe above-described exotics can be abandoned. To replace the vintage furniture will come a glass table, a wardrobe. Harmoniously fit into the interior of the banquet. The design of the table and an armchair from a vine or a rattan is underlined.

However, remember that the furniture in the room must beminimum. After all, this direction implies the availability of free space. Be sure to plan the interior in advance, especially if you are making out a small bedroom.

Elements of decor

How to decorate the interior? Scandinavian style in the interior of the bedroom is based on minimalism. Therefore ostentatious luxury for him is uncharacteristic. Decor should enhance the mood and emphasize the main idea of ​​design.

Experts recommend performing such tasks as follows:

  1. If the room used contrasting furniture, then this idea can be supported and decor items. For example, on the walls to place several photographs framed in dark frames.
  2. Restrained light design can be diluted with bright colors. Effectively look fluffy bedspreads, pillows, sustained in a juicy palette. You can use bedside bright rugs, pictures.
  3. Harmoniously fit in the interior of animal skins, warm bedspreads.
  4. The motifs of snowflakes are often used in decor. Complement the snow theme silvery lampshades.
  5. The wall near the head of the bed can be identified. For her use wallpaper with large patterns.

Scandinavian style in the interior of the bedroom

The bedroom in the Scandinavian style is a reflection of your inner world. You can put in the design of the room a romantic, gentle and even a fabulous mood.

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