Beauty at All Times: Pearl Necklaces

Several centuries ago, pearl jewelry wasprerogative of persons of royal blood and noble persons. In our time, with the easy flow of the famous Coco Chanel, pearl necklaces have become the most preferred for hundreds of thousands of women of the globe.
Chanel was adorned with a pearl thread and a famous little black dress, and a business suit. Coco has introduced new ways of using pearl jewelry.

How to Choose a Pearl Necklace

From time immemorial in the East, pearlnecklaces were considered sacred, and in the western states - ideally created and refined natural creation. There are no things that would be more beautiful and refined than small beads of mother-of-pearl shades, which are strung on a string. However, in order for the jewelry to evoke positive emotions, it is necessary to select them correctly.
There are no specific rules for the certification of pearly peas, because it is impossible to find identical in form pearls. Certification applies only to artificial pearls.
Often, when making a choice, buyers payattention to outdoor appearance, price and only then - quality. And the latter must pay attention first. You should know that real necklaces of pearls can be purchased only in the jewelry salon or from the manufacturer, but not at the marketplace. In the salon, upon request, a certificate for the product will be provided. To distinguish fake pearl necklaces from the original ones is not so difficult, it is enough to scratch the pearl with a needle (although it is unlikely that the seller will allow it): if a trace of a different color is observed, then the purchase should be abandoned - artificial pearls.
Natural pearls exist in several types: cultivated (in marine or river plantations) and natural.
It is natural - the most valuable and expensive,he is never sold in ordinary salons. These pearly peas are very rare, because they are grown without human participation - a grain of sand penetrates into the mollusc and fades layer by layer with mother of pearl.
Much more often you can find pearl necklaces andother ornaments from cultured pearls. Such a product should not be considered artificial, because pearls also ripen in the same molluscs. Only the latter are grown on special farms under the supervision of specialists.
Cultured pearls have many shades(approximately 120 species), both natural color, and tinted. However, artificial coloring only enhances the quality of raw materials (pearls). A variety of colors allows you to look for different shades to the type of skin of the future hostess, and the time of year: cold shades - for the winter period, warm - for the summer. When choosing pearls, it is necessary to examine them against a light background in order to assess the saturation of the color.

The price depends on the form

The more perfect the shape of pearls, the more expensiveproduct. Ideally even rounded beads to find extremely difficult. More common is the so-called baroque form, which looks better with precious metals. The product should consist of symmetrical pearls and be characterized by common features or features.

Types of necklaces

Pearl necklace (photo of different variants are presented below) usually consists of several different in length strands. They are used in wearing with specific clothing.
"Kollar" - the shortest pearl necklaces, theymade of many threads and lie strictly on the neck, thus, look like a collar. They are also called "collar", and the length of the thread is only thirty-three centimeters. They will face women with a long neck and slender figure, and also combine with outfits that have a cutout "boat" or V-shaped.pearl necklaces
"Choker" - one thread length of forty centimeters, is combined not only with evening dresses, but also an office suit. Looks great in the gate. Such pearl necklaces are considered classics. pearl necklace pictures
"Princesses" also refers to the classical,suitable for ladies of any age and constitution to any outfits. The thread easily falls on the clavicles and visually makes the neck longer. Can be combined with a to choose a pearl necklace
"Rope" - the length of the thread is one meter and 12 cm,so there are a lot of ways to use it, you can wrap your neck several times and combine it with a solemn outfit, permissible - in one row with a golf or sweater.pearl necklace with your own hands
"Opera" and "matine" are used with business outfits and casual clothes, just rush over it.

Handmade of pearl necklace

To create a pearl necklace with your own handsit is necessary to take a thread, pass into the opening of the callot and tie a sufficiently large knot at the end, then impregnate it with glue to avoid unleashing. Next, clamp the callot round-nosed with the remaining inside the nodule.
Next stage: string the pearls on the prepared thread. To avoid abrasions and scratches on the surface of the pearls, tie the knot after each bead (so they will not touch). Another option: alternate with beads or other decor elements.
It is necessary to tie it so that it does not remain at allunnecessary string, and the nodules should fit snugly. For this, it is necessary to hold the eyelet, which is tightened, with a needle, holding the needle and bead, and pulling the string toward itself (the nodule itself slides to the required position).
When the last pearl is strung, it is necessary to pass the needle into the callot and again tighten the knot, it is better not to one, and pour again with adhesive solution. Then hold the callot.
The thread is ready, it remains to attach parts of the fastener. Kalloty have hooks, which are easy to unbend and grab their ear.
This is all - the elegant necklace is ready.

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