Battery for scooter.

Where in Barnaul can I buy a battery for a scooter? Need 12 volt. Already went to the market, I can not find anywhere.
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Vlad Nosov
Vlad Nosov
Answered on July 11 06:24
Yes, it seems like now there are lots of offers, at least for a scooter, at least for a moped or motorcycle. If not in ordinary motor stores, then you can search the Internet, you will definitely find.
Answered on July 11, 06:32
What brand of scooter do you have? And what kind of battery do you need - gel, acid or paste? When you buy inspect for chips, cracks. I recently bought a battery, did not really consider it, put it on a scooter, and it leaked. So check when you buy. If you do not find it in regular stores, you can easily buy online. Here, for example, immediately found a store where you can buy a battery for a 12 volt scooter.
Answered on July 11, 06:36
Buy a good quality battery, and then go on a trip, but he will let you down and the scooter will not start. I often ride a scooter in the country. And go to the store and go fishing.

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