"Barberi": clothes for the most stylish and discerning

Not so long ago, the world congratulated with a century and a halfanniversary fashion house "Barbary". The clothing of this manufacturer is famous for its impeccable quality, fidelity to style and originality of design solutions. Today, the products of this brand are one of the most popular in the best fashion boutiques in the world.

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Burberry: The Beginning

In 1856 the first "Barberi" store was opened. The clothes presented there were invented and created by the owner. They were Thomas Berberi. This was the beginning of the history of the brand, which is now popular all over the world.

By that time Thomas was already a banner. It is his pen that belongs to such a magnificent creation as gabardine - waterproof, wear-resistant and beautiful fabric, which is in demand today. At first Thomas Burberry wore a military uniform from gabardine, making adjustments to the design as well. By the way, it was exactly then that the famous trench coat was born, later moved from the army barracks to the wardrobes of city dandies. But this is not limited! One day, it occurred to Thomas to work not only on the exterior, but also on the "inner world" of clothes - and he began to invent the pattern for lining. "Why not make it in a cage, mixing white, red, black and sandy?" thought a brilliant tailor once. No sooner said than done. Today, this ornament is recognizable and beloved, it is with pleasure and even falsified. It was named "Nova" and is considered one of the main attributes of the "Barberi" style. Clothes, bags, gloves, scarves, ornaments - where only you will not meet the famous black-red-sand cage!

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Today the manufacturer works in two directions:

  • Burberry London - a line of clothes "haute couture". It is demonstrated at the most prestigious fashion shows. Her development is engaged personally creative director of the brand Christopher Bailey. Is it worth saying that the clothes included in this category are fabulous money?
  • Burberry Prorsum - a portable line,close to the daily fashion of the modern city. There is one of the main rules of "Barbary": clothes should be comfortable. In this series, cozy things, slightly reminiscent of the form of the British soldiers of her Majesty's army of the last century, prevail.

Famous and in demand not only clothes foradults, but also other areas of creativity "Barbary": children's clothing, jewelry, numerous accessories. The manufacturer pays great attention to the development of models for small mods, treating them with seriousness and seeing in them from childhood their future customers.

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About the Burberry style

For the second hundred years the manufacturerdemonstrates excellent taste and following classical traditions. Among his creations you are unlikely to stumble upon momentary trends and screaming lasciviousness - this is the destiny of manufactory Asia and imitators. "Barberi" creates a fashion, but does not follow her.

The style of "Barbary" in clothes is always maintained andrestrained, thought out to detail so carefully that any of its components looks expensive, high-quality, stylish. There are several main trends:

  • ideal accuracy of patterns, use of author elements, complex designs;
  • quality of tailoring: smooth stitches, worked edges, high detail;
  • features of greatcoat style, but without a deep immersion in the military;
  • use of the highest quality fabrics;
  • well-thought-out fittings.

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Barberi: clothes for the most stylish and discerning Barberi: clothes for the most stylish and discerning Barberi: clothes for the most stylish and discerning Barberi: clothes for the most stylish and discerning Barberi: clothes for the most stylish and discerning