Bar "European" (Penza): menu, reviews

Today in the city of Penza worksa sufficient number of different bars and restaurants, where every person has the opportunity to relax, as well as taste delicious drinks and incredibly original masterpieces of cooking. Right now we will go to this city in order to conduct a brief overview of one institution that works there every day!

basic information

To begin with, we note that the European Bar in Penzarepresents the best places in the city. The average bill here varies from 1000 to 3000 rubles per person, and additional dignity can be called the availability of wifi and the opportunity to order a business lunch.

Bar "European" (Penza)

In addition, on the territory of this restaurant-bar you can taste dishes of Russian and European cuisine, and the price category of the institution many of its visitors consider very high.

As for the contacts that are necessary forin order to call the administrator, clarify any information and find out whether there is an opportunity to hold a particular banquet or some other event, in this case phone numbers can be viewed on the official site of the institution.

Schedule of work and location

If you want to visit the European Bar inPenza, then come to the address: Pushkin Street, house 43. This institution has been working there for more than one year, so almost all local residents have ever heard something good about the restaurant-bar "European".

The schedule of work here is as follows: every day from 6 pm to 5 am. In general, come here and try new masterpieces of cooking, as well as elegantly spend time in a pleasant company.

Basic map of dishes

In the main menu of the European Bar in Penza, youyou can find cold and hot snacks, salads, second hot dishes, desserts and snacks for beer. For example, if you came here just to have a bite, then pay attention to salads, which in this case are represented exactly 10 options: "Greek" for 180 rubles., "Di Mare" for 220 rubles., "Leon" for 190 rubles, "Sea Pearl" for 220 rubles, "Olivier" for 220 rubles., "Porthos" for 230 rubles., "Prague" for 230 rubles, "Salman" for 210 rubles., "Caesar" for 290 rubles. , "Caesar" with salmon for 320 rubles.

Bar "European" (Penza): photo report

Besides, if you came here to do this,just to drink a intoxicating drink with friends or colleagues, then pay attention to the snacks for beer. In this case, they are not very many, but they are all quite tasty and nutritious. For example, you can order a calzone for 280 rubles. And also assorted under the name "Birshtub" for 380 rubles. or sets "Beer" for 360 rubles and "Sea" for 550.

In general, the choice of dishes is big enough, so you can pick up good dishes that you like!


How do you feel about sweet dishes? If you like sweets, then for certain you want to know what dishes are ready to offer you in the bar "European" (Penza), photo reports of which are constantly published in the group in the social network "VKontakte".

So, here you can try tiramisu withpear for 80 rubles, as well as cheesecake for the same amount. In addition, it is worth paying attention to the cream ice cream for 150 rubles., Which is served with fruit. There you will find kiwi, banana, grapes, as well as fruit syrup and walnuts.

Bar "European" (Penza): the menu

In the same way you can order a fruita plate, the cost of which is 550 rubles. In addition, in addition to the order is available fruit salad for 150 rubles., Which is prepared from whipped cream, pear, kiwi, mandarin, grapes, almonds and fruit syrup. Finally it is worth noting that the strudel with a pear here costs only 150 rubles. And its taste is simply extraordinary, so be sure to try it!

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