Bangladesh ... What country is this? Where is it?

"Bangladesh, which country is this, where is it located?" - questions of such a plan can be heard quite often. However, one should not rush to convict those interested in geographical illiteracy. Agree, this tiny state can not be known.

So, imagine South-East Asia ... The country of Bangladesh is located just in this part of our planet. Among its characteristic features, first of all, it is necessary to single out the flat conditions of the Ganges delta, the chain of the Himalayas in the north and access to the Indian Ocean. And in general, we can not but note that the natural conditions here are very extreme. Here, throughout the year, not only is the heat, but also high humidity.

Section 1. Bangladesh. What country? General information about the state

Bangladesh which country

Since the climate in Bangladesh is hot, tourists from temperate climates are advised to visit this country in a relatively cool period, which begins at the end of November and ends at the end of February. In June and July, heavy rains are raining here, and in October strong winds begin.

In the past, this mill was called the Bengali Country.

Very often you can hear that Bangladesh - India is the same, or rather, one of its parts. No, of course, now this is a separate state, although in the Middle Ages it was under the rule of Indian rulers. In the 18-th century - it was a colony of Great Britain.

In 1971, Bangladesh became an independent state. The capital is Dhaka. At present, the state occupies the 7 place in the world in terms of population size.

Section 2. Bangladesh. What country? sightscountry Bangladesh

Tourists who come to Bangladesh are advised to visit the archaeological sites, because the historical sites found here are more than 4 thousand years old. Very interesting mansions maharaj 13-19-th centuries, and temples located deep in the jungle.

The main attraction of the capital of the country is Fort Lalbach (17-th century, fortress architecture refers to the style of the Great Moguls).

Here, among other things, there are many mosques.

A great interest visit to Bangladesh is for those who study monuments related to the history of Buddhist monasteries, the largest of which is Salban Vihara. This monument of culture and history is a monastic complex. It is part of the objects of an important center of Buddhist culture, in which more than 50 historical and cultural monuments (ruins of Minimati, 7-12-th centuries).

Comilla ... It is here that the world's largest number of Hindu historical monuments are located. It should be noted that the Jagannath Temple (16-th century) is a fine example of a hut-shaped structure.

On the border with Burma, you can relax on the beach Cox-Bazaar. The beaches here are huge, but the sea is clean. According to experts, in these places you can not be afraid of sharks. The resort is distinguished by a bright Burmese color and an almost undeveloped recreation infrastructure, but there are many holidaymakers throughout the year.

Section 3. Bangladesh. What country and what should a traveler know about?

Bangladesh India

First of all, it is worth paying attention to the fact that there is a great shortage of water in Bangladesh. This problem, perhaps, is one of the most urgent.

Also in this country there are many poor people, but people here are life-loving, and the population increases year by year. Travelers should not worry - they are provided with benevolent and curious views.

By the way, it should be noted that in the capital there is a State University, whose building was built in a colonial style (built at the beginning of the 20-th century).

Experienced tourists warn that the rules of the road in the country are almost not observed, anda trip in city buses, which are characterized by high speed in the country, congestion and absolute non-observance of traffic rules, can become a dangerous adventure.

Hotels here, no doubt, are present, but from the windows of the hotel, which is located in the rich area of ​​the capital, it is still evident that near people live in extreme poverty (dirt, crowding, accumulation of garbage).

And yet in such an exotic country as Bangladesh it's worth to visit to see everything with your own eyes.

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