Bangladesh ... This is where? We answer the question

Bangladesh is where? Such a question can be asked by many, and it is unlikely that we should be reproached for them in geographical illiteracy. In fact, only a few people have heard about this tiny state, and it has been possible to visit units.

Section 1. Bangladesh is where? General description of the country

Bangladesh is whereIf you look at the map of the world, then in the southeastpart of Asia, you can easily find the republican state of Bangladesh. On its territory, the plains predominate, the Ganges and Myanmar rivers flow, and in the north the chain of the Himalayan mountains is located. The Bay of Bengal is a kind of pass to the Indian Ocean.

That is where Bangladesh is on the map, you, if you try, will answer any schoolboy, but the origin of the country itself has a rather difficult history.

It should be noted that the republic is located in the eastern part of the Bengal region, as the name of the country eloquently testifies. In translation, "Bangladesh" literally sounds like "a country of Bengalis".

Until that moment, until Bengal became one of thenumerous colonies of Great Britain, it was ruled by Indian rulers. In 1947 there was a division of Bengal on a religious basis. Part of the territory where the population mainly preached Islam, went to Pakistan.

And already in 1971 Bengal was proclaimed an independent country. But this status had yet to be confirmed by entering into an armed struggle with the Pakistani army.

Section 2. Bangladesh is where? Local Features

where is BangladeshAbout this country, as it turned out, you can tell a lot and interesting. Here are a few interesting facts.

The view that Russia is the most populouscountry, can be considered erroneous, since there are many more people living in Bangladesh. An approximate area of ​​the republic itself can be obtained if the territories of Lithuania and Latvia are put together. Agree, to the Russian size is far away.

Few people surmise that the republicBangladesh, according to international standards, is among the poorest. The problem of water shortage here is extremely acute. Local residents who live on the bank of the river, can be attributed to the lucky ones.

It should be noted that the trishaw - it's a familiar means of transportation in this state, there is hardly another country where people travel around the city on such transport.

It is hard to imagine that public toiletsin the form of channels are available at every step. But they are created exclusively for the male population, since women are generally forbidden to leave the walls of the house. And what is even more surprising is the close proximity of the places and Armenian churches.

By the way, the presence of traffic lights here does not mean at all that someone is paying attention to them. And bus drivers can be compared only with the most desperate participants in races without rules.

Section 3. Bangladesh is where? Local Attractions and Features

where is Bangladesh on the map Bangladesh is an extremely attractive state for tourists. There are many interesting places worth visiting.

Capital Dhaka, although located in the heart of the citycountry, has nothing to do with modern megacities, the surroundings here are more like the Babylon known to all. The main attraction is Fort Lalbach, whose construction, however, was never completed. Here you can also look at the famous mosque Hussain Dalan.

The second largest city is Chittagong, located on the banks of the Carnapuli River. Nearby there is a single district, whose inhabitants preach Christianity, it is called Paterhatta.

Also worth a visit is the local Ethnological Museum, which features interesting historical exhibitions.

Nature lovers will definitely like the rural areaRangmati. It belongs to the Chakma tribe, but tourists are always welcome here. Lake Kaptai, along the banks of which grow tropical evergreen trees - a real natural gem of this place.

Well, we answered the question about whereis Bangladesh. Moreover, we also acquainted our readers with the main features and attractions of the region.

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