Maybe someone came across and knows which bandage is better to use after childbirth and where can I buy it in Kazakhstan? I have a caesarean section at the end of July, I read that right after it I need to wear a bandage.
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Answered on July 17, 11:31
Did you consult with the doctor about this? In my opinion, there may be contraindications for wearing a bandage after childbirth. It is better to first consult with a specialist.
Answered on July 17, 11:43
I wore a bandage after a cesarean. The doctor said that this is necessary so that the internal organs do not fall. Still, it is abdominal surgery, and it is better to prevent complications. But that was six years ago, so I don’t even remember where I bought this bandage.
Answered on July 17, 11:51
The author, the girls above have advised you correctly - let a specialist tell you about the need to wear a postpartum brace, do not make such decisions on your own. And you can buy a bandage in the shops of medical equipment.

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