Bamboo at home - growing tips

Among the variety of indoor plants, bamboo has a special place. This wonderful looks great in greenhouses, and in a refined modern interior. In terms of apartments most often grow dwarf bamboo.

bamboo at home

Bamboo at home

Such a plant as a dwarf bamboo is different in that its stems are straw-like. Such stems are hollow inside. On stems articulated isthmuses are clearly distinguished, on which narrow linear leaves are located. In specialized stores you can buy several varieties of bamboo: motley, bluish, bamboo Muriel, multi-layered and shiny. Bamboo is an evergreen plant, flowering process which occurs once in a lifetime. After the bamboo ottsvetet - he dies.

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Care for indoor bamboo

Bamboo at home requires some care. A huge role in the cultivation of this plant is played by factors such as heat and humidity.Since bamboo is a tropical plant, it prefers regular spraying and abundant watering. Bamboo at home is best placed in a place where there will be enough light and heat. Watering plants need to be adjusted in accordance with the local climate. In the case when the soil in the pot dries out very quickly, it is necessary to water the bamboo at home quite often. When the humidity is moderate, watering the plant every day is not required. It is important to observe the reaction of bamboo to watering. If there is a surplus of moisture, then the leaves begin to sag, and if moisture is not enough - curl. Many indoor plants, bamboo in particular, can be grown in a special gel or in water, but for this you need to know some details. In order to grow in water, it is necessary to prepare special fertilizers, which contain the necessary amount of minerals useful for the plant. If bamboo is planned to grow in a gel, it should be remembered that after a certain period of time the gel loses beneficial substances, and the plant no longer receives substances useful for development and growth.The soil for growing bamboo can be different - the one that is sold in flower shops will do.

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Bamboo pot

An important point in the cultivation of bamboo is the choice of a pot for planting, more precisely, the shape and size of the pot in which the plant will be located. It is highly desirable that the rhizomes of the plant do not approach the walls of the pot closer than five centimeters. The root system of bamboo is formed almost horizontally. When the roots come close to the walls of the pot, the plant should be transplanted into a more spacious pot. Bamboo, like many other plants, is transplanted in the spring. When transplanting, it is desirable to replace the soil in the pot with a new one, as it gradually loses its beneficial properties. When the plant reaches three years of age, the need for transplantation is significantly reduced. Growing bamboo is not particularly difficult, and with proper care it will become a real decoration of the apartment.

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