Baked pumpkin with apples in the oven: the best recipes and cooking features

Actual at any time of the year, but especially good in the autumn-spring period, when the body lacks vitamins, baked pumpkin with apples in the oven. This method of preparation allows you to save the maximum amount of nutrients in the products, and in this respect this orange vegetable is a real champion.

baked pumpkin with apples in the oven

Why bake is good

Pumpkin with apples, baked in the oven correctly, will retain all the richness of its taste, flavor and will remain as juicy as possible, without losing all its usefulness. This is the perfect dish for those who are struggling with kilograms or watching their weight, as it absolutely does not require the addition of butter and sugar. In general, baking is considered one of the most successful options in terms of heat treatment, which preserves the full flavor of the product in a convenient, fast way, which does not take much time from the hostess.It should be noted that this type of preparation also implies the formation of a crisp crust, as with ordinary roasting, but it does not harm the body, since it does not contain cholesterol.

pumpkin with apples baked in the oven

Useful dessert

Everybody loves sweets, and even if we do not eat them every day, then from time to time we are just terribly drawn to something really harmful, high-calorie and tasty. And here, too, will come to the rescue of a pumpkin baked in the oven. Sweet, with apples and a small amount of fragrant natural honey, it will not only bring us pleasure, but also will not spoil the mood at all, because thoughts about having eaten something harmful again will not appear after such a dessert.

Baked apples with pumpkin recipe

Let's start with the elementary

Pumpkin should be present in the diet of each family, explain why. This vegetable is infinitely rich in vitamins, microelements and fiber, which is so necessary for everyone for excellent digestion. It is endlessly recommended by nutritionists as a means for a good mood and normalization of weight. Carotene is almost the same here as in carrots, and thanks to its antioxidant abilities, the pumpkin perfectly cracks down on various types of toxins, toxins and cholesterol accumulated in our body.The pumpkin with apples baked in an oven in pieces is one of the most common classics.

pumpkin with apples baked in the oven

Classic recipe

Often the pumpkin is already sold very large, ripe, cut into large pieces. Such a vegetable usually has a very dense skin that has to be removed, and its size does not allow baking the whole product. In such cases, the hostess do the following:

- The skin needs to be removed, it is very hard, and it is difficult to make it with a regular knife, for the beginning it is recommended to wash the pumpkin and warm it in the oven for a while, so that the vegetable softens and its skin becomes more pliable, now you can cut it with a sharp knife.

- Such a baked pumpkin with apples in the oven does not require special culinary skills, everything is simply cut into beautiful neat pieces with a diameter of a couple of centimeters, you can also remove quite dense skin from apples.

- Heat the oven to two hundred degrees, cover the baking sheet with foil, pour our slices on it, add some cinnamon and sugar, cover tightly with a second sheet of foil (always with a shiny side inside) and send it to bake for a quarter of an hour.The finished dish can be decorated with mint leaves or pine nuts.

whole pumpkin baked in the oven with apples

Apple pot

Pumpkin is a very versatile product, the recipes for cooking from it are mass, but the most impressive is a young vegetable with a thin, thin skin that does not have to be cleaned. Such a pumpkin, baked in the oven entirely with apples, will decorate with itself any holiday table and will surely amaze all those present. It is impossible not to appreciate it, since large apple slices in a pumpkin pot are unusual, interesting and intriguing. I would like to try these amber-colored pieces impregnated with pumpkin juice, flavored with honey and very fragrant. The benefits of this dessert are twofold - it causes aesthetic pleasure and includes only useful ingredients.

delicious bake pumpkin with apples in the oven

Pumpkin with raisins and nuts

First, prepare the necessary for us to prepare the fruit. Pumpkin should be well washed, the skin should not be touched, but the top should be carefully cut off in the manner of a lid. Remove the core with the seeds with a large spoon. Good housewives here say that the vegetable is best baked if its walls are not thick, so it is better to clean some of the flesh from its sides.Put it in a separate dish, it will be needed when we cook the pumpkin apples baked in the oven. The recipe for such a dish is very simple, but it has several variations, which consist in changing additional ingredients.

Tasty ingredients

The main ingredients in any of these recipes will be pumpkin and, of course, large ripe apples, better sweet and sour varieties, they will dilute the taste and make it multifaceted. But the baked pumpkin with apples in the oven acquires its charm and unusualness thanks to additional components, which give this dish real brightness and completeness.

  1. Honey - no need to put it a lot, pumpkin, and so very sweet vegetable, but its presence makes such a dessert even more fragrant and useful.
  2. Cinnamon - goes well with apples, the best classic solution.
  3. Nuts - any, you can walnuts, pine, and you can just clear and add pumpkin seeds to the composition.
  4. Chocolate - will make the dish truly festive.
  5. Berries - fresh or frozen, another storehouse of vitamins and wonderful taste.

Quick and very tasty

Such a pumpkin, stuffed with apples, baked in the oven, will surely surprise everyone around.And even those who are skeptical of this vegetable will certainly want to try such an unusual dish.

  1. Having defined the components, proceed to the immediate preparation of dishes for baking. Apples should not be cut too small, as well as the pumpkin pulp remaining in us, pieces of 2-3 centimeters will be ideal, they will keep their shape well in the process of preparation, and give enough juice, retaining some of it in themselves.
  2. The inside walls of the vegetable will be coated with honey, the already sliced ​​ingredients (apples and pumpkin) are mixed with cinnamon, nuts, seeds and shipped inside. Here we note that our pot should be well filled, in the heat treatment process the cubes will sit more tightly, and if the filling is insufficient, the pumpkin with apples baked in the oven will be half empty and its top half-baked.
  3. Break the chocolate into large pieces of crumb and lay the top layer on the fruit. The dish is prepared, you can close it with our previously cut pumpkin lid and pack it in foil.
  4. Be sure to do this with the shiny side inside, so that all the heat comes into the pumpkin, do not leave holes and cracks, this will preserve the whole flavor of the future dish and reduce its cooking time.Usually it is an hour, maximum one and a half, it all depends on the size of the fruit and the width of its walls. Baked pumpkin with apples in the oven is ready, if its pulp is easily pierced with a fork.

pumpkin stuffed with apples baked in the oven

How to choose a good pumpkin

This important aspect is responsible for the entire end result of our process, so it is worth paying special attention to it.

1. We consider only whole vegetables, small in size, but rather heavy if we take them in hands, which indicates good density and quality of pumpkin.

2. The color of the fruit should be uniform, not necessarily bright, and its ripeness can be easily determined by the stem - if it is green, it means that the vegetable was removed from the bed immature.

3. There should not be any visible defects, spots, wrinkles on the pumpkin. Press it with your finger, if it is fresh, it means that the walls of the fruit will be firm and will not bend.

4. If the total weight of the vegetable is not more than two kilograms, it will turn out really tasty to bake the pumpkin with apples in the oven. Large fruits are already mature, their walls and skin are very dense, and not everyone will find an oven of this size.

pumpkin baked in the oven sweet with apples

Hostess note

If you manage to find several vegetables that are suitable in size and appearance at once, buy them all.Pumpkin is beautifully stored for a month without a refrigerator in a whole uncleaned form. Experienced in this matter cooks recommend:

- give preference to winter varieties of vegetables, they do not spoil for a long time, and the whole pumpkin with apples, baked in the oven, turns out to be more fragrant with them;

- if you are worried about the safety or have kept the product for a long time without a refrigerator, but you will need it soon, you can freeze the pumpkin, just cut it into large cubes, wrap in cellophane and send in storage in the freezer;

- this vegetable has a very pleasant taste, which is well combined not only with sweet ingredients, many people like to bake it with cheese, garlic and spices, which give the dish its expression and give a unique flavor, worth trying.

whole pumpkin with apples baked in the oven

Garlic Gourd with Rice

Baked pumpkin with apples in the oven is incredibly tasty, but its savory variation is no less interesting and useful.

  1. Prepare vegetables and fruits in the same way, and add a few cloves of minced garlic to them and mix all the ingredients with clean, washed rice.
  2. We arrange our stuffing into a pumpkin, rub a little more cheese on top and close the vegetable with an edible lid.
  3. This process of cooking is no different from the above, this dish is in harmony with the aromatic herbs and spices, ideally as a complete and most useful side dish to any meat.
  4. Before you start preparing food, do not forget to turn on the oven so that it can warm up well.
  5. In the unsweetened version of the dish it is recommended to add a little olive oil.
  6. With vegetables, fruits and spices as additives, you can experiment endlessly. Freshly baked pumpkin is good in any combination, the main thing here is that it is ripe, fragrant and cooked with love.

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Baked pumpkin with apples in the oven: the best recipes and cooking features 44

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Baked pumpkin with apples in the oven: the best recipes and cooking features 51

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Baked pumpkin with apples in the oven: the best recipes and cooking features 19