Baby bottle: how to make the right choice?

A bottle for a newborn is a subject that every child should have, so a young mother should think about her choice before the birth of the bottleThe most interesting thing is that the method of feeding does not affect the fact of the presence of the bottle: it should be in infants and in the artificial artist. For example, if a mother needs to retire on important matters, the process of feeding with breast milk will be possible thanks to such dishes. If we talk about a child who eats a mixture, it is necessary to buy several bottles at once, so that they can be changed from time to time. So, how to choose the right bottle? This will be discussed further.

glass feeding bottlesChoosing a material

  1. Glass. Glass feeding bottles have always been popular for a number of simple reasons. Firstly, they are easy to wash, and secondly - to sterilize. Such material is environmentally friendly and can in no way be a source of any harmful substances.A bottle for a newborn made of glass is a great option for a newly born child who is fed by adults. When the child grows up, it is better to choose a bottle from a safer material.
  2. Polypropylene. This material is today considered the safest. As well as glass, such bottles are easy to clean. This material does not contain bisphenol A - a synthetic analogue of estrogen, which can get into food when heated.
  3. Plastic. According to numerous studies, plastic feeding bottles for newborns, although they contain bisphenol A, are not dangerous for children. The only danger is the formation of small cracks, in which various pathogens can multiply. It is better not to overheat such dishes, and in case of turbidity or cracking, immediately replace them.

feeding bottles for newbornsChoose a form

According to pediatricians, parents should prefer a bottle that is very easy to wash and sterilize, because cleanliness is the main thing. At the same time, in the market of children's goods you can see a huge number of bottles of the most intricate shapes, with curved lines in different parts and other elements.All this is unimportant: the main thing is that the bottle for the newborn is always clean and sterile, so choose the option that most contributes to this, that is, the bottle of the simplest form. There are also special bottles that prevent colic, as well as physiological form bottles that mimic the shape of the mother's breast.

Choosing a pacifier

Choosing a nipple also requires special attention. If it is wrong, the child may form a wrong bite with all the attendant problems. Simple transparent silicone nipples are popular. They are durable and easy to clean. In addition, silicone does not cause allergies. Silicone teat is recommended 4-5 times a year. Latex teats are not as durable. They change much more often. Among the disadvantages is the possibility of allergic reactions. Attention should also be paid to the hole in the nipple: it can be small or bigger (for cereals, juices and other consistencies). The shape of the nipple can be round, which resembles the breast nipple, and anatomical, which prevents the formation of abnormal bite.Thus, a bottle for a newborn is not an easy choice. It should be approached very carefully in order to avoid any problems in the future. Of course, a young mother should think about the health of the baby, and the choice of a high-quality feeding bottle is the first step towards this goal.

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