"Azerbaijan Airlines" - almost like "Emirates"

In this short essay we will talk about the airto carrier Azerbaijan Airlines. This company is usually referred to as the abbreviation AZAL. Where do the liners of "Azerbaijan Airlines" follow? What is the fleet of this company? And what do the travelers themselves say about its services? Sometimes it is compared even with such a famous air transport leader as Emirates. We learn what such a reputation is deserved.

Azerbaijan Airlines

Short information

This company is a subsidiary ofnational concern "Azerbaijan Hava Yollari", the largest air carrier in the republic. This company is a member of the International Association for Passenger Transport by Air. The main office of the "Azerbaijan Airlines" is located in Baku.

The company has two basic airports: the capital's air station named after Heydar Aliyev (located twenty kilometers to the north-east of the city) and the airport in Ganja. The carrier sends its planes both to the republics of the former CIS, and to the countries of the Middle East, Asia, and Europe.

The company plans to launch flights to the NorthAmerica. For this purpose, new-generation liners were acquired, capable of transatlantic flights. The date of the establishment of the "Azerbaijan Airlines" is August 7, 1992. By the way, it was the first air carrier after gaining independence by the Transcaucasian state.

Azerbaijan Airlines

Airline of Azerbaijan Airlines

The air communication in Azerbaijan was onquite high level even in the times of the USSR. For example, turbine aircraft of the Il-18 type began to be used there in 1959. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Azerbaijan inherited a good fleet. Only the aircraft of the "Tu" design were twenty pieces.

In addition to these aircraft from Aeroflot, the fleetinherited 50 helicopters and 90 light aircraft. But already from the first years of its existence, "Azerbaijan Airlines" announced their intention to fully update the existing airliners with newer and more convenient ones.

In 2000, the company acquired its first"Boeing" (this was the 757th model). Since 2005, the company has begun to purchase Airbus. In 2007, the company made a huge order for the supply of Boeing 787. These large, reliable and very comfortable for passengers liners began to be used since 2014.

Already in 2010 in the aircraft fleet of AZAL, not a single Soviet-type aircraft remained. All of them were replaced by the newest "Airbuses" and "Boeing". By the way, the fleet of "Azerbaijan Airlines" also has at its disposal Embraer ERJ-170 and 190. The average operational age of the vehicles of this company is nine years.

Azerbaijan Hawa Yollari

Where fly "Azerbaijan Airlines"?

The liners of the company offer flights to 20 countriesof the world. In Moscow, the firm's office is located at: Kutuzovsky Avenue, 24 (Kutuzoff Tower). In the capital of Russia planes from Baku land at all three airports. The company carries out transportation within the country, in particular, to Nakhichevan. Unfortunately, the number of such flights is reduced due to their unprofitability.

If to speak about republics of the former CIS"Azerbaijan Airlines" sends its airliners to Aktau, Kiev, Novosibirsk, Tbilisi, Tashkent, Yekaterinburg and Mineralnye Vody. The map of Baku's messages with far abroad is much wider. So, the company's liners fly to Dubai and Sharjah, Doha, Ankara and Istanbul, Tehran, Kabul, Tel-Aviv, Urumqi, Rome, Milan, Paris, London.

Azerbaijan Airlines reviews

Facilities & Services

What passengers say about traveling on boardAzerbaijan Airlines? Reviews are positive, because the company's customers praise the novelty and convenience of the machines that fly. Everything is clean, everything functions. Armchairs are wide, as is the passage between the rows, which is very convenient.

"Oversized" passengers claimed that onlyduring flights with "Azerbaijan Airlines" they had no problems with where to put their knees and how to squeeze into an armchair. The reclined back did not bother anyone.

Stewardesses on board know Russian, they are verylovely and affable. Feed in liners at no additional charge, and the food is delicious, though without any frills. On long-distance flights the passenger will not be bored. There is also a music player and the ability to watch movies. If someone is chilly, the stewardesses will offer a soft warm blanket. The company's flights are not delayed without good reason. You can register for a flight via the Internet. On board, you can take eight kilograms of hand luggage.

Ticket prices

"Azerbaijan Airlines" company is famous for its flexibleprice policy. Of course, you can buy a more expensive ticket. But if you plan ahead in advance, you can save a lot. For those who travel often, the company offers "free miles" and other bonuses.

There are directions on which this carriercan even be called a loukoster. For example, a ticket to Istanbul and back sometimes costs 4000 rubles. True, there the conditions are more Spartan (the cost includes only hand luggage). But in general, travelers remain extremely pleased with the flight.

Pilots and the whole crew are very professional,the cars are brand-new, as they say, "with needles," service at airports also does not cause censure. Many tourists said that now they will travel for rest or on business only with "Azerbaijan Airlines".

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