Automatic do-it-yourself fish feeder

From the time you established you became not only the owner, but also the breadwinner of a bevy of beautiful fish. Not nature, but you must now monitor the balance of this small ecosystem and provide pets with food. At first glance, this is simple, but difficulties begin to manifest themselves very soon, fish die from overfeeding, and black growth of fungus grows at the bottom and walls of the aquarium. Lack of feed is detrimental, but most often problems arise because of its oversupply. To solve this problem will help automatic feeder for fish.automatic fish feeder

Feeding frequency

This is a very important point. If you fall asleep food in arbitrary proportions and then, when you consider it necessary, the habitants of the aquarium do not form a food habit. Choose a convenient time for yourself, ask the specialist to determine the amount of feed for your pets and do not deviate from this framework. It is this mode allows you to ensure that the fish will wait and greedily eat food, avoiding contamination of the aquarium.Ideally, in 15 seconds they should snapping up everything that got into the water. The automatic fish feeder is the perfect assistant, it never “forgets” about feeding, your pets will always get food at certain times. This is a great option for busy people.automatic fish tank feeder

Choosing a place for feeders in the aquarium

What will be used is an automatic fish feeder or a familiar one, requiring manual manipulations, to choose you. However, one rule should be remembered: carefully choose the place where you will have it, preferably where there is no aeration system and heating devices. Ideally, it is desirable to turn off the aeration system at the time of feeding, so that the feed does not spread over the entire surface of the water. However, as you can imagine, if an automatic fish feeder is used, this item may not be feasible.automatic do-it-yourself fish feeder

Trough functions

Such constructions are very useful when using live and dry food. It is they who do not allow food to spread over the entire surface of the water, falling into hard-to-reach places, where it will safely rot. In this regard, the automatic fish feeder is a real magic wand.When using live food, the feeder is also very important. It allows you to keep heavy worms on the surface of the water, not allowing them to get lost under the stones at the bottom, where they are likely to rot.

Types of feeders

Previously, it was possible to see a simple square of foam that floats freely on the surface. This is a type of feeder, which refers to a floating species. However, today they are all optimized and equipped with suction cups, due to which they are fixed in one place from which they do not float away. However, this modification has both pluses and minuses. When the water level drops, the feeder will remain in place, which means it will become inaccessible to aquarium inhabitants. However, there are all new feeders for aquarium fish. The automatic one is the most expensive, but there are floating options, which are equipped with guides and slide as the water decreases and stays. Another option could be a feeder, which changes its angle depending on the water level. These are swivel models. It can be difficult to choose, especially if you are a beginner and have a poor understanding of the needs of your aquarium.However, there is always the opportunity to consult more experienced colleagues.

Finally, the last type that should be mentioned is automatic systems. They represent a tank with food and a display that displays time. The fixture is mounted on the walls of the aquarium. Such systems allow you to feed the fish only with dry food, as live food will quickly deteriorate in its drum. The device is equipped with an engine that starts an uncomplicated mechanism. At a certain moment the door opens and pours the necessary portion of feed into the water.aquarium fish feeders automatic

Automatic feeder for Juwel fish

This company is well known to all who have long been engaged in aquariums. The manufacturer produces a large number of diverse high-quality equipment. The company also manufactures good aquariums, each of which is immediately provided with the installation of an automatic feeder Juwel. This device can be easily used in aquariums of any size. The feeder can be programmed for two feeding cycles per day and allows you to give out food at intervals of 6 hours, that is, you can even feed the young. The volume of the dosing tank for feeding is designed for 60 times, granulated feed is particularly well suited for such devices.A big plus is the presence of an air pump in the drum. Thus, the feed is constantly blown by air, which prevents its adhesion in conditions of high humidity. Of course, each person has his own views and the chosen feeder for fish in the aquarium. The automatic system is most convenient for those who often leave, and the fish have to be left unattended for several days.automatic feeder for juwel fish

How to make an automatic feeder do it yourself

This thought probably comes to everyone’s mind. Indeed, the automatic feeder for fish is not such a complicated mechanism. You can do it with your own hands, the only thing is: it is unlikely the design will be as beautiful and neat as the manufacturer suggests. You will need a small alarm clock, a plastic container and a transparent tube with a diameter of 7 mm. In the container you will need to make a hole and insert a tube into it. This container is attached to the clockwise. The container will make two turns per day, and the pellets will spill out of the hole in the tube at a certain time. The diameter of the tube must be chosen experimentally, since the larger it is, the more granules will fall into the water.Also, as the device is created, you will have to experiment with the size of the drum and its weight. Do not forget that the hour hand will not be able to withstand too much load.

Other models

Many craftsmen come up with their own options for automatic feed. For these purposes, plastic bottles and other containers are widely used in which dry or combined food is poured. A small hole is made at the side, and the drum itself is mounted on a rotating hinge. To set the feeder in motion, simply twist the drum. This process can be automated with a small engine. However, it will be difficult to track the amount of feed entering the water.

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