Automatic air vent: their types, functions and installation

Difficulties in the use of housing often occur at the beginning of the heating period. And the problem here is the release of accumulated air from the equipment. At the same time, there is no difference whether the autonomous heating project has been initiated or whether there is a connection to the central steam heating. But this situation can be dealt with quite easily by installing automatic air vent that will produce sufficient air discharge without the participation of the household.automatic air vent

How does air appear in the system?

Air can penetrate the heating devices in different ways.

  1. It does not fully linger in open conditions when filled with water.
  2. Due to the exhaust air in the operation of an improperly designed heating system.
  3. If metal is corroded. Oxidation 1 cm3iron may release up to 1 liter of hydrogen.It should also be noted that the air absorbed in the liquid is more harmful in the corrosive ratio for steel pipes than atmospheric, because the oxygen storage in it is about 10-12% higher in quantity. And here, of course, you may need a brass air vent (automatic).
  4. It comes with make-up water. Cold tap fluid contains more than 30 g of air per 1 ton of water, and the make-up of the heat supply wiring is less than 1 g. Increasing the temperature of the liquid reduces the presence of soluble gases in it. In addition, in zones where hot water goes under pressure close to atmospheric, a significant amount of gas adsorbed in it is transferred to the open state. But just the increase in pressure, on the contrary, stops this flow. And here will be very useful air vent (automatic) with a valve.

automatic air vent

Even in equipment with deaerated water, there is the likelihood of hydrogen with a mixture of other gases. The volume of free air that remains in the devices and pipes during their filling cannot be accurately determined. But if the system is correctly installed, then the difficulty can be eliminated during the first days of its use.And for this you will need to install air vent (automatic).

Air vent

The main, if not the only purpose that the air vent in the heating equipment carries out, is to drop all gases from the heating line, that is, the pipes. A much simpler overlap for manual discharge is considered to be the Mayevsky crane, where human activity is required. The automatic air vent does not have this minus. It should be borne in mind that the air will be released only with excessive pressure. It is important when using system of autonomous heating.automatic air vent with valve

What made the automatic air vent for radiators

A float of non-corroding steel placed inside the shell of the air vent is bolted to the spring loaded spool using balance. While the air is in the parts, the float is lowered to the final position, and the spool opens the discharge passage. According to the degree of reduction of air and the appearance of fluid in the chamber, the float is raised, and the rocker, moving the valve, covers the discharge opening.

There is a cap on the choke that secures the spool, which prevents air from escaping during installation work or if the air vent (automatic) breaks.

Types of such devices

Usually, when installing heating systems, 2 main types of automatic equipment are used:

  • the installation fixed on the heating radiator by means of a square (in this direction the condition of the device operation is much improved);
  • a design that is mounted directly inside the heater (but with this form of installation, you should stop using antifreeze).

brass air vent

How do automatic air vents function?

This device consists of a chamber with a float, a valve, a housing and a rocker arm. When air enters the shell, the float is transferred from the outermost position to the inner one and pulls the spool with it using balance, which opens the air passage, and the air leaves the system. The spool is fastened by means of a spring and a clip.

The body and the lid are connected to each other and in this case gaskets are used to seal this bond. The cap contains an additional pipe (socket), which is protected from clogging by a protective cap and is used to block automatic air vent valves both in constant operation mode and in case of breakdown in the heating system.automatic air vent for radiators

Proper installation of such equipment

When installed, the air vent accepts a perpendicular location and the nozzle must face down. It is usually placed at the very top of the heaters and risers, because air has the property of collecting in the upper zone due to its low density.

In the process of installation, the wrench keys are most often used and the device is twisted with the help of them by scrolling the key. It is categorically unacceptable to use lever keys when installing a regulator due to the likelihood of failure of the tuning equipment. Before installing the regulator, you need to look at the cover installed above the nozzle, which should be in the closed position.

It is very important that automatic air vents are located around the gate valve and are mounted, if possible, after it. This will significantly improve the dismantling of the air regulator.

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