ASUS P5GD1 motherboard: specs, reviews and photos

Premium board with excellent levelfunctionality for the LGA775 processor socket is all such a computer accessory as the ASUS P5GD1. At the time of its release in 2004, this was one of the best solutions for building a PC based on this computing platform. It is about its technical characteristics, as well as reviews about it, and will be discussed later.

asus p5gd1

List of supplies

The composition of this product included such components and accessories:

  • Actually the motherboard itself.
  • A metal plate with two additional USB 2.0 revision ports and one MIDI port.
  • 2 signal lines Serial ATA for connecting the appropriate drives.
  • 1 power wire for powering the drives.
  • 1 wire Ultra DMA 133 for connecting the storage device information.
  • 1 IDE-wire for commutation with appropriate storage devices.
  • 1 loop for 40 pins to connect internal Floppy-drive.
  • Metal plate for the interface panel.
  • CD with the necessary documentation and software for ASUS P5GD1.
  • Instructions for using this product in several languages. In their number, as expected, is Russian.

Arrangement of items on the system board

Almost at the very top of this decisionthere is a socket for installing the CPU LGA 775. To the right of it, the RAM memory slots and the power supply connector of the motherboard and the switching of storage devices (IDE connectors) are almost directly adjacent to it, and to the left - the peripheral devices connection ports. Almost in the center of the product and under the processor socket is the north bridge, which is part of the set of system logic. Underneath it, the slots for the installation of internal extension controllers were lined up. Under the RAM installation slots, the south bridge is located in ASUS P5GD1-VM. The BIOS chip is in the same place as the hard drive switching ports (SATA connectors). And then the LEDs and control buttons are connected from the PC case.

asus p5gd1 manual

Composition of system logic. Models of central processing units. Socket

Intel 915 is just such a set of system logiclies at the heart of ASUS P5GD1. Its characteristics indicate that it consists of 2 silicon chips. One of them is the north bridge NG82915GV. It includes a memory controller and support for work with peripheral devices. The second component in this case is ICH6. This is the south bridge, which provides information exchange with expansion slots in the first place. This product only supports CPU models for LGA 775 Pentium 4 and Celeron. And only single-core modifications. Among other features in this case it is possible to allocate support for HT technology, by means of which a single-core CPU at the software level turns into a two-module solution. Well, the processor socket, as noted earlier, this product - it's LGA 775. At the moment, this computing platform is obsolete both morally and physically and needs an urgent update.

asus p5gd1 vm specifications

Interface product set

The following built-in peripheral ports are in ASUS P5GD1:

  • A pair of PS / 2 for connecting input devices.
  • Four USB ports.
  • One parallel LPT port and one COM serial port.
  • One network port for connecting to the computer network.

Also in this product there are three types of expansion slots:

  • 1 PCI-E slot in 16X version for discrete accelerator installation.
  • 3 PCI slots for older versions of internal expansion card boards.
  • 3 PCI-E slots 1X for more recent versions of controllers.

When using a 2-slot video card in a PC, the first PCI slot can not be used for the reason that it will be occupied by a graphics accelerator.

asus p5gd1 vm bios

Built-in graphics

There are ASUS P5GD1 and integrated graphicssubsystem. In this case, it's GMA 900 from Intel. This accelerator is perfect for assembling office systems. Its level of performance in this case will be exhaustive, and it will allow you to work without problems in popular applications such as Excel, Word or PowerPoint, but for something more, you need to add such a computer system to a discrete video processing accelerator .

It should also be noted that this integratedThe accelerator for its needs reserves part of the RAM in the computer. Accordingly, the amount of RAM decreases, and this does not have the best effect on the speed of the PC as a whole. Therefore, the use of embedded graphics is justified only in the case of creating a budget computer system based on such a motherboard.

Owner feedback

For 2004, the ASUS P5GD1-VM specifications werereally excellent. This product allowed to assemble almost any computer system. And it could be both an office PC and a gaming machine. Also, the owners' reviews indicate a high degree of reliability and excellent functionality of this product. Even the cost of this decision was appropriate. As a result, this motherboard did not have any significant drawbacks.

asus p5gd1 specs

Product Value

At the time of its release, such a motherboard costabout 10 000 rubles. Now it can be purchased already for 2000 rubles in a second-hand condition. You can consider its purchase only in the case when this component has come out of standing, and the rest are in good order. At the same time, it is necessary to restore the computer's efficiency in an operative manner and with minimal investments of material resources.


Since the release of ASUS P5GD1 has passed more than 10years. About any urgency of this decision at the current moment is out of the question. This product, together with the LGA775 platform, has become obsolete both morally and physically. Since its release, sockets and sets of system logic have been updated many times. In addition, it should be noted that at the hardware level this computer solution supports only single-core chips. Accordingly, the computing capabilities of such a personal computer for the full operation of modern software will be definitely not enough. Therefore, the owners of such computers need to urgently think about upgrading such a system unit and assembling an absolutely new computer system.

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